Black Hat vs Gray Hat vs White Hat

seo gold coast

seo gold coast

Ever since the introduction of Search Engine Optimisation, businesses continue to reap the benefits of integrating it into their marketing strategies. Not only that it helps businesses reach their potential customers, but also brings traffic to their website through organic search. However, not all practitioners of SEO Gold Coast abide by the same rules. For this reason, it is important to understand what sets Black Hat, Gray Hat, and White Hat apart from each other.

Black Hat

Also known as SEO spamming, Black Hat SEO is an aggressive method that is volatile and discouraged by Google. It heavily uses technology and automated strategies to create plenty of websites that have little to no value, which are only intended to outwit search engines and gain inbound links from other websites.

This method also practices the following:

Keyword stuffing. This is when a specific keyword or group of keywords are repeated in a single page many times over, making the content hard to read or look spammy.

Negative Redirects. Redirects are very helpful when it comes to transferring to another domain, but using it wrongly is a bad SEO practice. It becomes a negative course of action if visitors are brought to an irrelevant page and not on the page they expect.

Reconstruct websites after ranking on search engines. Some bad marketers do advice businesses to change their business website entirely after it reached its goal of ranking on search engines, which is risky.

If you’re thinking of hiring someone who can do the Black Hat method, think again. It may provide quick results and a spurt of financial gains, but it is not stable. Eventually, it will hurt website rankings, and be at risk of getting banned by search engines.

Gray Hat

This SEO Gold Coast method makes use of questionable tactics that take greater risks. Such includes duplicated content, irrelevant link building, three-way linking, and unnaturally high keyword density. These techniques don’t violate the rules of search engines but are still risky.

When attempting to make use of Gray Hat, it may venture into Black Hat territory and will get penalties.

White Hat

Among the methods that were mentioned, White Hat is the most accepted and reputable route to proper and successful SEO. It focuses on building quality content for the people and not for search engines. Instead of automated programs, it relies on content and marketing.

This method may take some time compared to Black Hat and Gray Hat, but it ensures long-lasting marketing results. Tactics included in White Hat are the following:

  • keyword research
  • putting keywords in alt tags, anchor texts, content, headings, and page titles naturally
  • adapting and monitoring analytics
  • creating content regularly
  • optimised coding structures
  • sitemaps

Using White Hat SEO Gold Coast don’t put websites at risk of getting banned; it’s likely going to convert visitors into customers.

Business Growth with Leveraging Custom Software Development

custom software development company

custom software development company

While off-the-shelf software is still a preferred tool by many businesses because of their affordability, they just don’t meet specific needs as they lack functionality and have unusable features. This is where custom software development comes in. Such a service provides custom-made software to address business processes, may it be automating repetitive tasks, simplifying complicated processes, etc. If you are a business owner who requires an application that features these functions, then you need the services of a custom software development company.

Also called “bespoke applications”, custom software is explicitly created for a group of users or a business that have specific requirements. Unlike software packages that are made available for the public, custom software is a personalised application and can only be used by limited users. Not only does it ensure that all determined preferences are accommodated, but it also functions in content management, customer management, human resource management, and inventory management. A tailor-made software fills the gaps found in existing software packages.

To end up with a working product, custom software development goes through various stages. By attending to each of the stages, any hidden issues in the software are uncovered and dealt with immediately. These issues include those that were not mentioned in the required specifications.

For the first stage of software development, several departments are involved namely engineering, general management, marketing, and research and development.

As previously mentioned, services from a custom software development company are more expensive compared to readily available software solutions. They demand money and time in order to attend to the challenges and provide solutions. But know that when hiring a reputable custom software provider, you will be provided with a solid foundation for the requirements of your business. Tasks are done effectively, making the creation process quick but still of high standards.

Remember that there are a number of factors that should be considered before finally settling on developing custom software. First is financing, as the cost and benefits need to be thoroughly evaluated. Second is when to market the product, as such software takes more time than software packages. Third is the implementation size to determine whether or not to pursue in making the software based on the customised requirements.

If you want to learn more about custom software development services and how your business can benefit from it, contact today.

