Essential Steps To Optimising Your Website

SEO Gold Coast

SEO Gold Coast

The main objective of search engine optimisation is not only to make search engines find your website and pages but also to improve your content relevance. In this way, your chances of appearing at the top of the search engine results page will be higher. SEO Gold Coast is not a one time process but requires regular updates, maintenance and continuous monitoring.  

Here are some essential steps to make use of search engine optimisation:

Target Market

This includes website analysis that will allow you to identify and analyse meta keywords, website and code errors. Competitive analysis is also important for this as you will need to determine the keywords used by your competitors. You should also consider listing down your targeted search terms that are related to your market segment and customer base.

Keyword Research

You need to come up with a targeted list of keywords and phrases. You should choose keywords based on your targeted competency, average searches, and bid to line up with your strategy. Use the list to determine the number of search queries and websites who are competing for a specific keyword.

Content Optimisation

After creating a list of your targeted keywords, you can start optimising your pages by optimising by creating relevant meta titles and descriptions on your pages. Also, you can integrate your targeted keywords into your website source code and existing content pages. Submitting your website and pages to social bookmarking sites and directories is also an important factor in ranking your website.

Continuous Maintenance and Monitoring

It is vital to continually improve keyword and content strategies as search engines algorithms are always changing. This is to ensure that rankings will not decline drastically. Review your inbound and outbound links if it is relevant to your business.

SEO Gold Coast is a broad strategy that needs a deep understanding to make sure that things are going smoothly for your website. A small website error will cause your website to rank down on search engines, and you might even get penalised.

Top Advantages of Custom Software Development

Custom software development company

Custom software development company

Custom software development services allow businesses to evolve their daily operations into particular goal oriented apps. Custom software has the ability to run exactly according to the needs of a business. A reliable custom software development company will enhance your business operations and achieve your specific goals.

Here are the advantages of using custom software development:


There are big differences in using custom business applications and ready-made products as it can sometimes cost higher or cheaper. However, you can get a lot of long-term benefits with developing custom developments compared to purchasing ready-made products. When it comes to buying off the shelf products, you should consider the extra costs for licenses to ensure you minimal costs.


Another benefit of having custom software is the ability to create an effective solution for program integration. Businesses can enjoy using custom software application as it allows on software to integrate multiple processes. With software, it will help businesses to accomplish more goals.


Any software can be maintained expertly with the help of custom software development. Your business is in the hands of the software developer when you purchase the off-the-shelf software. Every company has different requirements, and with the help of custom software, it allows a product to maintain and accommodate multiple business needs simultaneously.


By utilising the latest technology, custom software is contrived. A system is developed effectively to meet the customer’s expectations and satisfy the client’s business needs. Anything can be improved if the client is having difficulties during the development process. Customer’s permission is needed in the formulation of the software and any other changes regarding the custom software application.


Having custom business applications will allow you to create an efficient technical support plan. You will get a full access of the support from the technical team who are involved in the development process of the software application. In this way, issues regarding the software will be addressed and resolved in an efficient manner.

With a reliable custom software development company, your business processes will be enhanced effectively with the help of an effective software application. It is advised to hire a trusted company that will help you create reliable software, which will also enhance your business processes. Through this, business operations will be managed efficiently and will lead the business to success.

Reasons why online marketing is important for businesses

seo gold coast

online marketing services

Let us find out the importance of online marketing services.

With the considerable number of different marketing strategies and channels out there that help in the growth of businesses, and given that budget is very limited, business owners must be selective with what to choose. However, with the continued increase of consumers relying on the internet for purchasing tools and research, including them in marketing strategies is a must.

The internet is not really new but is more recent compared to other methods like billboard and print ads, but is of the same weight when it comes to bringing brand awareness. The only difference is that consumers no longer believe and accept advertisements. Instead, they do research online themselves. This means, your business needs to have a presence online.

Here are some of the most important reasons why online marketing services work:

Your potential customers are online. Simple!

