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Fligno is a software development
company that offers software development
produced in advanced programming.

Fligno offers a full cycle of software and mobile application development, website services and more to support your business strategies

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Mobile Application Development

Fligno helps you grow your business through mobile. Reliable and secure mobile development services  just for you.
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Software Development

Build your own software with Fligno!  From business to educational softwares, we can develop it all in no time.
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Website Design and Development

Fligno specializes in designing and developing well-crafted and quality websites that aims to strengthen the business' online branding. 
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Website Maintenance and Support

Fligno offers affordable monthly maintenance and support subscription, which includes phone, email and chat support to handle all website-related issues, back up and recovery and minor website changes.
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Digital Marketing Strategies

We complement our website offerings by providing top Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to optimize websites for a more effective performance on Google and other search engines.
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Other IT Services

Fligno also offers other affordable IT services such as custom developed plugins and application, content management, content creation, editing and review, graphics design, database services, office 365 implementation and migration and servers management.


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Benefits of business software Australia

Improved Efficiency

With a business software, it would help you and your business to be efficient. Jobs that are usually done manually are very time-consuming and burdensome as there are too many transactions that are to be done as soon as possible. Yet, business software is developed for you to help your business become more efficient as in this digital age, efficiency and speed are essential in maintaining competitiveness when it comes to processing transactions and performing tasks.

Boost Customer Service

Business software prevents and lessens mistakes from being committed. It would be easy to manage and maintain the customer's information in an organized and secure digital format. It would also be useful in managing customer loyalty programs. It is essential to build and maintain a strong customer base particularly in today's competitive business environment.

Excellent Business Management

In a business, it is really important to have a proper and excellent management. The business software enables businesses to run a constant operation and give better service to the customer. It would also be easy for the employees to access and produce business reports as business software could generate reports in no time.


"Fligno have helped us establish a professional looking online store and has been assisting us reach our targets. We highly recommend Fligno for any website development be it complicated or simple site they can do it."


Fligno built Northern Immigration using the Fligno Builder which the client found to be easier to use compared to conventional wordpress editor. With the Builder, the client have full control of the content of the site and they can change it any time. " One of our client's comment is that - Its like editing a word document!"

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OCD's website was previously out dated. Fligno helped OCD clinic Brisbane to come up with a new website and be able to manage all their content through wordpress CMS. Fligno have also been helping on the maintenance of all their websites and seo.

Ask us now about our website and maintenance packages!


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Fligno is a software development company offering quality and cost-effective software, website design and development services, digital marketing services, and website maintenance and support. Our philosophy is anchored on helping businesses leverage the Internet platform, thus, optimize business potential.


Aside from our experienced software developer, Fligno also offers web marketing solutions by our digital marketing specialist to complement your internet marketing strategies. Our quality internet marketing solutions and digital marketing services could help your business grow and improve sales.


Fligno’s goal is to be instrumental for businesses, regardless of its size, realize digital marketing strategies to improve online branding, reach to a more targeted audience, increase leads, engage customers and, eventually, improve profit.


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