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Search Engine Marketing and Its Approach in Optimising Websites

search engine marketing

SEM or Search Engine Marketing is defined as a form of internet marketing that covers promotion of websites mainly through paid advertising which helps them increase their visibility in search engine results pages or SERPS. Simply, SEM involves tasks that help Google, Yahoo! and Bing discover and rank a website. Did you know that the…

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How Can Fligno Help You Monitor Your Traffic with Google Analytics

google analytics, website traffic analysis, website traffic

In a world of digital marketing, it is important to know where to analyse and see your results. How would you improve your strategies and campaigns if you don’t know where to get your data? Fortunately, Google has made a tool to help you answer this question and that’s Google Analytics. What is Google Analytics?…

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Essential Tips For Finding the Perfect SEO Company

SEO Company, search engine optimization, seo company in Gold Coast, seo gold coast

With a significant number of companies that offers SEO services Gold Coast, choosing the best for your business can be a difficult choice.With so many differences and similarities in price, quality, and strategies, deciding on the best SEO company Gold Coast for you can be very confusing and mind-altering. The most vital thing to understand in…

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Fligno Partners With One of World’s Best Logo Design Company, Logojoy!

Best Logo Design Company, company logo design, digital marketing, online marketing, internet marketing

Fligno, being one of the digital marketing companies in the Gold Coast has again reached another milestone that could benefit the online marketing industry. From expanding their capacity to provide quality and cost-effective software programs, website design and development and digital marketing services in the Philippines – Fligno Philippines, now Fligno has also extended its…

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The Birth of Fligno Philippines: Providing Software Development Services Across Australasia

software development company in Philippines, software development, software development company

It was a breezy afternoon on the 10th of August when Fligno Philippines team rounded up and went to Marco Hotel for the kickoff meeting. Proudly wearing our Fligno shirts, we celebrated the birth of a software development company in the Philippines, Fligno Philippines. Fligno, as an outstanding custom software development company in Gold Coast, has expanded their company…

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14 Reasons Why Software Systems Changed the Lives of The Mankind

software systems, software programs, software development, software development company, software development company

Do you have a smart phone? A smart television or any smart appliances at home? If yes, then you already have an idea of what software systems and business software Australia are. Software systems are the technology installed on your phone and appliances to make them “smart.” Products such as a smart washing machine is a…

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13 Images on How Software Programs is Making the World a Better Place

13 Images on How Software Programs is Making the World a Better Place, software programs, software, software development, software development company

Technology, what comes into your mind when you hear that word? Normally, people would say, it is helping us to do our work or task easier. Gadgets such as smartphones and tablets; home appliances such as smart refrigerator, smart television, and even burners are all a product of technology. But what makes it smart? Well,…

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