How Custom Software Development Guarantees a Business Success

Custom software development

custom software development

Entrepreneurs provide great ideas and realise them into new inventions in the form of products or services. But to ensure quality products or services, they need customised software to satisfy their business requirements.

The business world is all about accuracy and speed. Manual operations have become obsolete, bringing in the need for custom software to provide solutions to specific business needs. However, designing software is not that simple as it demands time, as certain specifications have to be incorporated in it. They may be expensive, as they are custom-made and require a lot of time to complete, the earlier it is developed, the more money and time you can save.

Many software development providers visit business offices to take a look at their needs and note the instructions and identify the business’ needs before proceeding with designing the software. They usually have a team of software developers to work on the project round-the-clock.

But why go through all the trouble when you can make use of off-the-shelf software or ready-made software?

While it is a cheaper alternative, using them compromises the businesses’ efficiency, performance, time, and more. It is best to prefer custom software development as it guarantees usability and efficiency that will suit business needs.

Here are some of the advantages of custom software:

  • Comes with specific features that a business needs
  • Saves time
  • Reduces expenses
  • Flexible to use
  • Easy to use
  • User-friendly

Keep in mind that the effectiveness of a custom software development depends on how reliable and competent a software development company is. A team must consist of an experienced group of developers to ensure that all of the requirements are met right from the first stage of development. The quality of the software is also equipped with solid customer support to address maintenance matters and other issues.

If you have plans on outsourcing or hiring a local company, make sure to conduct detailed research before settling on one. It helps to know that they have a team that knows your business needs and competitors as references to designing the custom software. With software development, expect a drastic change in your processes – by the end, you will never be short of time and resources.

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Introduction to Hybrid App Development

app development

app development

Does “hybrid mobile application” ring a bell to you? If not, learn that it is just like other applications that you see on your mobile devices. Such apps can be easily installed and found in app stores in order to engage with your friends through social media, monitor your health, play your favourite games, take photos, and many more.

This type of application is developed using a mix of web technologies such as CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), and JS (JavaScript), similar to how websites on the internet are structured. What makes them different is that they are hosted inside a native app using WebView, a mobile platform which is a chromeless browser window that is configured to run on a fullscreen mode.

Hybrid mobile apps let you get access to device capabilities including the accelerometer, camera, contacts, and more. But these mentioned capabilities can’t be accessed inside mobile browsers.

How are mobile apps being built?

Answering how mobile apps are developed is not easy, and hybrid mobile apps are no different. This suggests hybrid applications doesn’t have to look different than the native ones, given that what matters more to users are the functions of the apps and if they work on the long run.

Again, hybrid mobile apps follow the same manner how websites are built using the combination of CSS, HTML, and JS technologies. They target a WebView which is hosted in a native container, not in mobile browsers. This enables users to get access to the mobile device’s hardware capabilities.

At present, most of the hybrid mobile apps leverage the platform, Apache Cordova . It consists of a  set of JavaScript APIs to get access to mobile device’s hardware capabilities using plug-ins that are built by mobile app development specialists. However, some developers do not prefer getting locked into such platforms. With this, hybrid mobile apps allow mobile app developers to re-use their current skills in web development.

SDKs, for example. They are offered by platform vendors and the programming languages as well.

Why build a hybrid mobile app?

What concerns mobile app developers is who are interested in building a hybrid mobile app. So, the very first thing that should be done is to check the requirements for the mobile application and to identify answers for the following questions:

  • Are you considering to use the capabilities of mobile devices?
  • Do you want to make your apps available across app stores?
  • Does the hybrid approach live up to its promise?
  • What are the technical skills of the app development team?

These questions must be answered before the development commences.

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Creating an Effective Marketing Approach Through Online Marketing Services

online marketing services

online marketing services

The digital media of today has become so pervasive that online users get access to any information, be it entertainment, news, or shopping, at any point in time and place. This suggests that consumers are more exposed to a lot of information, and companies must see this as an opportunity to step up their game by putting much effort into online marketing services. It is a way to catch customer attention consistently.

