Online Marketing Services: The Perks of Social Media Usage

online marketing services

online marketing services

Did you know that marketing through social media can raise the number of audiences for your small business? As a result, there is a higher chance you’ll gather more potential customers. There are billions of people using the Internet and are active social media users.

Here are factors on how you can promote your business through social media:

Get to Know Your Prospective Audience

Social media is a platform where people can openly share their thoughts, points of view, and experiences. It is also a growth tool for a business that is still starting.

Through social media analysis tools, you can examine the online profiles of your competitors, visit another group with a similar business, and check out what people are talking about. The information you collect from their customers can be useful for the ongoing or future strategy of your marketing content. Subsequently, you can start creating content for your business website.

Customise Your Advertising

By creating personalised ad campaigns on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you’ll be able to know more about your prospective customers. If consumers see a relevant ad, they will most likely share the information. The data you collect from said strategy can be useful to you as you get to know more about the people who are interested in your business.

Improve Site Engagement by Raising Your SEO Ranking

Engage with potential consumers by encouraging them to visit your website with the help of social media. Google should be able to recognise that the content of your site applies to your business and that it is accessible to your visitors. A good example is advertising a giveaway —this is for audience engagement improvement, but at the same time, it will bring customers to your homepage, and there’s a higher chance they will browse through it.

If you’re still starting a business, online marketing services can help boost your image. Fligno is an advanced custom software development company where they provide IT services that will benefit their clients’ business. Visit and learn more about their services.

SEO Gold Coast: Starting a Business? Here’s Why You Need SEO

seo gold coast

Search engine optimisation (SEO) has been helping small businesses a lot nowadays. It helps them create fast, firm, and user-friendly websites that raise them to the business ranks. When you’re still starting a business, then utilising an SEO is an option so you’ll be able to build a strong online presence. This will benefit you to get past your business competitors. Take your marketing strategies to the next level today.

Here are the reasons why small businesses need SEO:


It’s not just about thinking how to optimise search engines, but companies should consider their customers, too. It should be well organised, neat, and orderly. Website visitors should also be able to see the relevance of your content to your business, like blogs and sales pages, so it will help them answer their queries more easily, solve their existing issues, and become accessible for the readers to search for the content of what they are searching for.

Invite More Customers

Are you willing to endow a few hours of your time, your energy, and a little amount of your money? SEO will help you attract more customers for your business by bringing targeted traffic to your web page. SEO is one of the most systematic and affordable strategies to market your small business. This marketing strategy guarantees small companies to bring more clients and expand more quickly than other businesses that do not have it.

Conversion Rates Are Better

For you to be able to grasp the attention of your readers or visitors of your website, it should be SEO-optimised, so it will be easy for them to read and surf. And the page should also display adequately and loads faster, especially for mobile phones and tablets.

Brand Awareness

Let’s all face it—when we try to look for something online, we choose the sites that appear on the first page from search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. When customers see your website or content appear on the top of the search list, they are likely to trust your site as a legitimate one. Because of this, many small businesses are building excellent brand awareness. Business owners should invest in this marketing strategy to help them gain top rankings with the key terms that greatly relate to their business.

Fligno provides SEO Gold Coast services that can help you reach the top and surpass your competitors. Start marketing your business today and invite more prospective customers to do business with you. Visit our website for more information about the services we offer.

Why Invest in Custom Software Development

custom software development company

custom software development company

Indeed, technology is ever-evolving and continues to be a global phenomenon, and this gives business owners an idea to extend the limit of their capabilities that will help their organisation grow.

Fligno is a custom software development company that offers tailor-made software that suits a business’s objectives while providing high-quality and cost-effective software.

Why is it essential for a business to adopt custom software development?

It is scalable, improves integration, and brings value to the business. Small organisations are starting to grow with the help of custom software. First-rate companies prefer custom solutions because of their scalability, unlike off-the-shelf products, which have limited features for an organisation’s day-to-day needs and can potentially lead to inefficient operations.