Definitely, the most obvious reason why you should start marketing online. Through online, marketers are able to reach customers wherever they are, be it their home address, their office, their shop, and what have you. In a recent study, it was found that 80% of internet users search the web to look for products or services. All of them may not be a potential customer for your business, but there’s a good chance that some are.


Putting the name of your business in front of potential customers will always be costly. Especially in digital marketing, it comes with a price tag. But with advanced targeting options, you can only advertise to those who are potentially interested in your business. To simply put, no money is wasted on marketing to people that don’t respond to your business.

Place ads online that target your desired users through pay-per-click or PPC method. With it, you’d only have to pay when users successfully click on your ad and visit your website.

The internet is available 24/7

Though there are businesses that operate 24 hours a day and seven times a week, marketing teams usually don’t have this working time. And since your customers have different sleeping, socialising, and working schedules, it’s impossible to reach all of them using the traditional ways of marketing. These are enough reasons why you have to resort to something that is capable of running tirelessly and will always be there when needed. This feat is accomplished by websites, blogs, and social media pages. With these mediums, your customers will be able to access your information.

In conclusion, online marketing helps businesses generate higher revenues at low costs, any time of day or night. As can be observed at present, consumers are less likely to respond to traditional methods of marketing. This is why there is the need to combine education, engagement, and selling to reach potential customers. Just to let you know, online marketing services provide all of them.

Facebook to Run Ads in Stories

fb story ads

fb story ads

Facebook’s take on Snapchat’s Stories was found being used by 150 million users daily making it the world’s fourth most popular next to Snapchat, Instagram Stories, and WhatsApp Status. This drove Facebook to monetise the Stories with ads.

In a statement by product manager Zoheb Hajiyani, Facebook Stories are being used by people to connect with friends and businesses as well. With this, they are testing to add ads to the Stories to help people find services and products they might be interested in.

Video ads in Facebook Stories have rolled out in Brazil, Mexico, and the US. Advertisers from the said countries were able to buy 5 to 15-second video clips.

Among the apps that include the Stories feature, Whatsapp Status is the most successful, garnering 450 million users that look at Whatsapp’s “Status” stories every day. Also, Stories have been very successful for Instagram, attracting 300 million users every day.

Stay updated with FB Story ads!

How to Optimise Facebook Page SEO

seo gold coast

seo gold coast

How to optimise your Facebook page with SEO Gold Coast?

The Internet has become a platform for people who wish to reach and target a wider audience. Without having an actual or physical location to display or place their products, business owners create a page on Facebook to serve as their online store. While many have become successful, some struggle as the competition continues to rise. Is there any way to beat competitors on Facebook?

Know that there are a lot of ways to optimise a Facebook page, and that is through Search Engine Optimisation or SEO Gold Coast. Here are things you can consider.

Facebook page name

The most basic step to optimising your brand on Facebook is deciding on the best name.

Don’t be tempted to stuff your page with lots of keywords as this will definitely hurt your viral growth rate within Facebook. Your page will look spammy, and with this, your visitors will be less likely to make engagements with your page. Even those that have followed you are likely to unfollow or hide your updates from their news feed.

However, don’t end up with a name that is too generic. The risk is that Facebook will shut your ability to publish new posts and reach new fans.

Just remember, Google heavily considers the first word of your fan page.

Facebook page vanity URL

Once your page has successfully reached 25 likes, you are given the ability to settle on a unique URL for your page. Given that URLs are ranking factors in search engines, it is important that your page URL delivers an aspect of your business. Make sure to include in the URL what your business is all about, especially if another page has already claimed your business’ name.

Keywords in the page

Like in websites, keyword optimisation plays a significant role in optimising Facebook pages. Focus on adding keywords to the About section, Mission, and Company Description. To make your page locally optimised, add your complete address. If your page supplies products, adding information to your Company Overview, Mission, and Products field helps.

Detailed phone number and address

Surprisingly, many businesses fail to include phone number and address to their pages. What’s unknown to them is that Google considers pages that have specific information placed on higher ranks. So if you want to grow your Facebook page, include your phone number and address to index your brand for local searches and increase the overall SEO Gold Coast of your brand.

