Why Small Businesses Should Not Ignore Online Marketing Services

online marketing services

online marketing services

What are the benefits small businesses can enjoy when availing online marketing services?

Small businesses find it difficult to keep the pace in the marketing world, especially when they run with a small budget. But in this advanced era of the internet, minimum budgets can already make a huge difference.

Let’s say you are a small business owner but are not selling products online, can it be an excuse for you not to consider internet marketing? Know that most audiences today are online, and if you are ignoring online marketing services, you are definitely going to miss a lot.

Here are other online marketing mistakes small businesses are guilty of doing and how to potentially solve them.

Not being active online

Small businesses tend to fail to establish their presence online. Their excuse is that they don’t sell products or offer services on the Web. Unknown to them is that they are missing the opportunity to reach more audiences on top of their pioneering customers and what they have acquired from word-of-mouth.

Nowadays, the majority of people search online for products and services. And most of the purchases are now being performed on e-commerce sites and other online selling platforms. If you exhibit what your business offers, people that look for products or services similar to yours will most likely come across yours.

To establish your presence online, have your business website built. Choose an SEO Gold Coast company for website optimisation and search engine marketing.

Not engaging with the local community online

One of the reasons why people are mostly online is due to social media. With this, let your businesses engage in the communities that exist on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Instagram. Identify the hashtags where engagements are the highest.

Not capturing enough leads

These days, most people are no longer afraid to share their information so you should start capitalising from it. Create a lead form where potential customers can fill out. Sooner or later, you’ll be surprised at the hundreds or thousands of people that have filled out the form, depending on how convincing and impressive your landing page is. Now, you have a list of people where you can promote your products or services to.

Not localising content

Having a “contact us” page with your business address, map, and a listing of cities where you serve may already give a signal to search engines, increasing organic traffic that comes from neighbouring cities to your website. However, this is not enough for Google to know that you are serving the neighbouring cities. To solve this, create individual pages for each city you serve and put the name of the city in the meta tags, which includes the title and meta description.

Not writing about local events

Article marketing works well in establishing your brand. Whenever there are local events that happen in your community, write about them and post them on your social media accounts, keeping those that follow you updated.

Which online marketing mistake have you done in the past?. If you think you have something to share regarding this topic, comment down below! Contact us for online marketing services today!

The Growth of Internet Speed in SEA Countries in the Last Half Decade

How much has SEA’s internet speed improved in the last five years?

In the last five years, as based on the data gathered by Ookla, there has been an observed significant increase in the average speed for SEA countries. Check out the figures below (2014 vs 2018).

sea internet speed

  • Philippines – 2014: 3.5 Mbps 2018: 17.62 Mbps – 403%
  • Malaysia – 2014: 5.48 Mbps 2018: 26.9 Mbps – 391%
  • China – 2014: 19.5 Mbps 2018: 75.43 Mbps – 287%
  • Indonesia – 2014: 4.3 Mbps 2018: 15.31 Mbps – 256%
  • Brunei – 2014: 5.51 Mbps 2018: 15.31 Mbps – 178%
  • Singapore – 2014: 66.6 Mbps 2018: 174.94 Mbps – 163%
  • Laos – 2014: 4.5 Mbps 2018: 11.71 Mbps – 160%
  • Thailand – 2014: 18.9 Mbps 2018: 44.8 Mbps – 137%
  • Cambodia – 2014: 5.9 Mbps 2018: 13.23 Mbps – 124%
  • Japan – 2014: 41.5 Mbps 2018: 76.31 Mbps – 84%
  • Hong Kong – 2014: 78.3 Mbps 2018: 141.05 Mbps – 80%
  • Vietnam – 2014: 14.2 Mbps 2018: 24.8 Mbps – 75%
  • Myanmar – 2014: 5 Mbps 2018: 8.35 Mbps – 67%
  • Taiwan – 2014: 39.3 Mbps 2018: 54.06 Mbps – 38%

Gaining 4-folds of improvement in terms of internet speed is the Philippines with 403%. However, the country with the fastest average speed is Singapore at 175 Mbps, followed by Hong Kong with 141 Mbps.

