Fligno Software Philippines, Inc Team Building

fligno team building

fligno team building

Fligno Software Philippines, Inc. celebrated teamwork and camaraderie with its first ever team building activity!

Held last Oct. 26, 2018, at Mapawa Nature & Adventure Park, the event found the company’s men and women trooping over to the open spaces of the park for a day of games and bonding. The company set out for the park early in the morning, traveling from the confines of their offices to Mapawa, where they were greeted by the organizers of the team building activity.

It was only uphill from there – quite literally – as the young men and women trekked to the activity centre for registration. The crowd took a moment to get settled before the festivities started, but as soon as things were in order, the team building activities began in earnest.

fligno team building

First up to bat were the individual introductions – each Fligno employee stepped up to the front of the crowd to introduce themselves by name, favorite animal, and favorite joke or “hugot” line. After this, the organisers then grouped the employees at random, forming four colour-coded teams: Team Maruya (yellow), Team No1 (red), Blue Thrasher (blue), and Infinitwo (green). Each team designed their own flags and chants, and then pitted against each other in a chant battle. (A representative from each team explained the meaning of the flag prior to the chanting.)

fligno team building

fligno team building

Then it was time to hit the open fields. The first activity was an animal call game, where each team chose an animal to represent their team, were then blindfolded and instructed to group themselves back together using only animal sounds to call out to their members.

An assortment of games was played for the rest of the morning, including a modified version of tag and capture-the-flag. Lunch was served after, allowing for the teams to rest from the exertions of the morning.

fligno team building

fligno team building

fligno team building

fligno team building

fligno team building

fligno team building

Games resumed in the afternoon. The highlight of the games was the last round of games, which included an obstacle course that includes a man-made grid that the teams crawled through. After the games, individual team scores from the games played were tallied up, and with the final rankings being thus: Blue Thrasher (first), Infinitwo (second), Team No1 (third), and Team Maruya (fourth).

fligno team building

fligno team building

The team building activity closed with a speech from Fligno President, Bryan King, and a company photo op. Tired but happy, the men and women of Fligno were then ferried back to the office, marking the team building activity closed and a success.

“I enjoyed the activities,” commented Thomas John Gulisao about the team building activity, when asked about his experience.

“It was also a great time to bond with our colleagues,” Mike Jandayan added.

Fligno President, Bryan King, had this to say about the event: “Was a fun experience as I had a chance to bond with everyone and get to know them better.”

Other feedback about the team building ran in a similar vein. “I would say, I really had fun and enjoyed playing with and against my co-workers,” said one. “It was indeed a great experience that we get a chance to team up with the other employees,” said another. “It was fun! Let’s make it monthly,” another commented.

In a moment of colorful hyperbole, an attendee commented, “It was like a rainbow after a horrific storm, cyclone and tsunami together.”

Granted, not all of the feedback was positive. Some felt that the facilitators weren’t giving equal attention to the attendees, and that there were pockets of time that were wasted because of “dead air”. An attendee felt that the organisation of the activity was “unusual”.

In the interest of fairness, one commented that they thought “…having a third party to host the activity really helped, giving the admins the opportunity to participate also.”

All things equal, Fligno’s first team building had its ups and downs, and, as with every first, it had room for improvement with the program flow and the little details. As far as the big picture is concerned, however, the success of the event is founded on the strong sense of camaraderie and bonding that it fostered. With that in mind, the Fligno team building activity is an accomplishment worth remembering for years to come.

fligno team building

Vital Points that Ensure Successful Mobile App Development

app development

app development

Along with the rapid advances in technology, mobile app development has gone through intense changes. Capturing a large share of the market are smartphones that provide users access to information with a simple touch of a finger. With this, mobile apps became in demand that prompted leading business and corporate companies to invest in application development.

Applications, especially those that are ingeniously made, are very important for businesses and service providers. Such tools build a way for businesses to relate to their target audience. In terms of dynamic mobile apps, they can improve customer base, enhance business prospects, and retain existing customers.

Mobile app development requires skills and experience to deal with challenging tasks. To ensure success in mobile application development, here are its essentials.

Establish goals clearly

Outline goals without uncertainties including the requirements to meet current and future challenges. For an app to end up productive, it must be designed through a clear and transparent analysis.

