Boxing Champ Manny Pacquiao Invests in Cryptocurrency and Will Release His Virtual Token

Pacquiao is now involved in cryptocurrency and has been enlisted as GCOX’s celebrity ambassador.

Last March 7, 2018, as stated in a press release, a virtual currency startup based in Singapore Global Crypto Offering Exchange (GCOX) announced boxing champion and Philippine Senator Manny Pacquiao as its celebrity ambassador. With GCOX’s cryptocurrency services which will include the creation of a virtual token dedicated for the boxer-turned-senator called PAC Coin, he will be able to connect better with his fans.

This involvement of Pacquiao in the said startup and as GCOX’s first celebrity ambassador was confirmed by a member of his team.

It was known that GCOX’s aim, being the world’s first global celebrity cryptocurrency exchange”, is to convert the popularity of celebrities in the form of currency through the creation of celebrity tokens. And then use these personalised virtual tokens to purchase the merchandise of a celebrity, stream video content just like of pay-per-view TV, and donate to selected charities of a celebrity through GCOX’s platforms.

Aside from Pacquiao, the startup has already attracted private investors.

Learn with Google AI: Google’s Free Machine Learning and AI

Available this March and onwards is Google’s Learn with Google AI, how can one get involved?

Last March 1, Google introduced its “Learn with Google Ai” which was developed by the company’s Machine Learning experts. It is a set of educational resources for people to develop skills, digest concepts, and put Artificial Intelligence in an application to real-world problems.

The aim of the website is to serve as a place where machine learning and AI are deposited. Simply, a hub accessible for everyone who is seeking to learn about machine learning concepts, honing machine learning skills, and apply machine learning to real-world problems. Apparently, the site will accommodate all levels of AI buffs, may they be beginners or researchers.

Google AI was developed in accordance with how diverse the human’s range of perspectives and demands as possible, making it simple for everyone to learn machine learning through the provision of free and in-depth education content. Such free course is called the Machine Learning Crash Course which is based off an internal course in Google which was designed to help employees of Google to be familiar with machine learning fundamentals and AI. It features videos from Google’s machine learning experts, visualisations made interactive to illustrate machine learning concepts and centres on teaching how people implement machine learning in the real world.

Learning with Google AI is specially designed for newcomers who have no machine learning experience. However, Google does prefer those who have the proficiency in algebra, basics of programming, and Python.

This is an exciting step for Google to make machine learning resources free for everyone. Just to let you know, there are about 18,000 Googlers who have already enrolled in the MLCC course.

Advantages of Custom Software Development You Should Know

With businesses requiring different needs, what can a custom software development company offer them?

Businesses are given the options of choosing between off-the-shelf software and custom software. Some prefer the former due to its affordability, however, they may lack with features what businesses really require and its compatibility with the current system. On the other hand, the latter is opted by businesses who want their specific needs to be given solution making it cost-effective and worth the investment. Given that the demands of businesses vary, one product can’t possibly accommodate multiple needs simultaneously. Regarding this concern, custom-made software is the perfect solution.

Below are some of the strong points of custom software development:


With custom software, business requirements of clients are met. Such products are created using the latest technology. If there are difficulties or undesired features that arise during the development process, it can still be improved with the permission from the client.

Program Integration

Some businesses fail to discover that what they benefit from numerous software programs can be enjoyed in just a single application designed by a custom software development company. Such software can already integrate multiple processes, thus, improving your productivity.


Since custom software is tailor-made, you can have it maintained whenever you want compared to off-the-shelf software which solely depends on the developer it was bought from.

Technical Support

Considered a major benefit when it comes to availing custom software development is that you are guaranteed with a technical support plan. You are provided with a technical support team which was involved in the making of the software. Whenever problems occur, they can be resolved efficiently by your support.


Compared to ready-made software, custom software may require higher costs. But, looking at the long-term benefits, investing with custom software is a better option. You don’t have to pay for additional costs such as for licences which are usually required when purchasing for off-the-shelf software.

Should you have thoughts regarding the advantages of hiring a custom software development company, comment down below!

Proven Beneficial Web Development Strategies

What are the strategies in Gold Coast web development that are proven beneficial?

Having strategies in web development may help you in establishing your brand to the web world, however, it requires thorough planning and it must be based on strategies that were proven effective. Know that diving upon website development without objective is like doing on an adventure without a map, leading you nowhere. To ensure online visibility, cope up or be ahead of the competition, and to continuously evolve so as to stay in demand, strategising an action plan which contains web development activities will be of great help.