Facebook page status

When writing a caption to a status you’ll be posting on your Facebook page, consider adding your keyword in the first 18 characters as this will serve as the meta description of your post. You can also include direct links to your official website.

Let us know if you have applied these tips. If you have, were they beneficial on your end? Comment down below!

First-Ever Anniversary: Fligno Software Philippines, Inc.

As the saying goes, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Cliché? Right? But that’s exactly where Fligno started; a single step, a single idea, and a single goal pursued together by the innovative minds that started Fligno Software Philippines, Inc.


Everything didn’t start and grow overnight, this company required an enormous amount of time to build, an amazing quality of effort to start, and an incalculable amount of energy to maintain. Fligno Software Philippines, Inc. did its best with what it little it had in the start, and built trust among clients and compassion towards its employees in order to continually grow to the company it is now.


And, it has been a YEAR! Yes, a year. Time flew so fast and Fligno has just finished the first chapter of its journey. It is now celebrating its first twelvemonth together with the people who started it, and with those who fueled its growth.


In honor of this, the 1st  Fligno Anniversary Celebration was recently held at the Apple Tree Resort of Cagayan de Oro City.


The event started at around 2:30 pm and was led by emcees; Percy and Jossel. An opening prayer was conducted by Joan and a welcome address was given by our Project Manager, Jan Martinez.





To spice things up and express the event’s “Hawaiian Theme”, a Tiny Bubbles dance was then presented by the NMG Girls: Joy, Jossel, Dorren, Jennelyn, and Mia, with the “special” participation of Percy.




After the dance number above, hilarious games that boosted the energy of Fligno employees, and brought smiles to the higher-ups, were then held. See pictures below:





After the fun, an appreciation for the Employees of the Month for April and May were then given to:

Curt Lowell (April)

employee of the month april


Joy (April)

employee of the month april


Jundyl Tanawan (May)

employee of the month may


And, since this program will not be complete without a message from the one and only Fligno Chairman, Felix Chua (although he was not able to attend physically), he gave a warming message through a video call and congratulated everyone for a job well done.

After the message from Felix, Fligno’s Research and Development Department presented an amazing band performance that wowed their co-employees.

research and development performance


A heartfelt message of appreciation and assurance was then given by our emotional Chief Executive Officer, Rafael Bergola. He highlighted how they started Fligno, and how much gratitude he feels for the employees and staff that their best to help the company move forward.




The Employees of the Month for June were also awarded:

Mitchel Mea Arjona (June)

Employee of the Month - June


Mertony Sarceda (June)

Employee of the Month - June


A second set of games was also conducted:




After the various activities of this anniversary program, the most awaited part (for some), the DINNER, was finally announced and everyone from Fligno Software Philippines, Inc. ate their hearts out with the delicious foods.


Following the feast was the awarding ceremony for the games and activities prepared by the beloved Human Resources Department. The winners were given various prizes and had their pictures taken.


With the talents of our very own camera virtuoso, Coy, a group pictorial was coordinated for each of Fligno’s departments. See them below:



An inspiring closing remarks expressing happiness in how much the company has improved and how happy he is for the 1st Fligno Anniversary Celebration was then given by President Bryan Joseph King.


Overall, this commemoration exuded the feeling of accomplishment and gave everyone a chance to celebrate all the big and little things that made Fligno Software Philippines, the innovative and competitive company it is now.

What makes custom software development special?

custom software development company

custom software development company

Why hire a custom software development company for services and what is their impact on businesses?

The process of creating software applications for the purpose of automating or simplifying particular tasks of a specific user or group of users within a firm, company, or organisation is called custom software development. Usually, this software is built for an in-house group of developers or by a third party by contract and is not for reselling.

But what makes custom software development special?

Customised to meet specifications

One of the most valuable benefits of custom software development is that it can be tailor-made, depending on the needed specific requirements. This ensures the compatibility of the software for the business. Know that it is unusual to ask for software from a software provider and then find out that it does not fit for the business at the end of the day.

