Top Possible Custom Software Development Trends in 2020

Custom Software DevelopmentTechnology has made its interesting leap over the years. Last year, there was a high demand for custom software development, as each business has its unique needs and requirements and many more. For 2020, these demands and developments will continue to expand. Curious now? Here are some of the possible technology developments for 2020 and beyond. 


The demand for AI tech will continue to rise this year. Automated business and payment transactions will continue to soar for businesses. Industries like healthcare, education, self-driving cars, commerce businesses, travel and hospitality industry, and the social media industry.

Chatbots, customer behaviour analysis, and less human resource appointments are expected to rise within 2020. 


Store Data Faster and Connect even in the most remote village

According to sources, the global market for edge computing will rise by approximately 28 times between 2018 to 2025. It is expected that edge computing will be replacing cloud computing starting in 2020. Why so? Edge computing can be used to process data that is time-sensitive and where the centralised location is poor. Whereas, cloud computing can’t be used for this purpose.  


Small yet efficient apps

It is expected that there will be a rise in small-sized mobile apps. Users get to have the same performance of a regular app for a smaller size (this will make your mobile memory happier).


Progressive Web Apps will be a contender, too. PWA’s provide enhanced functionalities and capabilities to mobile and web applications. Increasing user engagements through background updating, push notifications, and smart caching. It is expected that sectors like travel and hospitality, media, banking, and healthcare will be the primary users for PWA’s.


Although, outsourcing is a common occurrence for companies. For 2020, outsourcing will still be relevant. As the demand for software development rises, the need to find economical yet effective solutions also rises. 

Those were some of the possible custom software development trends for 2020. So, buckle up and let’s enjoy the developments 2020 may bring. And be sure to keep updated on the latest trends in Information Tech at

5 Notable Factors Why Your Business Needs Android App Development

app development

app development

Android app development has become a necessity for many organisations because of the benefits it brings to their business. They incorporate this into their strategies to obtain a higher customer base.

App development proposes immense operational and strategic benefits. Hence, organisations are taking advantage of it to improve their revenues and expand their business. In this article, let’s discuss the five notable factors that can speed up the growth of your business.

Decreased Time to Market (TTM)

Got new products or services ideas to offer for your patrons and prospective customers? Business Android apps have a fast development cycle that only lasts for about a few hours. If you want your product plan to have a rapid go-to-market, app development provides a competitive edge to help you top other competitors.

Various Platform Coverage

Another reason businesses choose app development when marketing is because it targets a broad scope of platforms. In these platforms, people with various interests can be targeted.

Scalability and Adaptability

Since the arrival of Android Studio, the operating system (OS) has maximised adaptability and scalability. It combines with the whole Android ecosystem (such as smartphones, tablets, and Android TV). This means Android Apps can access emerging technologies like Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented reality (AR), and Internet of Things (IoT).

Strengthened Security

Malicious software, better known as malware, can damage the reputation of your business. Prevent any of your organisation information falling into the wrong hands with Android Pie’s in-built security and several additional features.


What makes android application a popular choice is its open-source platform, which offers great customisation features to development teams. The OS enables the creation of adaptable Android apps which can be easily merged into data management functions and multimedia tools of your current business processes.

According to the December 2019 StatCounter Global Stats, there are about seventy-four per cent of Android users all over the world. It means an app development on this platform is a value proposition for businesses globally.

If these benefits have convinced you to develop an app for your business, it’s time to approach a reliable custom software development company. Fligno offers mobile app development services for Android and other platforms and provides a wide range of IT services to its clients. Visit to know more about their services.

Boosting the Business Image Through Online Marketing Services

online marketing services

online marketing servicesPublishing through traditional media—crafting ads and sharing them through different channels such as television, radio, and print—has been taken over by the Internet today. Traditional media publishing is slowly dissipating as this era, the age of technology has another way of advertising to collect more prospective customers.

Many businesses found digital marketing beneficial in widening their scope of audiences. Online marketing services provide a broad range of strategic marketing options for guaranteed success for small businesses. These tactics, however, vary depending on the suitability for a particular business.


If your business is comparatively small-scale and specific (sort of a niche target market), then email marketing can help get the interest of your new customers. This is because, through this method, you are promptly aiming for your potential customers. If people get good content (an article, newsletter, or eBook) from your website, they might be willing to provide their email address for additional information.