Brands need to consider that dealing with customer relationships across different digital channels is very critical. And with effective digital media services, business ROI and customer engagement are achievable. But one thing that must be kept in mind is that in order for companies to bring in customers to their respective products, the digital strategies that they will use must be of great quality and relevant. Such strategies include advertising campaigns, branding, buying and planning digital media, content marketing, data analysis, search engine optimisation, and social media marketing. When provided, they can help businesses in gaining significant returns.

Companies must be able to uncover the potentials of online marketing and determine its impact on the behaviour of customers. If the search marketing strategy is insight- or performance-driven, with distinct graphs and powerful technology, marketing is expected to be effective.

At present, digital media services are being outsourced by companies from online marketing agencies. They are composed of experts who are equipped with skills in implementing digital strategies and tools. Also, they make it easier for big brands by creating content to build a rooted connection with the brand.

Here are some of the online marketing services that will make online consumers patronise a brand.


In brand building strategies, it takes access to data and insights to become effective. The right combination of marketing across popular digital channels is required to create a connected brand successfully. Brands can connect better with their customers through a full scale of strategic digital services that can be tailored to meet business needs.

Data analysis

Collecting data is not enough. What brands must do is to make optimisations after collecting data to create an impact on the business ROI. One is audience analysis, which involves analysis and mining. This can be done by building people-focused marketing methods in order for brands to attract more customers.

Content marketing

“Content is King.” This has been common knowledge among smart digital marketers as it drives brand performance and engagement. The key is to create quality content, optimise it, finish it for the right audiences, and make it shareable.

Social media marketing

Brands must get themselves involved in social media. It is a way to stand out from the competition, as it is where quality content can be posted and be consumed by relevant audiences.

Search Engine Optimisation

People make use of search engines to look for answers to their queries. This is enough reason why brands should consider staying visible online. And to achieve this, search engine optimisation must be utilised as it can help in understanding customer behaviour and maximising ROI.

Brands of today must learn to determine ways on how to keep ahead in the tight competition whatever industry they are in. And with no doubt, availing online marketing services must be considered.

How to Optimise your LinkedIn with SEO

seo gold coast

Sometimes, SEO on LinkedIn gets overlooked by marketers and other users online. What they don’t know is that they are missing a lot of opportunities from not viewing it as a search engine like Google. LinkedIn boasts a whole network of professionals, an opportunity for those who want to acquire new clients as it is considered the most popular platform for B2B companies. So, when you are able to have your LinkedIn presence optimised, you will gain a lot of potential benefits, both for your business and personal profile.

With LinkedIn’s high domain authority, Google and other search engines do deliver results coming from LinkedIn to address certain search terms, specifically those that tackle job roles.

Here are ways to optimise your LinkedIn using SEO Gold Coast.

Put details as much as possible

Once you’ve created a LinkedIn account, enter as much information to your profile as you can. Avoid cutting corners and try not to be lazy in providing details, as these will help promote your profile. Be descriptive and use words that are engaging. Include only the important information and have them on bullet points or lists. This way, what you have added is more digestible and promising to read.

When uploading a picture for your profile, don’t use a graduation picture as this suggests that you are a university grad and not a respected professional with years of experience. Although not really necessary, people will definitely base their first impressions on your profile picture. Don’t just publish any pixelated picture from the recent events you’ve been to–give it a little thought. Name it appropriately to increase chances of it appearing in image searches on search engines.

Target keywords

Just like when you optimise a website using targeted keywords, it can be applied to LinkedIn. Just make sure not to overdo in stuffing keywords as this will give a bad impact on your profile. Keep in mind that the key to impressing viewers is to remain engaging and interesting. Later on, you will likely gain followers, connections, or clients because of it.

Also, people will likely read the summary section of your profile. So, use it to boost your keywords.

Customise your profile URL

Take a quick glance at the URL of your LinkedIn profile. Are you happy seeing it as it is? If not, then take a second to update your custom URL to something that contains your full name. If your name is very common, you may need to be a bit creative. But keep your URL clear and professional as possible. Know that a vague reference to your name won’t help anyone, especially you.