It is built with specific business model needs. The general market standards limit off-the-shelf products, which may not be compatible with other programs. For example, one software is designed to complete a specific task and the other software to finish another – both of which are related tasks. If these two programs fail to communicate, they may obstruct efficiency. Building custom software integrates a broader set of APIs. An IT-savvy company like Fligno work closely with business owners to help create software that’s according to their goals and what their businesses require.

It is a cost-effective software. Ready-made software may not be able to offer the features that a business wants in their software, in which they need to pay for an additional cost for customer support that will train them on how to use the software. With custom software, they only need to pay the development cost. It already has the features they need, which cuts down the training cost (from off-the-shelf products), and the software already comes with a manual or an easy-to-use UI. This could save businesses hundreds of dollars on costs. 

Know more about what services a custom software development company can offer for your business. Visit today.

Important Key Components in Choosing the Right Software Vendor

custom software development

custom software development

Choosing the right software vendor for your organisation might be the hardest step to make, especially when there are a lot of custom software development companies out there. Here are some few tips to consider when choosing potential vendors before you make your final selection.


Since building a custom software application might be a crucial investment, you will want to interview several prospective partners so that you will know that you are making the right decision. Be strategic of what software development companies you want to interview. Assess some options by merely looking up websites, case studies, and reviews about their company, then narrow down the list to five or six firms.

Once you have received and reviewed their request for proposal (RFP), narrow it again to at least two or three solid options. By carefully selecting candidates will help you make the best decision, keeping your list manageable, and you can focus on each vendor. Make your best decision by considering them carefully.

Cost Estimation

“You get what you pay for” might be too cliché to hear, but it exists for a reason. Choosing the offered lowest price might mean that you got a good bargain, but there’s a likelihood that you might not get the standard or best quality for a custom software development. Inexpensive is not always that bad, but you need to consider a lot of factors to be sure. Also, pay careful attention to what else is in the estimate.

Ensure That They Understand Your Goals

A vendor should ask up front what your business is about so that they will fully understand your business side. Other than that, a good software development company should make an effort in understanding your industry and business’ unique goals, challenges, and risks. Once the vendor fully follows the goals of your business, technology-related questions then are useful.

Examine Their Expertise

Agreeing with everything you say is a red flag for a vendor. You, as a client, may not be an expert when it comes to software development, in which they should be willing to talk through some options and potential difficulties they see in your project based on their work proficiency.

Fligno Software Inc. is one of the best in the business. We cater to multiple clientele from different industries while working closely with them to make sure that we reach our unified goals and generate the best results. For more software development information, email us through or call 0416 455 388.

The Importance of Mobile App Development in This Generation

app development

app development

In recent years, the demand for mobile app development has increased since businesses compete to enhance customer services by creating new mobile app features. According to Richard Agu of Newsmax Media, there are 3 billion users that own smartphones. As a business, it is a great business potential reaching out to customers through a mobile app if it is convenient for them to use it in their daily lives.

All things can be done possibly now with the help of mobile apps like booking hotels, requesting for a cab ride, borrowing loans, and even shopping online. Let us list down the importance of promoting your business into a one-click app.

Effective Marketing

Through the app, you make your inactive customers into active users, increasing the conversion rate by creating urgency. Whenever you need to disseminate relevant information to your customers, the app processes it faster and easier for you. Mobile apps help you engage with your users in a non-intrusive way.

Analytics and Information

Unlike the old way of collecting customer’s data, you don’t need to spend a lot of money when you have a mobile business app. The app will do the data gathering for you, learning their interests by collecting helpful and relevant information that targets their needs with products or services tailored specifically for your customers. Through the app, you will learn:

  The time your customers spend in using the app

  Products they specifically like

  The function that interests them the most or one least favoured feature

  Demographic data

   Geographical location

Beat Your Competitors

Know what your customers want as early as possible. Take advantage of market growth by exposing your business. Do not just lock yourself into thinking that you have a small business that will be overlayed by big brands as your app can compete with them through an improved mobile user interface.