With the technology advancing day to day, here are some of the strategies in Gold Coast web development you must know to keep up with the trends:

Responsive web design

Before, customers only connect to the internet through desktops. Nowadays, they make use of mobiles, tablets, notebooks and other interfaces to find information, products, services, etc. A reason why your web design has to look good on any of these gadgets.

To attract your target audience, especially those that require responsiveness, there is a need for you to integrate a combination of apps into your websites as well as its other responsive versions.

Target Audience

It is necessary for your business to determine your target audience as well as their behaviour, insights, expectations, and views at buying. Learning from these attributes can be the key to winning customers and more probably retain them too.

SEO-Friendly Design

Making your design indexable, which means putting most of your site in HTML text format which carries relevant keywords, and your links crawlable will make your site a favourite of search engines.

Competitor Analysis

One way to beat your competitors is through competitor analysis where you’ll be able to identify their weak points as well as the unfamiliar methods they are using. Give solutions to what they lack or experiment in implementing their methods that are new to your strategies.

Business Marketing Plans

As the owner, you must find ways for your business to be unique and be better than others. By doing research, you can gather resources regarding on how to handle expectations coming from your potential customers. Make use of them to yield effective offering.

Code Optimisation

For your site pages to rank higher on search engines, optimise HTML5 which renders suitability across all platforms making the appearance uniform in just a single code, and CSS which transmits readability to the web property as well as the engagement making it more comprehensible.

GDPR Compliance

Web design should be compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation which suggests that consumers have better control over the information they share with companies. It regulates how companies should collect, store, and use the information from the consumers.

Custom Application

With businesses becoming flexible and moreover, scalable, it is now a priority to have a custom application. Applications that are cloud-based make businesses become flexible and at the same time, rich with resources and at the same time, flexible, accommodating changes that are new. This approach helps in establishing changes in an easier and faster way.

WordPress CMS

With WordPress CMS, you are provided with more than what an HTML page can offer. You have a better control of adding pages, choosing themed templates, and more. Also, you are allowed to add tags to improve your page visibility online as well as permitting comments to gather data. With the drag-and-drop feature, you can simply create an engaging interface.

Prototyping Software

Before offering your website software might as well consider prototyping it. It is best to find out what the software would look like in advance and if it is able to function as expected from it. This is done by letting developers analyse and gather requirements before executing the actual process, paying attention to revisions if there are, just to ensure that the final product can deliver best results and is refined. Or else, consumers may just drop it off at some point for it didn’t meet their expectations.

Full Stack JavaScript

Web designers are able to create websites browser-friendly and client-friendly with Full Stack JavaScript. Not only this effectively promote the business over the internet, but also retain the interest of the customers.

For your business to be able to overcome the challenges that may arise in the future, it would be best to have an intelligent combination of the strategies that were mentioned above. With the changes in the web being inevitable, might as well be prepared to be constantly changing your Gold Coast web development strategies.

Benefits of Having a Business Software

How can businesses benefit from having a business software Australia?

Nowadays, businesses need to step up their game just to cope up or be better in competing in the business world. Some failed to exist after 2 to 3 years in their respective industries for being stagnant, especially in the fields of marketing and branding where their success depends on. Given that there are many ways they can make use and implement, such include having business software.

As businesses change with time, so is their needs for software. And for those who already have current and functioning software but is out of date, upgrading is an option. But why should businesses consider having a business software Australia?

If you are able to find and settle on a specific and perfect fit business software for your business, here are the following advantages it can offer you:

  • When doing business, you are able to communicate with your customers, partners or suppliers more effectively
  • With automated routine tasks, expenses are reduced
  • The efficiency of the entire business staff is improved
  • Increased productivity
  • Business accounts and operations are slick
  • Paper processes are replaced

When is the time businesses should try having a business software? If already existing, why upgrade?

As were mentioned earlier in this article, business software can provide advantages to businesses in order to boost yield. On the other hand, for functional and existing software, it is not easy to decide whether it needs replacing. However, a change can make a big difference if it is:

  • Unable to cope up with the business changes
  • Fails and crashes
  • Won’t integrate with the other existing systems
  • Doesn’t meet updated requirements
  • Susceptible to bugs
  • Runs slow
  • Can’t deliver expected level of reporting
  • Struggles with surge of transactions
  • Fails to handle number of users

It will be a big step for businesses when owning or upgrading software, but before enacting this change, see to it that your purpose is clear. List down what your business specifically need and then rank them based on priority level. Brainstorm with your employees, as well as with your customers and suppliers to improve your business processes. And if a business software Australia is approved, as long as the benefits of having it outweighs business risks, then you are good to go. It’s a long-term strategy covering your needs up until the future.