Identify target audience. It is important to understand and analyse the behaviour of the target audience as mobile apps should be developed fitting the current market status.

Decide on a feasible technology platform. There are more tech-platforms available today meant for developing robust and sophisticated mobile applications. These include iOS, Android, and Windows that are ever-evolving, enabling users to develop apps that are rich in display, features, and technology. Choose the platform which is supported by many devices.

Compatible with many devices and platforms. It is essential that the application should run efficiently on all platforms and devices that are being used by the target audience. Compatibility is key to the app’s success.

Charter process

Plan out the user journey categorically. Record and map the actions of users in reaching their desired goal.

Consult experts

Talk to internal specialists or to people who are using the existing product. Get accurate feedback from them and deal with points that need improvement.

List problems and provide solutions

To develop an alluring and impressive mobile app, identify problems in the existing processes or products. They will serve as an opportunity for improvement.

Secure development. In the development and deployment of successful mobile applications, what poses a threat is their vulnerability. This is why it is best to settle on an authenticated, reliable, and scalable approach.

App testing. To check the compatibility of the app, it should be tested on different devices. Reviewing the quality of the app in various gadgets ensures that all functions and features perform without errors.

With the currently existing market being swarmed by many competitive businesses, offering a mobile app that is of high-end flexibility and easy accessibility can help your business stand out from the others. Mobile app development is definitely one of the ways that increase the chances of successfully driving revenue in the global market.

Essential Factors That Drive Online Marketing Success

online marketing services

online marketing services

In most online marketing services, once you have already identified your goals and know the ways to target your preferred audience using appropriate channels, your online marketing campaigns can yield the desired results. As long as there are measurable objectives set for the online marketing campaign, you will be able to track how effective your strategies are. With this, you can make changes to your plan as you proceed. However, it is not that simple.

In devising an online marketing strategy, here are some of the factors that should be considered.

Identify buying behaviour of your target market

For your online marketing plan to succeed, you have to understand the buying behaviour as well as the needs of your target audience. You can start by identifying and segmenting your potential customers based on their buying behaviour. You must know the wants of your customers, be it your products or services.

Design your marketing messages and your sales pitch to lure customers. Just make sure that you are always able to conduct thorough research on your target audience before establishing your online marketing campaign. More importantly, use the insights from your previous campaigns to advance your strategy.

Opt for a customer-centric approach

Your marketing strategy must adopt an approach that is customer-centric. How does it work? While you target your potential customers, you need to persuade them that your products/services and brand are all about the needs of customers. Modify your marketing content in a way that your potential customers feel that you are a brand that gives value to customers.

To engage prospective customers and make them buy what you offer, design your marketing campaign that will become an advantage to the customers.

Build trust through live chat and social media

Social media has become a platform for businesses to promote and advertise their products. And the key to a successful marketing plan is through actively engaging with prospective customers rather than just posting information.

To ensure that your marketing strategy will work, attend to urgent concerns and queries on social media. You can also include live chat to engage with customers real-time.

Connect with your target audience using personalised emails

Emails are your means to connect with your target audience. But the success of your email marketing campaign depends on your process. What you have to do first is to evaluate customer data and then design your campaign based on it.

It is also important to consider how frequent you’ll be sending your marketing emails. To maximise the efficacy of your emails, test them out first. Create two different ideas and send them to test groups. Review the results and pick the most appealing one.

In summary, the factor that should be considered first in devising an online marketing strategy is to determine the buying behaviour of your target market. Recognise the preferences of your prospective customers before you decide to reach out to them. With a customer-centric approach, your marketing plan will likely to convert target audience engagements into repeat customers. Enhance your customer engagements by including a well-thought social media plan. Finally, don’t forget to use interesting and original content always.

If you are looking for online marketing services, contact us today!

Effective Methods To Increase App Engagement and User Retention

SEO Gold Coast

SEO Gold Coast

Most businesses spend a huge amount of money on online marketing, software development, and SEO Gold Coast just to acquire potential customers. After acquiring, the next struggle is engaging and retaining them. People today spend most of their time using their smartphones, browsing on websites and collecting online information. A business should consider taking advantage of this to improve their mobile app efforts.