Social Media

Because people are so connected these days, they probably have at least one social media account that’s active. You can take advantage of this fact by making use of social media marketing to get the attention of your target audience. Social media allows users to share your website and/or content with their friends, and this gives you a chance to get noticed.


If you want to promote your website in the long run, SEO marketing is your best option. SEO is crucial if you prefer organic website traffic. When we say “organic traffic,” it refers to unpaid search results when visitors land on your page.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

PPC marketing is another method to boost your business image. A single or a set of keywords is all you need to dominate the top search engine sites (such as Google and Bing). If your business belongs to the service industry, people will search for a convenient facility near them by typing specific keywords through Google.

Don’t you think this is the right time to bring your marketing strategy to the next level? Fligno is a software development company that can provide IT services to help your business gain more customers with the help of online marketing services. They also offer high-quality app development services. Visit today to get a free quote.

Fundamental Elements of SEO Gold Coast to Improve Marketing Strategy

SEO Gold Coast

You may have already heard a lot of times what Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all about. Using SEO has become an essential part of companies, whether small or large ones, to promote their business online. What makes it significant is it can make your web page more noticeable for your prospective customers.

You may have already understood SEO as a great marketing strategy for your business, but some of you may not be familiar with its elements which make it a very crucial component in promoting your company.

What are the fundamental elements of SEO?

SEO has become a useful tool for brand awareness, helping businesses to connect to their potential customers through technology. But what are the elements that make it a valuable tool for digital marketing? 

Keywords or Keyphrases

It’s not just about stuffing keywords in your content. Google has become more strict when it comes to keyword usage. There are a lot of businesses who might use the same keywords in their web contents, and that is why you need to think carefully and search for more thorough keywords for your content to be effective and more visible for your target customers.

SEO Content

Creating blogs, videos, podcasts, infographics, social media posts, e-books, and whitepapers on your website is another essential part of SEO. The content also serves as the image of your business, and it gives helpful information to your audience. For example, if your business is about dresses, you can provide your prospective customers with some tips on what to wear for special occasions, what dress colours to consider, and more. In this way, you’re giving valuable information to your potential clients and may help build a relationship with them.

Local SEO for Relevant Local Searches

According to, 57% of internet searches are performed from smartphones and tablets, with half of the said queries having local intent. Businesses are able to target and acquire more potential customers by using local keywords.

If you’re looking for a way to make your business more visible to your target customers online, Fligno is the best choice for you. They offer SEO Gold Coast services for many business industries. Help increase your brand awareness with Fligno by contacting (04 1645 5388) or emailing them at today.

Indications Your Business Needs Custom Software Development

custom software development

custom software development

Many businesses are already considering software products so they can efficiently offer services to their loyal and prospective customers. However, globalisation is pushing the limits of businesses in widening their scope. The ever-changing market demands much more from them, but they are still trying to upgrade their software applications to provide the needs of their customers and their future clients.

Customised software enables businesses to provide personalised service to their patrons. Custom-made products and services have become an essential requirement to help speed up the growth of many businesses.

But how will you know if your business needs custom software? Check out a few of these indications:


Since change is a constant thing in this world, many companies will need to go through a course of change. This may lead to a poorly managed business because of continuous change. A packaged software may not be enough to support the company, and it may even backlash and have some inconsistencies. But with customised software, companies like Fligno can create software that could handle these inconsistencies and help ease and lead through the changes.

Adjusting on a Business Transition

Your business may be widening its focus or its domain, and so is its software. This is a significant step for a business, and this is where customised software comes in. It helps handle the product quality of your business and guarantees its products are secure throughout the business transition.


Are you worried that your competitors are developing effectively while your business is proving to be otherwise? If you have customised software, this would help get rid of the challenges that come with change, bringing effectiveness into your business’ system. However, if you consider the custom software development service of Fligno, you’ll never worry about being left behind with the growing competition in the business industry.


The efficiency of your business is important, especially if you want to ensure its success and growth. Apart from improving the visibility of your business, a customised software will also help better its presence to your target audience.