Easy Steps in Doing Search Engine Marketing

How to do search engine marketing in a few simple steps?

In order for websites to gain an immense amount of web traffic from internet web searches, business owners must already have known that this can be achieved through SEM or search engine marketing. And in developing search engine advertising plan, marketers are guided by the standards that major search engines have created.

SEM can be done in two ways, through paid search advertising and SEO or search engine optimisation. Learning about how to use both ways will help in increasing traffic to your site.

Through Paid Search Advertising

For you to be able to successfully establish an advertising campaign, you must first have a system where you can set up Internet advertising campaigns. Consider the following before finally paying for ads:

  • Decide a goal for your search engine ads. Choose keywords that specifically describe your products or specific content and not your business in general. A single campaign will do since you are just starting with paid searches.
  • Confirm budget considering the pay-per-click bids, labour, and the budget duration.
  • Create reports and compare traffic. Spend at least 3 months in tracking your traffic from search engines organically and then another 3 months of monitoring traffic from search engines with paid ads.
  • Invest in integrating your website with tracking software to help you determine where the traffic is coming from and to identify whether your campaigns are working.
  • Indicate KPIs or key performance indicators to deduce the effectiveness of the ad campaign.

Try experimenting with the different types of paid search ads such as placement listings, banner ads, content promotion, and paid submission with Yahoo, and then monitor which is applicable to your website.

Check your campaign at least twice per week by assigning someone to track how it is going and then gather data.

Fine-tune your paid search engine marketing ads by removing any campaigns that didn’t work well and analyse them for future reference. With regards to the types of advertisements which displayed gainful results, stick with them.

Through SEO

If you already know how to make changes on your website, you don’t need to hire an SEO firm or a professional marketer. But if not, have a budget for hiring one.

Perform a keyword research to find the keywords which are popular and are potentially most profitable for your website’s use. Consider the following:

  • Run searches using the keywords you think are popular and then deduce the relevance basing on their competition. Collect the search terms that bring up similar products or services and then change those that are very broad to find more specific words.
  • Review your paid ads and then determine the number of sales you accomplished using your ads. Then analyse how much clicks your ads received.

Establish at least 1 static text link on your website in order to achieve high rankings.

Build your website with a straightforward web design and refrain from hiding your keywords inside rich media.

Put at least one of your profitable keywords to each content post and then simplify the URLs.

Have someone to create content such as videos, articles, tutorials, etc for you. They must contain your designated profitable keywords in the headline, first sentence, and in the URL. This will help you to rank higher in search engines. More when your content is of high-quality.

Create attractive landing pages and use them to address the needs of your customers resulting in higher conversion rate.

Manipulate title and ALT attributes on content, making them easier to crawl by search engines.

It would be best for you to make the most out of both ways of doing search engine marketing. Comment down your thoughts below!

Things You Don’t Want to Hear About Search Engine Marketing

What are the myths about search engine marketing that you don’t want to hear that need to be busted?

Years before, marketers can manipulate rankings through working with offshore agencies, exchanging of links, and composing irrelevant content but placed keywords strategically, and other unfair tricks. Execution of blackhat strategies became a usual practice but are no longer applicable today. This was due to the algorithm updates carried out by Google which punished a lot of websites that continue to spam by ranking them down on search results and others happened as Search Engine Optimisation grew through the years.

A positive trick to this is to focus on how to rank the right way instead of chasing the algorithm. This can be done through having a firm marketing strategy of which includes content marketing. Actually, you can do all of the strategies that will offer large help, you just have to identify which are appropriate and true.

We bet that you’ve heard from others that there are other search engine marketing strategies that are effective but actually not and that some are no longer effective but they still are. Here are some of the myths – things you won’t want to hear about SEM that need to be busted.

One-time SEO is enough

If you think doing SEO efforts to your site once will be enough, most probably, you were misinformed by your specialist. Know that this strategy can’t just be done simply and that results may take more time than what you think. You are not the only one utilising SEO so you can’t expect instant increase in ranking, etc, more when you’ve just done it once. Over time, you’ll be seeing your search traffic going down. Remember that SEO must be continually applied to avoid link rotting, be ahead of the competition, up-to-date content to trigger Google to always crawl your site, and more.

This may not be the case for everyone but for most of us, SEO will fall short when done only once.