Google launches “Neighbourly” to help you learn about your neighbourhood



How does Neighbourly works and how does it solve local concerns?

Google has just launched Neighbourly, a mobile app for discovering your neighbourhood through local experts.

How does it work?

The app lets users ask questions through text or voice in the English language and eight Indian languages, or answer existing ones. A user’s profile picture and first name will be displayed publicly, but the personal information will be excluded from being shared.

This innovation from Google is an excellent move to make more platforms for hyperlocal intelligence. Interestingly, Neighbourly will be most beneficial among users who have just moved to a new city, as they’ll be getting local answers to their local questions. For in every city, there will always be locals who know the place better such as the street shortcuts, hidden spots, and tips.

As of this writing, the beta version is only available on Android, open to people in Mumbai City, India.

You can now hide posts from gram accounts with Instagram mute feature

instagram mute feature

instagram mute feature

How does Instagram mute feature works?

Can’t afford to awkwardly unfollow a friend (or acquaintance) on Instagram? Introducing: the mute feature of Instagram, which lets you mute certain accounts to hide posts in their feed.

Once accounts are muted, you can still see posts on their profile pages and get notifications from posts or comments they are tagged in. The catch is that the users won’t be aware that they’ve been muted. You can still unmute accounts to get their post updates back on your feed.

Users who run their Instagram accounts like a business will reap the benefits of this new feature, as this will help them target their audience strategically. While to some other users, muting will help them gain some sanity once they’re sick of seeing the same thing consecutively in their feed.

For you to mute an account, you tap the menu at the top right of your screen. A panel will appear where you can see options such as “Mute”, “Hide Your Story”, and so on. Tap “Mute” and another panel shows up with options like “Mute Posts”, “Mute Story”, and “Mute Posts and Story”.

We know sometimes we can’t stand other people’s posts and stories. So what are you waiting for? Mute them away!

New Twitter Features to Happen to Twitter Windows, Twitter Lite, and Mobile

new twitter features

new twitter features

What are the new Twitter features to look forward to mobile, Twitter Windows, and Twitter Lite?

To offer uniformity across its platforms, Twitter is set to roll out new features for Twitter Lite, Twitter Windows, and mobile.twitter.com.

And here are the new Twitter features in detail.

Updated Compose Box

One of the Twitter features is the updated Tweet compose box, which makes it possible for users to move between the Tweet and timeline.

Night Mode

Twitter added night mode for Twitter users to easily read their feed in the dark.

Real-time Updates

Now, users can see how viral or not their tweet is with the new Twitter feature, which has real-time updates on reply, retweet, and like counts.

Are you interested to try these new features or do you prefer your Twitter the way it is now? Comment your opinions below!

How To Optimise Your Website With The Help Of SEO

seo gold coast

seo gold coast

How can businesses optimise their websites using Search Engine Optimisation or SEO Gold Coast?

Websites are platforms for business owners to exhibit what their businesses are offering online. Unlike traditional advertising such as newspapers, TV ad, and radio commercials, websites have become the best alternative for effective marketing. Not only it is more affordable, the audience reach is wider. However, the competition online is like a huge arena with millions involved. How can one stand out from the rest?

This is where SEO comes in.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is what covers all methods that help to ensure the visibility of a website on search engine results pages (SERPS). These methods include technical practices that can be done on-site, as well as promotional approaches off-page.

So, how can you optimise your website utilising SEO Gold Coast?

Make Your Website Relevant

With millions of contents that exist today, not all are assured to show up on search results as search engines try to sort out the most relevant ones and have them as the best results to a searcher’s query. They rank higher on SERPs as they contain the most relevant content that Google sees as helpful for the searcher.