If you think your business requires the help of a custom software development service provider, consider seeking advice from a software company that will guide your business in the right path. Fligno is a software company that provides high-quality IT services. Why choose them? Fligno can help you promote your business by helping it grow through mobile, develop and design quality websites, provide SEO services, and many more. Visit and get a free quote today.

When to Ask for the Services of a Custom Software Development Company

custom software development company

custom software development company

Growing companies are now considering expanding their scope of business. Their goal is mainly to attract and get more prospective customers and provide them with top-of-the-line services. However, to achieve this goal, they might need to reevaluate and upgrade their technological needs.

Because of this, the demand for customised software has increased over the past years ever since technology has become an essential part of many industries. Today, there are a lot of custom software development companies that are offering their services to help small businesses broaden the scope of their market.

What are some indicators that tell you it’s time for your business to seek the services of a custom software development company?

If in need of a system upgrade. If you think your business software needs additional features, custom software development companies, like Fligno, can help in upgrading your system to improve its functionality.

If you think there are loopholes in your system. It is crucial to examine if there are any software bugs in your business system to avoid errors that prevent the streamlining of your business process. 

If in need of consistent services from a trusted custom software development company. After looking at all the things you need to consider if your business system needs to have a custom software – or if you already have one but it needs upgrades for better operability – then choose a software provider like Fligno.

Why Fligno Is Your Best Choice

Efficient – if you think you need a better way to help you and your business to finish time-consuming and arduous tasks, then you might need a custom software made by Fligno’s expert developers. Tailor-made software is specially made for the business to fit the needs of your company.

Enhances Services – custom software will help lessen the burdens of experiencing technical difficulties in your system. This means you’ll be able to boost the services for your loyal customers, especially if you want to build a strong relationship with them.

Management – business software developed by Fligno ensures quality management to help run an operation at a steady pace.

So, if you think your business needs the assistance of a good custom software development company, don’t hesitate to call Fligno at (0416 455 388) today and ask for a quote. They also offer digital marketing and other IT services.

App Development: Why Do Businesses Need Their Own Mobile App

app development

app development

Mobile apps provide many benefits to businesses and their customers. Anyone who owns a smartphone knows how convenient it is to use to finish everyday tasks.  Everything is made possible when using a software application—paying bills, buying products, resourcing information, etc. are just a few taps of the screen away.

The mobile digital environment is more acceptable these days, and what better way to reach more potential customers than to go multi-channel!  If you’re still having second thoughts about focusing on mobile tech to harness your business’ potential, here are some reasons why your business should have a mobile app:

Increase in Sales

To encourage your customers to purchase from your business, make use of the push notifications to promote products, discounts, and bonuses. This will give you the advantage of interacting with more prospective clients.

Business Branding

Mobile apps connect you to your patrons and new app users. Promoting your business through marketing might not be enough to show what services it will provide to your possible customers, but having a mobile app will serve as your business image. The mobile app should appeal to its audience since it serves as an embodiment of your business.

Means of Marketing and Communication

You can successfully attract the attention of your potential customers with a mobile application. You will be able to not only expand the number of your clients, but you can also build a strong relationship with them by conducting surveys, creating polls, and asking for feedback, for example.

Customer Loyalty

One of the main reasons why we build a strong relationship with customers is to gain their trust and to increase their loyalty. To motivate them, you can use your mobile app to integrate programs, like discounts, bonuses, exclusive offers, and promotions through push notifications.

A Convenient Statistical Tool

Mobile apps can help you collect plenty of useful information for your review. You will be able to know how long your customers spend their time using the app, what products are sold the most, and other useful statistical functions.

If you are looking for a company that offers high-quality mobile app development services, Fligno Software is your best option. To fit the demands of your business, we will help boost your engagement with your customers, make your image more visible to the audience, and market your channel through online. Visit their website to get a free quote today.

Online Marketing Services: The Perks of Social Media Usage

online marketing services

online marketing services

Did you know that marketing through social media can raise the number of audiences for your small business? As a result, there is a higher chance you’ll gather more potential customers. There are billions of people using the Internet and are active social media users.

Here are factors on how you can promote your business through social media:

Get to Know Your Prospective Audience

Social media is a platform where people can openly share their thoughts, points of view, and experiences. It is also a growth tool for a business that is still starting.