Link-building automation is good

Link wheeling, link farming, and building spammy directories may be strategies to easily lift your rankings on search results, reasons why business owners put more to their budget for SEO, but little they know that Google sees these as unnatural. Websites that abuse this kind of SEO strategy will be punished with drastic drop in rankings. Stick to link building strategies that are natural of which include high-authority backlinks that hint Google that your website is a valuable source. Guest blogging, social media, press release, and submission to relevant directories are some of the ways you can build links appropriately. Gaining links from these strategies will increase your site’s authority and reputation, and the higher the figures, the better.

Content is king

Yes, quality content has always been an important puzzle piece of SEO, but content alone can’t make it to SERP without supporting it with other efforts. Such include on-page optimisation and effective site structure. Having a platform where your content can be seen, heard, and appreciated will offer a great help for your content to be king.

SEO is all about backlinks and content

If you think SEO involves building links and content marketing only, then definitely you are wrong. This field is actually technically driven requiring measuring of loading times of pages, monitoring code compliance, and identifying errors. With this, marketers are advised to work with web developers to make the website friendly to the eyes of the users as well as to search engines. Maintaining SEO efforts and regular audits on top priority pages must be done for a more favourable result.

If you think we missed mentioning some of the search engine marketing myths that must be busted, comment them down below!

Major Challenges in Web Development You Should Not Ignore

What are the challenges that business owners and developers face in Gold Coast web development and that they should not be ignored?

Technology continues to evolve as time passes by and this relates to more opportunities to consider but at the same time, new challenges to deal with, especially in web development. Since the web plays a big role in our daily life as it provides most of our regular curiosities, it is best for us to be always up-to-date. So, for businesses to end up being successful, they must identify the challenges and strategically deal with them.

So, what are the Gold Coast web development challenges that should be attended?

Platform and Framework

Business owners and the partnered developers must have a clear agreement to what specific needs should be met regarding the application and Gold Coast website development. Upon platform selection, pricing, analytics, technical skills, customisation options and more should be considered.

With regards to kick-starting development languages, frameworks play a significant role for they serve as performance boosters. Frameworks provide features such as APIs and more in developing web applications.


When working with a software, make sure that it can work on multiple servers instead of throwing the load entirely to a single server. Simply, loads must be balanced between servers. A solution to this would be the use of service-oriented architecture or SOA which improves the scalability, allowing flexibility when there’s a need for changing.


We tend to focus more on the design and the UX that we neglect the importance of security. Know that security is considered the second major aspect of the life cycle of software development. Most especially when an application deals with contact details, payment information, and other confidential data. With regards to the coding, they must be done cautiously to avoid mishaps, prioritising safety concerns.

UI and UX

UI or user interface is defined as the means in which an individual controls a hardware device or an application software. When the UI is good, the users are enabled to interact with the hardware or software in an intuitive and natural way, a user-friendly experience. On the other hand, UX or user experience is the process in which the user satisfaction is enhanced through accessibility, improved usability, and contentment gained upon interacting with the product.

Simply, UI serves as the skin while the US is the organ. The former allows response on every probe while UX supports the function, keeping the body functioning. In order to achieve providing flawless experience to users, UI and UX should be in harmony.


You might have already planned everything, starting with the design and what have you, yet the success of it will come down to how the needs of users are met. It is best to deeply understand what will satisfy them and thus, must be a priority.

These mentioned factors are all essential for web development, so they must be managed accordingly and be attended well. Would you agree?

How to Evaluate and Settle on a Business Software

When looking for a business software Australia, what to consider and how to finally decide on one?

Businesses nowadays need to look for ways not only to be able to be ahead of competitors but also not be left out with technology. With technology that just keeps on advancing day by day, it is very important to be always updated and make it as an opportunity to be the first to make use of it. One of these opportunities that only a few knows is utilising business software.

Business software allows businesses to make their complicated and time-consuming processes easier and faster. They can also be customised depending on what your specific needs are but can be costly. However, there are some that are already available for use today yet they may not be very helping to some of your business processes. You are left with deciding which can be very beneficial to your business.

The most common criteria in choosing a business software Australia are the following:

  • Determine the size of your business
  • Identify your specific needs
  • Distinguish the processes that need to be automated

If you think we’ve missed mentioning a criterion in choosing a software, leave a comment!

Know that there are different types of software that are being used in businesses. Think of the processes that you always deal with in your business and try to list them down in a small single note, and then scan these following types and decide which can quicken your business processes.

Asset Management Software

Designed to assist organisations in tracking and maintaining the resources and property that they own and then compile the value of the items, use history, physical location, and any other data.

Billing Programs

Designed to handle billing as well as time tracking, and also issues invoices to customers for products and services. They generate reports that display information such as the hours worked on specific projects and more.