Publish Quality Content

At present, Google rewards websites that regularly publish useful and helpful contents, may they may be articles, content, and any type of media, with higher rankings on search results. Don’t write just for the keywords that are popular in search queries, but write for your visitors.

Prioritise User Experience

Make your site easy to navigate and searchable with relevant content and related internal linking to trigger their hunger to explore more of what your site has to offer.

Enhance Your Site’s Speed

Search engines now consider how fast your site’s web pages are loading. Make it sure that your site is not heavy as impatient visitors can’t take sites that take too long to load.

Have Your Site Responsive To Any Screen or Device

People now browse not only on desktops but on mobile phones and tablets. With this, your website needs to be design-responsive and must be accessible on any device.

Utilise Link Building

You may have published well-curated content but not a reader has come to your website, you might be needing link building. With this practice, you are able to provide your readers with an option to read further. It also helps in improving your ranking for certain focus keywords.

If you wish to learn more about how SEO Gold Coast can help you in optimising your website, contact us today!

Newly Released JDK 10 Features Java Developers Should Know

java web developers

java web developers

Java 10 has just been rolled out, what should Java web developers know regarding its features?

In the new release schedule from Java, there showed that in every six months, there is a new Java release. And just this March, JDK 10 was released, being the first release of the said schedule. This Java 10 release has some interesting features that came with it and here are as follows:

JEP 286: Local-Variable Type Inference

Java now has a var keyword allowing you to declare a local variable not requiring you to specify its type, just like in Scala, Kotlin, and JavaScript. The type will then just be inferred from context. To give you an example, let’s say var name = “Java”, the compiler will already know that the type is String.

Note that the var keyword can only be used for local variables such as those that are inside methods or code blocks, and can’t be used for member variable declaration in the body.

Compared to Python, Java is still a statically typed language. Meaning, once you assigned the type, you can not change it. Like when you set var name = “Java” and then name = 3, that is not right.

Simply, the amount of code needed in declaring local variables in Java is reduced. In such cases like var list = List.of(1, 2.0, “3”), the list will be inferred as List<? extends Serializable & Comparable<..>> which is an intersection type.

JEP 322: Time-Based Release Versioning

With the release of JDK 10, Java has adopted a new release cadence, and that is every six months. However, this became the talk of the town and is being debated whether it’s good to get new features every six months or developers are given too little time to adapt to this new release, JDK. To mention, LTS release will be every three years, considered to be a major release.

By April of this year, JDK 10.0.1 will be released as update element will increment one month after the feature element is incremented. Then in July 2018, JDK 10.0.2 will released, and so on.

JEP 304: Garbage Collector Interface

Considered one of the most interesting and useful features from Java 10 release, it improves the source code isolation of different garbage collectors through the introduction of a clean garbage collector (GC) interface.

JEP 307: Parallel Full GC for G1

This feature improves G1 worst-case latencies by creating the full GC parallel. Reviewing the release of Java 9, the default GC used for the JVM was G1 which was designed just to avoid full GC. Until the concurrent collections could no longer reclaim memory that quick, ending up on a full GC creating a problem.

JEP 316: Heap Allocation on Alternative Memory Devices

With this JDK 10 feature, HotSpot VM is enabled to allocate the Java object heap on an NV-DIMM or other alternative memory devices which are specified by the user. Simply, assigning lower priority processes to use the NV-DIMM memory is made possible and not only allocating higher priority processes to the DRAM in an environment that is multi-JVM.

Might as well check out the other features of JDK 10 such as JEP 296, JEP 319, JEP 317, JEP 312, and JEP 313 here.

Just to let you know that Fligno is looking for Java Developers. If you think you have what it takes to be part of our growing family, submit your resumes to jobs@fligno.com.

Boxing Champ Manny Pacquiao Invests in Cryptocurrency and Will Release His Virtual Token



Pacquiao is now involved in cryptocurrency and has been enlisted as GCOX’s celebrity ambassador.