Publish posts

Build your profile and enhance your personal brand by publishing posts; it’s an effective SEO Gold Coast trick. Just click the ‘Write an article’ located underneath the status update and write down your thoughts. Posting content helps in boosting your authority. Sooner, you will become the go-to industry expert if you consistently put out brilliant and relevant articles. It does take time, but it will be worth it in the long run.

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Considerations in choosing a custom software development company

custom software development company

custom software development company

Today, technology has become a significant part in delivering quality customer experience and optimising workflow, especially in the business world. One technological use that is being integrated into any organisation is business software. It is any software or set of computer programs utilised by users to carry out various business tasks and increase or measure productivity. From inventory tracking to workflow management, any business can be kept running well and strong with effective software.

When aiming to achieve optimal business performance, a piece of software that suits a specific workflow or can effectively address requirements in times of need is necessary. These can only be realised through custom software.

As one decides to make the most of custom software development, finding a reliable custom software development company should follow. In general, information such as the company’s client feedback, experience, and portfolio are being considered as the criteria to help in deciding which company to hire.

Here are other things to consider when choosing a team of developers.

Think about the project size

Software development companies specialise in different sizes of projects. Some of them focus on huge projects such as the likes of multi-enterprise solutions. Smaller companies or startups can be the best choice depending on the business requirements. So, before anything else, evaluate the project size first.

Check the legacy systems entailed

Through modernisation of legacy software, legacy systems can be the backbone of custom software development. With this, it is vital to determine the systems involved in the current business workflow. It helps to ask the company regarding their experience about the legacy systems, and ensure that they are comfortable in modernising the legacy software.

Prefer a flexible custom software development company

The requirements of a project may change even if the development is already underway. Technological problems or business changes may come up unexpectedly, creating new workflow patterns. Only flexible companies can successfully address these changes. So, to ensure that the best software will be gained at the end of the project, look for a highly flexible company with open communication.

Have ongoing support

Once the software is developed, owners need to learn how to use it, integrate it with the current systems, and maintain it. It greatly helps to work with a company that offers ongoing maintenance, support, and training. This way, businesses can get the most out of the new custom software. Before you finally choose a custom software development company, ask prospects about support after delivery or the types of support they can provide.

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Top Qualities A Mobile App Developer Should Have

Custom software development

Custom software development

To have an effective custom software development, a reliable software developer is needed. The same goes for making a robust and user-friendly mobile app. A mobile app developer is much needed and must possess the best qualities to create an excellent app. Mobile app developers play an important role in connecting your mobile app to different users.

Here are the top qualities a mobile app developer ought to have:


A great mobile app developer should always be effective in what they do. Some of the top mobile app developers work under the scrum methodology where they need to create a minimum value product (MVP) within two weeks to test and launch by clients. It’s all for the client, and a developer is expected to provide quality results based on the client’s needs and expectations.


Most apps are user-facing platforms, so it is essential to hire a developer who creates an user-focused app. Having a developer who genuinely cares about your customers and prioritises their experience will ensure a functional and user-friendly app. One way to test their skills is to ask for the list of their past clients and ask about the experience these clients had with their applications.


It’s another vital quality of a good mobile app developer. There are a huge number of apps that are being downloaded by users every day. And your app has to be unique enough to stand out. An innovative developer will create an application that will suit the digital landscape and will provide a realistic and unforgettable experience for the users.

Outstanding tech skills

Tech skills are very important for mobile app developers. They should know how to compete in the technical world and adapt quickly to significant changes in their industry. This is to ensure that the developer will showcase their tech expertise and create a robust mobile app.

Knows cross-platform development

You will need an app developer who has a deep understanding and experience with cross-platform development to reach a wide range of audiences. It’s best to launch an app in multiple platforms to grow your business reach.

It will be easier for you to create and launch a reliable and fantastic app if you hire a mobile app developer who possesses these qualities. The developer will help your business grow by satisfying all of your users with your app’s user-friendly and enticing features and functions.

To have a quality mobile app development and custom software development, contact Fligno now!