Since businesses work and operate differently, it’s impossible that ready-made and packaged software can deliver solutions to all of the requirements that businesses ask or demand. Businesses even alter the way how they operate just to make full use of the software. With custom software, quality and reliability are ensured.

Adapts with existing software packages

The disadvantage of availing off-the-shelf software packages is that they don’t really work well with existing software packages and displaying errors and other issues. This will affect the performance of employees due to continuous bugs that hinder them from completing their work effectively. To avoid this, consider custom software development, as it helps produce software that sits well within the software ecosystem of a business.

Personalised to handle all required processes

A custom software development company guarantees that the software created can handle processes of businesses no matter how intuitive or complex they can become. And since custom software is designed to do as what it is required to do, it is expected that processes will be simplified, making the tasks easy.

Safe from hackers

Software that are already popular in the market are susceptible to hacks. Attackers are already familiar with the vulnerabilities of such software, making them easy to alter and probably destroy it. With a custom developed software, given that it can only be accessed by a group of users, chances of intrusion are minimised.

If you want to know more about custom software development, contact Fligno – Custom Software Development Company.

10 Crazy Trends In Search Engine Optimisation

SEO Gold Coast

SEO Gold Coast

What SEO Gold Coast trends to consider to be ahead of competitors?

Keeping up with the latest SEO trends will not just help you rise in the search results, it can also help you advance in terms of how users engage in your online content. SEO is a great way to increase your website’s visibility and purchase your products.

Here are some of the SEO Gold Coast crazy trends that you might also want to add in your website:

  1. Link-worthy content

An article that answers every question and provides valuable information is what makes the content useful and link worthy.

  1. Long-form content

It is now a part of the trend to write long-form content. Content pages with 1,500 words or more get more backlinks than those with lesser ones. Studies show that users tend to stay longer on these pages receiving more social shares.

  1. Searcher intent

Since customers know what they are looking for, you can opt for optimising your content that targets the core needs of your audience. We must learn to look beyond the keywords and also focus on the long-tail and integrating semantic keywords. When practised, it can help your content stand out on the vast of online articles.

  1. Secure links (SSL)

Ever since Google announced that secured website certificates (SSL) could affect your SEO rank, browsers such as Chrome started to flag sites without HTTPS and marked them as unsafe websites.

  1. Site Speed

It is also said that Google defines SEO ranking from a site’s speed. We as users want fast and accurate results, so site speed is also a great factor. Google says “A search result for a resource having a short load time relative to resources having longer load times can be promoted in a presentation order, and search results for the resources having longer load times can be demoted.”

  1. Snippets

Snippets allow search engines to know more about your website so that your content will not just appear in the first page, but also in expanded schema usage.

  1. Social Media

Google seems to prioritise content engagement across any social media platform more than ever. The number of likes, comments, shares, retweets, and social clicks can affect your domain ranking.  It is important that your content is something that other people can engage to and you have a strategic social media team that can help you get better results.

  1. Subdirectory

Migrating your website from a subdomain to subdirectory can make a difference as this helps a lot in increasing domain authority. You also have to put all of your efforts into your blog to not have the benefit of increased visibility for your top-level domain, which is the most important one in the long run.

  1. Video SEO Gold Coast

Since Youtube has placed the second largest search engine, Video SEO will take over any type of SEO in the near future. It is recommended for you to put up video contents and grab the massive opportunity to feature your content in it.

  1. Voice search

Since voice search is now considered as a useful tool in searching, putting content into your article in a conversational way can increase your chances of being visible to the users’ search results. Nowadays, creating content for searcher intent is more effective than creating content about a bunch of keywords.

Keep updated with the latest trends in SEO Gold Coast here in Fligno!

Basic Steps of Software Development Process

Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

In order to have a successful custom software development, whether you’re about to create a new software or update an existing one, learning the basics together with a qualified software manager can make your tasks done efficiently.