Last March 7, 2018, as stated in a press release, a virtual currency startup based in Singapore Global Crypto Offering Exchange (GCOX) announced boxing champion and Philippine Senator Manny Pacquiao as its celebrity ambassador. With GCOX’s cryptocurrency services which will include the creation of a virtual token dedicated for the boxer-turned-senator called PAC Coin, he will be able to connect better with his fans.

This involvement of Pacquiao in the said startup and as GCOX’s first celebrity ambassador was confirmed by a member of his team.

It was known that GCOX’s aim, being the world’s first global celebrity cryptocurrency exchange”, is to convert the popularity of celebrities in the form of currency through the creation of celebrity tokens. And then use these personalised virtual tokens to purchase the merchandise of a celebrity, stream video content just like of pay-per-view TV, and donate to selected charities of a celebrity through GCOX’s platforms.

Aside from Pacquiao, the startup has already attracted private investors.

Learn with Google AI: Google’s Free Machine Learning and AI

learn with google ai

learn with google ai

Available this March and onwards is Google’s Learn with Google AI, how can one get involved?

Last March 1, Google introduced its “Learn with Google AI” which was developed by the company’s Machine Learning experts. It is a set of educational resources for people to develop skills, digest concepts, and put Artificial Intelligence in an application to real-world problems.

The aim of the website is to serve as a place where machine learning and AI are deposited. Simply, a hub accessible for everyone who is seeking to learn about machine learning concepts, honing machine learning skills, and apply machine learning to real-world problems. Apparently, the site will accommodate all levels of AI buffs, may they be beginners or researchers.

Google AI was developed in accordance with how diverse the human’s range of perspectives and demands as possible, making it simple for everyone to learn machine learning through the provision of free and in-depth education content. Such free course is called the Machine Learning Crash Course which is based off an internal course in Google which was designed to help employees of Google to be familiar with machine learning fundamentals and AI. It features videos from Google’s machine learning experts, visualisations made interactive to illustrate machine learning concepts and centres on teaching how people implement machine learning in the real world.

Learning with Google AI is specially designed for newcomers who have no machine learning experience. However, Google does prefer those who have the proficiency in algebra, basics of programming, and Python.

This is an exciting step for Google to make machine learning resources free for everyone. Just to let you know, there are about 18,000 Googlers who have already enrolled in the MLCC course.

Advantages of Custom Software Development You Should Know

custom software development company

With businesses requiring different needs, what can a custom software development company offer them?

Businesses are given the options of choosing between off-the-shelf software and custom software. Some prefer the former due to its affordability, however, they may lack with features what businesses really require and its compatibility with the current system. On the other hand, the latter is opted by businesses who want their specific needs to be given solution making it cost-effective and worth the investment. Given that the demands of businesses vary, one product can’t possibly accommodate multiple needs simultaneously. Regarding this concern, custom-made software is the perfect solution.

Below are some of the strong points of custom software development:


With custom software, business requirements of clients are met. Such products are created using the latest technology. If there are difficulties or undesired features that arise during the development process, it can still be improved with the permission from the client.

Program Integration

Some businesses fail to discover that what they benefit from numerous software programs can be enjoyed in just a single application designed by a custom software development company. Such software can already integrate multiple processes, thus, improving your productivity.


Since custom software is tailor-made, you can have it maintained whenever you want compared to off-the-shelf software which solely depends on the developer it was bought from.

Technical Support

Considered a major benefit when it comes to availing custom software development is that you are guaranteed with a technical support plan. You are provided with a technical support team which was involved in the making of the software. Whenever problems occur, they can be resolved efficiently by your support.


Compared to ready-made software, custom software may require higher costs. But, looking at the long-term benefits, investing with custom software is a better option. You don’t have to pay for additional costs such as for licences which are usually required when purchasing for off-the-shelf software.

Should you have thoughts regarding the advantages of hiring a custom software development company, comment down below!