Beginners Guide: Android App Development Fundamentals

App development


 App development

What draws the interests of most users are the apps that provide cool features. With app development, smartphones have been reconstructed in a way that makes them relevant and useful today. Many talented programmers and designers are building and designing apps embedding these favourable features.

And if you are one of these skilled individuals, consider these fundamentals before creating your Android app.

Mastering the language. The two main programming languages that are used in Android app development are Java and XML. It is essential to fully understand and master these languages for you to develop an Android app. Some fundamentals of Java programming are packages, objects and classes, inheritance and interfaces, generics, strings, and numbers. You should have knowledge of these to develop an efficient app.

Familiarising right development environment and tools. Familiarising yourself with the build automation tools and integrated development environment is a must before starting the development of your app. There are many effective tools you can use that will help understand the basics and others things that will improve your code. It is also vital to know the concepts and source control tools.

Knowing the application components. These are important building blocks of Android app development. Each of the components has different points where the system can enter your app. Some of them depend on each other; each of them has a specific role and exists as its own entity. There are different types of app components where each one serves a clear purpose with a distinct life cycle. The cycle will define how it is created and destroyed.

Android application, fragmentations, threads, loaders, and tasks awareness. Android is a fragmented market that has many different operating system versions and devices. Your app will require more testing and maintenance if it supports different devices or versions. This will also cost you more and require appropriate assets, fonts, and layouts to ensure the best experiences are provided in various screen characteristics.

Choosing the right tools. There are many free tools that you can use for Android app development. Simple tools that you may need are a Windows PC or Mac, the ADT Plugin, any type of Linux and Eclipse, and the Android SDK. Google can provide installation guides and you can learn to set up your development environment.

A typical smartphone user spends most of their time using their phone apps. Every year, millions of apps are downloaded and you need to take advantage of this. Understanding and mastering these fundamentals will significantly help in your Android app development efforts.

Common mistakes to avoid in online marketing

online marketing services

online marketing services

Businesses have seen the potential benefits that online marketing services can bring to them not too long ago. Reduced expenses, better control, improved customer service, and growth are just some of its advantages. However, the processes involved in it do not come easy. Some marketers are even guilty in committing mistakes which result in undesired outcomes.

If we are going to seriously list all of the online marketing mistakes that marketers commit, it will probably take a book or more to complete. But let us introduce to you some of the most common mistakes that occur in inbound or outbound, social, SEO, paid, or email advertising. Remember that the goal of this article is to help you get started in your online marketing efforts and avoid what shouldn’t be done in your strategies.

Not marketing your business website

If you think that once the website goes live, it will just market itself and reach your target audience magically, know that there are billions of websites existing on the internet today. What percentage do you think someone will likely stumble upon your website?

Without marketing, your website will get little to no traffic. As a result, your business won’t acquire any visitors, leads, and sales. The key to success is proper marketing regardless of the purpose or objective of the website.

Expect things unrealistically

The problem with some website marketing plans being created is that they are unrealistic. Many stakeholders set goals that are impractical when it comes to the returns. Such expectations were usually set due to the assumption that initiatives that are done online produce instant results.

Business people should learn not to expect success overnight, especially for websites that were just newly set up. Marketing does not come with shortcuts or tricks but requires time, money, and hard work.

Participate in suspicious practices

While there are many reputable SEO firms online, some still settle on those that offer tempting online marketing services that promise them instant ranking, quick fixes, and plenty of traffic. Little do they know that these bad firms practice methods called “black hat” that involve tricking search engines like Google into giving websites a better position for specific keywords. This method does provide gain but is short-term and risky. Once Google discovers that your website is being run by such an unfavourable method, you will get penalised or banned, which will make it extremely difficult to fix and hurt your reputation online.

Marketing to everyone

There are cases where companies focus on the number of visitors in terms of traffic that go to their website. If they see that the traffic is growing, they are already happy with it, regardless of whether the visitors will become their customers. In the real world, what the website needs is the right kind of traffic. The traffic that comes from a niche that can be converted into customers.

All companies need effective online marketing services to create plans that will serve as a roadmap to increase sales and company growth. And in order to keep your strategies towards success, it helps to avoid the common mistakes in online marketing mentioned above.