Business Invoicing Programs

Designed to create and send invoices as well as the estimates, and they can also track time and expenses.

Database Software

Designed for creating, editing, and maintaining files and records which allow users to store data in the form of structured columns, tables, and fields which can be retrieved through programmatic access and/or directly.

Desktop Publishing Programs

Designed to produce typographic quality images and texts, and generate layouts best for graphic and non-graphic designers.

Payroll Software

Designed to organise all employee tasks as well as the filing of employee taxes. Such tasks include hours tracking, wage calculation, withholding of deductions and taxes, and others.

Word Processing Programs

Designed to manipulate a text document, may it be a resume or a report, providing tools for copying, and other formatting types.

These mentioned types of business software Australia are usually available as off-the-shelf or bespoke software products.

With bespoke products, you can have it written yourself but requires a lot of time and expertise, and can be costly. But the idea that it is exclusively made to meet your specific needs, it can be beneficial to your business, yet not for everyone.

On the other hand, off-the-shelf software that can come generally low-priced, are standardised compared to bespoke software. They may not completely solve in hastening your process but can make changes in your business practices. If there are other features that are useless, you can have the software modified just to meet your business process requirements. They are considered the best choice for small businesses.

After all, your choice of business software it will always depend on what can be beneficial not only to your business but to your staff and to yourself as well.

Effective Search Engine Marketing Strategy for Industrial and B2B Companies

search engine marketing

search engine marketing

At this very moment, a prospected B2B customer may be looking for your products. However, chances that they’ll be able to find you have no assurance. Worse is that they may end up finding your competitors. And then you realised, you just lost a customer, yet, there may be more of them.

With search engine marketing, you can just be one click away from your customers. However, only a few know how to make the most out of it. One solution to this is having an effective SEM strategy, especially among businesses that are involved in industrial and B2B companies. Here are things you can do to ensure success in your business.

Determine your strategy

Sometimes, industrial and B2B companies fail to see the importance of having a cogent strategy when involving themselves into SEM. They didn’t know that it is very important to specifically define a target audience and then identify their needs. Evaluate the position of your company in the marketplace and how well your competitors are doing. Lastly, determine your goals of which include site traffic, rankings on search results, and other measures. Through this, you will be able to assess whether your campaign is doing well or not.

Settle on the best keywords

If you want to achieve a successful search engine marketing campaign, select keywords that are highly relevant and significant to your company. Also, include keywords that are mostly searched by your potential customers as well as other terms you think they’ll use. After gathering all of the keywords, submit them to keyword research tools and analyse those you think can drive traffic to your website.

Optimise content

After finally determining your keywords, integrate them into your website copy. Write it in a way that your content is believable in the eyes of your customer, visitors, and as well as with Google. Might as well include adding your keywords to page title tags, file names, alt tags, heading tags, and meta tags, especially the meta description.

Get indexed by Google and Bing

To gain visibility online, you have to make sure that all of your site pages are indexed by Google and Bing. It will be best for you to make use of their free console to monitor the presence of your site in search results. With this, you are given the opportunity to make better ways of optimising your website.

Link building

Google, Bing, and other search engines see that you are popular by the number of quality inbound links that you have on your website, and since this is a ranking factor, a great opportunity for traffic to go to your site. The very first step would be making your content worthy to be linked with. Simply, provide good content and then list them in portals and directories online. You can also get links from your business partners, vendors, trade associations, and customers as well. Then be involved in press releases and article submission online. The more consistent you are at performing this, the better the result.

Utilise paid search

Compared to traditional advertising which is very costly, consider Pay-Per-Click advertising or PPC  which lists you on search results without paying first-hand. Once you gained clicks on your ads, the total amount of those is what you will need to pay. So, when you are to use PPC, bid on keywords that are very relevant to you, not just because they are the most popular one. Aside from cost-per-click, consider the cost-per-sale and the cost-per-lead as well. You might need to include in your ad a sound “call-to-action” and then set it on a relevant page.

Evaluate success

In order to identify the accomplishments as well as the factors that need improvement in the applied search engine marketing strategy, measures are taken into consideration. In the cases of industrial and B2B companies where traffic is the most important factor, looking through the web analytics will be of great help. It is where you’ll get to monitor search traffic, the average time visitors stay on your page, and the percentage of new and returning visitors as well, and many more. You might also need to monitor how well your rankings in search results are doing, especially in Google and Bing.

Once you’ve applied these things, your SEM strategy surely will bring your site towards your business goals. If you think there are other things that need to be addressed on this very topic, comment down below!