Through social media analysis tools, you can examine the online profiles of your competitors, visit another group with a similar business, and check out what people are talking about. The information you collect from their customers can be useful for the ongoing or future strategy of your marketing content. Subsequently, you can start creating content for your business website.

Customise Your Advertising

By creating personalised ad campaigns on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you’ll be able to know more about your prospective customers. If consumers see a relevant ad, they will most likely share the information. The data you collect from said strategy can be useful to you as you get to know more about the people who are interested in your business.

Improve Site Engagement by Raising Your SEO Ranking

Engage with potential consumers by encouraging them to visit your website with the help of social media. Google should be able to recognise that the content of your site applies to your business and that it is accessible to your visitors. A good example is advertising a giveaway —this is for audience engagement improvement, but at the same time, it will bring customers to your homepage, and there’s a higher chance they will browse through it.

If you’re still starting a business, online marketing services can help boost your image. Fligno is an advanced custom software development company where they provide IT services that will benefit their clients’ business. Visit and learn more about their services.

SEO Gold Coast: Starting a Business? Here’s Why You Need SEO

seo gold coast

Search engine optimisation (SEO) has been helping small businesses a lot nowadays. It helps them create fast, firm, and user-friendly websites that raise them to the business ranks. When you’re still starting a business, then utilising an SEO is an option so you’ll be able to build a strong online presence. This will benefit you to get past your business competitors. Take your marketing strategies to the next level today.

Here are the reasons why small businesses need SEO:


It’s not just about thinking how to optimise search engines, but companies should consider their customers, too. It should be well organised, neat, and orderly. Website visitors should also be able to see the relevance of your content to your business, like blogs and sales pages, so it will help them answer their queries more easily, solve their existing issues, and become accessible for the readers to search for the content of what they are searching for.

Invite More Customers

Are you willing to endow a few hours of your time, your energy, and a little amount of your money? SEO will help you attract more customers for your business by bringing targeted traffic to your web page. SEO is one of the most systematic and affordable strategies to market your small business. This marketing strategy guarantees small companies to bring more clients and expand more quickly than other businesses that do not have it.

Conversion Rates Are Better

For you to be able to grasp the attention of your readers or visitors of your website, it should be SEO-optimised, so it will be easy for them to read and surf. And the page should also display adequately and loads faster, especially for mobile phones and tablets.

Brand Awareness

Let’s all face it—when we try to look for something online, we choose the sites that appear on the first page from search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. When customers see your website or content appear on the top of the search list, they are likely to trust your site as a legitimate one. Because of this, many small businesses are building excellent brand awareness. Business owners should invest in this marketing strategy to help them gain top rankings with the key terms that greatly relate to their business.

Fligno provides SEO Gold Coast services that can help you reach the top and surpass your competitors. Start marketing your business today and invite more prospective customers to do business with you. Visit our website for more information about the services we offer.

Why Invest in Custom Software Development

custom software development company

custom software development company

Indeed, technology is ever-evolving and continues to be a global phenomenon, and this gives business owners an idea to extend the limit of their capabilities that will help their organisation grow.

Fligno is a custom software development company that offers tailor-made software that suits a business’s objectives while providing high-quality and cost-effective software.

Why is it essential for a business to adopt custom software development?

It is scalable, improves integration, and brings value to the business. Small organisations are starting to grow with the help of custom software. First-rate companies prefer custom solutions because of their scalability, unlike off-the-shelf products, which have limited features for an organisation’s day-to-day needs and can potentially lead to inefficient operations.

It is built with specific business model needs. The general market standards limit off-the-shelf products, which may not be compatible with other programs. For example, one software is designed to complete a specific task and the other software to finish another – both of which are related tasks. If these two programs fail to communicate, they may obstruct efficiency. Building custom software integrates a broader set of APIs. An IT-savvy company like Fligno work closely with business owners to help create software that’s according to their goals and what their businesses require.

It is a cost-effective software. Ready-made software may not be able to offer the features that a business wants in their software, in which they need to pay for an additional cost for customer support that will train them on how to use the software. With custom software, they only need to pay the development cost. It already has the features they need, which cuts down the training cost (from off-the-shelf products), and the software already comes with a manual or an easy-to-use UI. This could save businesses hundreds of dollars on costs. 

Know more about what services a custom software development company can offer for your business. Visit today.