Here are the top methods for improving app engagement and user retention:

Convenient onboarding. Providing an easy onboarding experience to users will help reduce the number of users who leave your website or app immediately. The more difficult it is to use a mobile app, the harder it is for the user to make it to the next steps. Having a positive user experience is essential to provide easy app access and retain them.

Push Notifications. Another important way to improve user engagement and retention is to provide push notifications. Users who receive push notifications show a higher app engagement compared to those who haven’t. It helps remind users of any critical information regarding the mobile app. This is important when you are competing for valuable products and services on a user’s device.

Mobile personalisation. This is one of the essential aspects of a compelling application. It helps provide relevant and unique experience to a user, who will more likely to continue using an application if their experience is aligned with their needs and preferences. An easy way to personalise is to include the user’s name on messaging and screens. That way, it meets user demands and in return possibly increase the conversion rate.

Offer incentives or rewards program. Giving incentives to users can significantly increase your app engagement and retention. Mobile rewards, coupons, specialised content access, and special promotions are sample app programs to encourage users to use your app. However, the way you offer incentives to your users will depend on the nature of your app.

Two-way communication. Asking for feedback from users is essential to show them that their input is appreciated for the app to support their needs. Another benefit of having this type of communication is to prevent users from posting negative feedback on app stores and tell it to you first. Immediate address of concerns, issues, or questions will encourage users to post positive reviews.

The goal of having an app is not only to make users download it but also to retain them to build brand loyalty. Just like SEO Gold Coast, you need to make users visit your website or app and cater to their needs. Satisfying them is the key to improve user experience and generate more revenue from the app.


How Technology Changes Every Business

Custom software development company

Custom software development company

Technology has a lot to offer for a business. It has been continuously developing and adapting to different changes and needs of any business. By hiring an exceptional custom software development company or reliable online marketer, any business can get the benefits of technology.

Effective Customer Segmentation

It’s easier now for businesses to understand the customers they are looking for. Many analytics tools provide services that can expand the segments of your prospects into groups to target them specifically and improve your marketing efforts.

Mobile Solutions

Google has revamped its algorithms to prioritise the importance of mobile web browsing to websites. With this, it’s easier for users to locate any type of business using smartphones or tablets. It provides a business with an advantage to optimise the mobile experience of users.

Cloud Computing

With cloud computing, a business can move some of their operations to a third party server that is accessible via Internet connectivity. It will not only allow for variable data packages but also for rapid mobility and expansion without worrying about crashes, downtime, or permanent loss of data.


One of the best advantages of using technology is the opportunity to keep in touch with your customers, employees, and business partners. You will be able to connect with your colleagues via email, chat, or video and exchange critical information.

Social Impact

With the rise of the social network, the world seems to be smaller in which businesses can easily connect to their customers without worrying about the geographical obstacle, social status, or even financial background.

The rapid advancement of technology provides many opportunities for large or small businesses. Using this effectively will help businesses adapt to different technology advancements. A custom software development company will help you understand how technology affects your business to make it an advantage to your competitors.

The Value of Mobile App Development to Businesses

app development

app development

In the past few years, the number of mobile users has grown exponentially. This led to the rise of the mobile app development. The population of mobile developers also continued to increase to keep up with the demand in the said industry.

In fact, in March 2017, it was found that there were 2.2 million available apps at Apple’s App Store and 2.8 million apps available for download in the Google Play Store.

With these figures, mobile app development sure is a key factor for businesses to succeed.

According to statistics, more and more people are accessing the internet using their smartphones and tablets. Along with this, the number of mobile apps installed has also increased exponentially. Businesses can interpret these numbers as an opportunity to target a new type of customer who is consistently connected to the Internet.

Advantages of owning a mobile app

Businesses can benefit from having a mobile app. Have a look at their pros below.

Accessibility. Mobile sites are readable and navigable but are not for process management. Since smartphone and tablet users are found to be on the go, with mobile apps, they are able to experience easy access to information, processes, products, and services that a business offers. Thus, mobile apps provide real-time and optimised hands-on interaction favourable for mobile users.

Branding. Businesses are given the unique, promising opportunity to reinforce branding over a new platform. With mobile apps, potential customers are encouraged to download the branded version for free where they can customise it based on their own preferences or specific needs.