Steps in the Software Development Process :

Once a qualified project manager has been chosen, this will move us into the next phase :

Gathering data

Knowing the client’s exact needs can help the project manager determine the necessary data, this includes who will use the product, specific information and the client’s special requirements. It can also help the project manager determine the feasibility of the project and if the company can provide the software the client expects.

Requirement Analysis

Once data has gathered, the project manager needs to review and discuss it together with the project team to define each outlined requirement and give more planning details. It is also important for the project team to know the business’ operations and user documents for them to pinpoint the features and specifications that are appropriate for the product.

Consider the best practices in the Industry

The project team must also consider the software development process and the software development methodologies based on what is the best option of the industry. It is also advised to use a standard template and having an activity log that is shared in the document repository.


This is where the requirements will be put together that includes the business rules, graphical user interface (GUI), colour schemes, frameworks, mobile aspects, supported browsers and many more. Making sure that the design document meets the client’s specific requirements.


This phase involves the translation of the design document into a software application, the operations team will take charge of the physical hardware, developers will start working with the codes, the designers will continue planning the user interface, and the testers start to analyse the requirements and develop test cases for the next phase.


This step is where the test cases take place to the software, a list of software specifications and features also made in this phase. Some require sub-stages, while some companies let the software go through quality assurance and staging. Bugs detected are immediately fixed, and enhancements suggested for the future upgrade of the software is included in this phase.


Setting up the links and databases for real users are included in this phase, it is also where the operations team will install and configure the software to the client’s system. This phase can also be considered as the last phase of software testing to see if the client’s expectations of the software have met.


This phase may include the discovery of new bugs, users may email the support team with the problems or issues they encounter in using the software, get it resolved, do another deployment to production with issues fixed.

Without a custom software development phase to follow, developers can have a free hand of developing software. On the other hand, the following phases will guarantee everything is laid out. Businesses will have a clear idea of what will happen and what is expected from the software.


Online Marketing: What makes it effective?

Online marketing services


Online marketing services

In this modern world, everything already revolves around technology. Business owners are starting to adjust to promote their business well. This is where online marketing services play its role. Every business needs a better promotion to market the brand, products, and services. If you’re planning on starting a business or you want to market it better, online marketing is a good idea. Hire an online marketing agency which is responsible for taking care of your activities, from designing your websites to implementing various marketing techniques.

What is online marketing?

Online marketing is also known as web marketing, digital marketing, internet marketing or e-marketing. It literally means as “advertising online or on the web”. It is a set of tools and methodologies that help promote products and services through the internet. Online marketing gives the owners the freedom to advertise, promote, and receive an immediate response from prospective clients.

What makes it effective?

An effective online marketing uses effective campaign strategies at a lower cost and risk investment to maximise its sales potential with a high return of profits.

It is inexpensive

Online marketing services are inexpensive in terms of costs as compared to other mediums. Businesses will reach their target audience with a cost-effective design and well-planned campaign which can be viewed around the world. It has a smaller price tag than most traditional advertising budgets. It also allows customers to purchase products and services at their own convenience.

This is hugely fascinating to the many diverse societies in the world as online marketing allows the business to view its statistics which can be measured at a lower cost. All elements of an online marketing campaign can be traced and tested in some ways. Tracking and measuring can be monitored instantaneously since it encourages interactions by clicking the ad, visiting their websites as well as other actions.

Can be implemented faster

Pay per click advertising is considered as the most effective in generating immediate traffics, leads, and sales to a website. You’ll be paid when the user clicks your ads. Online marketing services can help you reach your target in just a couple of days or some cases, hours rather than traditional marketing. Internet consumers are growing from time to time and stay online for more extended periods. Since internet consumers are starting to adapt their lives to suit in various elements, online marketers see this as an opportunity.

It provides greater flexibility

Campaigns can be tested in new markets, can evaluate new programs that suit in promoting your business, and can make changes more specific to your target market.

Search Engine Optimisation

Companies who specialise in helping the business with the best marketing strategies to market their product and services successfully place them on top of a search engine page and directories. This guarantees that the competitors will stay at a lower rank in search engine results. Not only it generates rapid sales but also increases the profit ratio.