The Brand

Your mobile app is the face of your business, which stands out as the billboard advertisement. Don’t just look through the mobile responsive website; try to hoist the brand of your business in an advantageous position for everyone to see. Of course, information plays an important role, too. Include what features your customers love.

Visit or email Fligno through for other mobile app development information.

Promoting Your Business Online

online marketing services

online marketing services

Technology revolves around our world today. Since then, entrepreneurs start promoting their businesses online through different ways of selling their products. This type of marketing is considered as an art and science, embracing the digital form of promoting business where competitors are starting to do various tactics on how they would compete with others.

Online marketing services will help promote small businesses to find more customers. Of course, they need to know who their target customers are and what ideal ways to catch their eyes.

Since this is the age of technology we are talking about, youngsters are much more attached to the online world. Such cases as where to eat, researchable homework, looking up for suggestions of various businesses via online reviews and comparing them—everything they do involves with online promotion.

There are different ways to start promoting your business through online marketing:


Blogs can be used to provide your customers with information about your products and other services that your business offers. And when they found these information relevant, you’ll increase your chances of increasing your website traffic and turn them into leads which will potentially convert.

Social Media Marketing

Everyone has their social media accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other famous sites most people spend their free time with on their mobile phones and computers. Social media serves as your active engagement with people involving active participation — dropping down comments or questions where you can give feedback.

Email Marketing

It is highly recommendable to gather potential customers that may have an interest in your products or services, start creating a subscriber email list. Email marketing is another way to keep your customers up-to-date with news, upcoming events, and special offerings from your business.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing is another way to promote your business. SEO is another way of tuning your business website on the higher ranks in search listings when possible customers enter keywords to match your products or services offered; this type of online marketing service is free. On the other hand, SEM is a paid search marketing where your ad will be displayed by search engines such as Google when a user enters one of your keywords.

Visit and learn more about online marketing services.

The Necessities of Optimising Your Site

seo gold coast

seo gold coast

Not all sites can make it to the top search engine results if people are too lazy to look up for good content, especially if there are a lot of businesses that want to get noticed. More often than not, customers prefer to browse sites that quickly appear on their screens, like one-click information that answers their queries. 

If you have a business that you wish to expand and make a presence online, an SEO Gold Coast company can help you optimise your business website.

People usually are in a hurry. Even if they are not, there’s a higher chance that they would instead click sites that are easy to access. Of course, your content should be relevant to your marketing strategy have the right context, and, most importantly, have keywords that people often enter in the search engine. This is where you will need SEO.

Through search engine optimisation,  you will be able to find your right target customers. Implementing SEO strategies is not simple, especially with Google’s recent updates to its SEO ranking algorithm. Fortunately, an SEO expert can help you in that department.

Listed below are some useful necessities of optimising your site:

Know How They Think

You should know what you are optimising it for before you can optimise your site. Keywords are terms used by people to search what they are looking for.

Applying Keywords

You should be able to implement the identified keywords into your website and include them a couple of times on each page.

Review and Improve The Factors

The content of your site reflects how essential it performs on your website. When having a website designed for you, it is only necessary to make your site still easy to navigate for users.

Tracking Results

Many tools are available for you to keep track of your website, the traffic sources, and user engagement. There are free programs offered by Google, like the Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools enables you to track your website visitors and the site itself.

An SEO Gold Coast company will help you optimise your website to reach your goal in the top of the search results. Want to know more? Contact today!

Reliability of Custom Software Development and Its Benefits

custom software development company

custom software development company

In this society and generation where the focus of today’s world revolves around computers, we manage to make its system as part of our everyday life. We maintain quality to connect to other people in every corner of the world. In a growing environment around computers, the importance of custom software development company comes in to reach out to a different set of organisations and making its standards and quality more reliable.

How does custom software development benefit the business for it to be more reliable?

Since it is customised, businesses will be able to license and sell their software to other organisations, which can be profitable depending on the terms and conditions of the project. Unlike commercial off-the-shelf software (COTS), its uses are not limited and will be able to license and own the software and upgrade its applications that benefit the users.