Conversion. A recent research showed that mobile users spend more time on the mobile app than a business’ mobile website version. By boosting user engagement in the app, the business will likely gain customer conversion.

Loyalty. In terms of the retail sector, mobile apps help the business by increasing customer loyalty.

Visibility. Thousands of mobile apps are being downloaded daily. Having your own mobile app increases your chances of getting seen by prospective clients.

These days, we can say that we have leaned towards a mobile-centric society. And with this, it should no longer be a surprise that mobile app development becomes a huge contributor in making a lucrative company. If you wish to further propel your business to success, start by developing your own mobile app.

How to deal with risks in software development

custom software development

custom software development

The current trends for improving software development methodologies include setting up goals and taking risks. When thinking about the overall structure of flexible methodologies, it is safe to say that risks are always present in software development assessment. This is an important matter as the occurrence of cyber-attacks and software vulnerabilities are on the rise. The sad thing is that it is difficult to take all of these factors into consideration because of some objective and subjective reasons. This may be due to insufficient knowledge in this specific area.

To help you understand more about this field, let’s discuss first the risks you will likely encounter in software development.

Budget Risks

What puts software development at risk is financing. And to avoid such a risk, correct financing must be observed. Distribution of finances leads to the equitable use of finances and success of the project.

Implementations of new features, bug fixes, and testing are just some of the factors that require financial input. And if found that the budget is almost running out after dealing with repetitive issues, the project will either end up in the trash. Thus, uncontrolled and incorrect financing will definitely cause the project to fail.

The solutions to this are intelligent finance distribution and settling the project in specific limitations and schedules at the beginning of the tasks. Also, it is a great idea to reserve funds for such a case.

Schedule Risks

All of the risks in software management are time-consuming. It may be due to a key member who has left the project or the software license that’s running out of funds. And yet, schedule risks requires more attention as it may make or break the progress.

In usual cases, managers do the planning as per request by the customer or the team for optimistic estimation. As a result, there will be a 50-80% difference between the real terms and what was planned. If this happens, some of the inevitable consequences will be overspending of resources and miscommunication with the customer.

Who’s to blame for the risks in custom software development? In the case above, it’s the programmers’ fault. But concerning inaccuracy, the management is at fault. And the only way to reduce such risks is to reserve time to deal with specific circumstances and issues in planning. It is best to note that developers should be involved in the terms estimation.

Technical Risks

Processes in software development are unique, and when issues arise, the effectiveness of overcoming them relies on the qualification of a programmer.

One common source of risks in software development is having someone to take over finishing somebody else’s job. Dealing with unknown code and making changes or fixes in it will make a relatively huge amount of mistakes, no matter how minor the errors are. So, if there’s no demand for such unknown tasks, the probability of such a risk is put to a minimum. It is better to ensure that the project is structured, meaning, the source code and the documentation must be correct.

As long as risks in custom software development are avoided or minimised through risk management and use of correct assessment methods, the product is ensured to be safe for use and distribution.

If you are in need of any custom software services, visit Fligno.com today.

Essential Steps To Optimising Your Website

SEO Gold Coast

SEO Gold Coast

The main objective of search engine optimisation is not only to make search engines find your website and pages but also to improve your content relevance. In this way, your chances of appearing at the top of the search engine results page will be higher. SEO Gold Coast is not a one time process but requires regular updates, maintenance and continuous monitoring.  

Here are some essential steps to make use of search engine optimisation:

Target Market

This includes website analysis that will allow you to identify and analyse meta keywords, website and code errors. Competitive analysis is also important for this as you will need to determine the keywords used by your competitors. You should also consider listing down your targeted search terms that are related to your market segment and customer base.

Keyword Research

You need to come up with a targeted list of keywords and phrases. You should choose keywords based on your targeted competency, average searches, and bid to line up with your strategy. Use the list to determine the number of search queries and websites who are competing for a specific keyword.

Content Optimisation

After creating a list of your targeted keywords, you can start optimising your pages by optimising by creating relevant meta titles and descriptions on your pages. Also, you can integrate your targeted keywords into your website source code and existing content pages. Submitting your website and pages to social bookmarking sites and directories is also an important factor in ranking your website.

