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What draws the interests of general app users are apps that provide really cool features. With modern app development, smartphones have been reconstructed in a way that makes them relevant and useful covering everything from work to daily house chores. Many talented programmers and designers are building and designing apps, embedding these favourable features.

If you are one of these skilled individuals, consider these fundamentals before creating your own Android app.

Mastering the language. The two main programming languages that are used in Android app development are Java and XML. It is essential to fully understand and master these languages for you to develop an Android app. Aside from the fundamentals of one or both, you also need to understand and master everything else that comes with the programming languages. Remember, to develop a fully efficient app, you need to get rid of the bugs.

Familiarising right development environment and tools. Familiarising yourself with the build automation tools and integrated development environment is a must before starting the development of your app. There are many effective tools you can use to help understand the basics as well as anything else that will improve your code. It is also vital to know the concepts and source control tools.

Knowing the application components. These are important building blocks of Android app development. Each of the components has different points where the system can enter your app. Some of them depend on each other; each of them has a specific role and exists as its own entity. There are different types of app components where each one serves a clear purpose with a distinct life cycle. The cycle will define how it is created and destroyed.

Android application, fragmentations, threads, loaders, and tasks awareness. Android is a fragmented market that has many different operating system versions and devices. Your app will require more testing and maintenance if it supports different devices or versions. This will also cost you more and require appropriate assets, fonts, and layouts to ensure the best experiences are provided in various screen characteristics.

Choosing the right tools. There are many free tools that you can use for Android app development. Simple tools that you may need are a Windows PC or Mac, the ADT Plugin, any type of Linux and Eclipse, and the Android SDK. Google can provide installation guides and you can learn to set up your development environment.

A typical smartphone user spends most of their time using their phone apps. Every year, millions of apps are downloaded and you need to take advantage of this. Understanding and mastering these fundamentals will significantly help in your Android app development efforts.

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