Its efficiency includes upgrading its capability for the business’s needs and does not need to adjust or limit its standards to COTS applications. And because it is also purpose-built, it improves the customer’s experience.

The factors of having customised software are that it grows as an organisation and the business needs to change for the good, rather than to sustain the market price by buying for another additional license or contribute for other packaged applications. Also, its integration adjustment to the needs of the business can be upgraded for it to be applicable for the present and future needs of its environment.

A custom software development company associates the efforts in making, first, application customisation which modifies COTS applications that support individual fundamental needs. Second, the application modernisation which designs the custom system of the business by maintaining the effectiveness to meet the standards of the evolving user and the market demands. And lastly, the application management which is responsible for developing the skills required to operate the applications needed to deliver IT services.

Learn more about custom software development by contacting today.

What’s New in Google Search Engine 2019

seo gold coast

seo gold coast

Google trends is a search tool used on the website that helps users determine which topics, keywords, or terms are mostly searched or queried online in a certain period. Google trends is one of the many principal instruments used in search engine optimisation of expert SEO Gold Coast. It works by calculating data and facts and analysing demographic records shown on every search phrase or keyword query.

Although google trends have daily updates on the ranking of topics, there is a disclaimer stating that issues may occur in the data sampling and imprecisions in different calculations in displaying the results. The statistics found on Google trends play an essential role in business and content marketing strategies. The keywords and terms that appear on the top ranks of queries are used in optimising your business website to create traffic, which, in turn, brings the right amount of publicity to the site.

Mobile Indexing

Google started the migration of site into mobile-first indexing last March of 2018. Making the search engine optimisation analysis available to hand-held devices. This update allows researchers to check the trends at any time and place, as long as internet service is available.

Ranking Signal for Brand Names

Google measures the results through a technical process that uses an algorithm to determine the precise ranking position displayed in the search engine results page. Although the chances of your website to appear on the results page have to do with the influence of your branding, the ranking could also ascend if the SEO Gold Coast methods used are organic and viable.

Page Speed

When the page loading speed has ranked in the trends for quite some time, Google decided to finally put the issues to rest. Google Page Speed is a collection of tools that optimises the loading period of a specific website. It helps determine faulty factors present in your website to make your webpage load faster.

General Data Protection Regulation

GDPR is a law formulated by European legislation to help business owners protect personal data information and prevent others from using the provided information from personal gains and marketing strategy. One can only ask for the personal data of the business via request, and one shall be fined with 40% of the company’s annual profit if unable to deliver such data.

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Online Marketing Services: Business Ads on Social Media

online marketing services

online marketing services

Social media plays a significant impact on our daily lives. It is where we acquire information and facts, it is where we get our source of entertainment, and it is a tool that helps decrease the communication gap. But aside all that, social media is also a place to make marketing trade. Online marketing services are standard nowadays, and on every social media platform, there’s an advertising option available for traders in the community.


Aside from uploading photos of the merchandises, photo ads allow you to write 125 characters of text as the description. Write captions that encourage readers to view more about the product. Introduction and strategic information are the keys to inviting customers.

Facebook photo ads also included a call-to-action button to let users have an option in which action to take regarding the ad. You can also advertise without paying for a promotional fee in Facebook Business Manager, by posting items on your personal Facebook page.


Online videos have come a long way, from the YouTube website that was the only source of online videos in the early 2000s to every social media platform of the year 2019. From educational content to personal vlogs, watching online videos has become part of our daily routine, and ads have become a part of online videos.

Video ads are often seen while streaming online videos. It appears on the mid-section of the video, and the numbers of ads played depend on the length or popularity of the video’s content. Examples of a popular social media site that allows video advertisements are Facebook and Instagram, including Stories, and in-stream videos.

There are many ways to promote products through the internet, and the best way to get a promotion is through social media. Almost every person with a mobile phone has a social media account. Although the ad does not target a specific range of clients, imagine the vastness of the scope your ad may reach.

For more information about digital marketing and online ads, visit us at today.