Continuous Maintenance and Monitoring

It is vital to continually improve keyword and content strategies as search engines algorithms are always changing. This is to ensure that rankings will not decline drastically. Review your inbound and outbound links if it is relevant to your business.

SEO Gold Coast is a broad strategy that needs a deep understanding to make sure that things are going smoothly for your website. A small website error will cause your website to rank down on search engines, and you might even get penalised.

Top Advantages of Custom Software Development

Custom software development company

Custom software development company

Custom software development services allow businesses to evolve their daily operations into particular goal oriented apps. Custom software has the ability to run exactly according to the needs of a business. A reliable custom software development company will enhance your business operations and achieve your specific goals.

Here are the advantages of using custom software development:


There are big differences in using custom business applications and ready-made products as it can sometimes cost higher or cheaper. However, you can get a lot of long-term benefits with developing custom developments compared to purchasing ready-made products. When it comes to buying off the shelf products, you should consider the extra costs for licenses to ensure you minimal costs.


Another benefit of having custom software is the ability to create an effective solution for program integration. Businesses can enjoy using custom software application as it allows on software to integrate multiple processes. With software, it will help businesses to accomplish more goals.


Any software can be maintained expertly with the help of custom software development. Your business is in the hands of the software developer when you purchase the off-the-shelf software. Every company has different requirements, and with the help of custom software, it allows a product to maintain and accommodate multiple business needs simultaneously.


By utilising the latest technology, custom software is contrived. A system is developed effectively to meet the customer’s expectations and satisfy the client’s business needs. Anything can be improved if the client is having difficulties during the development process. Customer’s permission is needed in the formulation of the software and any other changes regarding the custom software application.


Having custom business applications will allow you to create an efficient technical support plan. You will get a full access of the support from the technical team who are involved in the development process of the software application. In this way, issues regarding the software will be addressed and resolved in an efficient manner.

With a reliable custom software development company, your business processes will be enhanced effectively with the help of an effective software application. It is advised to hire a trusted company that will help you create reliable software, which will also enhance your business processes. Through this, business operations will be managed efficiently and will lead the business to success.

Reasons why online marketing is important for businesses

seo gold coast

online marketing services

Let us find out the importance of online marketing services.

With the considerable number of different marketing strategies and channels out there that help in the growth of businesses, and given that budget is very limited, business owners must be selective with what to choose. However, with the continued increase of consumers relying on the internet for purchasing tools and research, including them in marketing strategies is a must.

The internet is not really new but is more recent compared to other methods like billboard and print ads, but is of the same weight when it comes to bringing brand awareness. The only difference is that consumers no longer believe and accept advertisements. Instead, they do research online themselves. This means, your business needs to have a presence online.

Here are some of the most important reasons why online marketing services work:

Your potential customers are online. Simple!

Definitely, the most obvious reason why you should start marketing online. Through online, marketers are able to reach customers wherever they are, be it their home address, their office, their shop, and what have you. In a recent study, it was found that 80% of internet users search the web to look for products or services. All of them may not be a potential customer for your business, but there’s a good chance that some are.


Putting the name of your business in front of potential customers will always be costly. Especially in digital marketing, it comes with a price tag. But with advanced targeting options, you can only advertise to those who are potentially interested in your business. To simply put, no money is wasted on marketing to people that don’t respond to your business.

Place ads online that target your desired users through pay-per-click or PPC method. With it, you’d only have to pay when users successfully click on your ad and visit your website.

The internet is available 24/7

Though there are businesses that operate 24 hours a day and seven times a week, marketing teams usually don’t have this working time. And since your customers have different sleeping, socialising, and working schedules, it’s impossible to reach all of them using the traditional ways of marketing. These are enough reasons why you have to resort to something that is capable of running tirelessly and will always be there when needed. This feat is accomplished by websites, blogs, and social media pages. With these mediums, your customers will be able to access your information.

In conclusion, online marketing helps businesses generate higher revenues at low costs, any time of day or night. As can be observed at present, consumers are less likely to respond to traditional methods of marketing. This is why there is the need to combine education, engagement, and selling to reach potential customers. Just to let you know, online marketing services provide all of them.