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Ever since the introduction of Search Engine Optimisation, businesses continue to reap the benefits of integrating it into their marketing strategies. Not only that it helps businesses reach their potential customers, but also brings traffic to their website through organic search. However, not all practitioners of SEO Gold Coast abide by the same rules. For this reason, it is important to understand what sets Black Hat, Gray Hat, and White Hat apart from each other.

Black Hat

Also known as SEO spamming, Black Hat SEO is an aggressive method that is volatile and discouraged by Google. It heavily uses technology and automated strategies to create plenty of websites that have little to no value, which are only intended to outwit search engines and gain inbound links from other websites.

This method also practices the following:

Keyword stuffing. This is when a specific keyword or group of keywords are repeated in a single page many times over, making the content hard to read or look spammy.

Negative Redirects. Redirects are very helpful when it comes to transferring to another domain, but using it wrongly is a bad SEO practice. It becomes a negative course of action if visitors are brought to an irrelevant page and not on the page they expect.

Reconstruct websites after ranking on search engines. Some bad marketers do advice businesses to change their business website entirely after it reached its goal of ranking on search engines, which is risky.

If you’re thinking of hiring someone who can do the Black Hat method, think again. It may provide quick results and a spurt of financial gains, but it is not stable. Eventually, it will hurt website rankings, and be at risk of getting banned by search engines.

Gray Hat

This SEO Gold Coast method makes use of questionable tactics that take greater risks. Such includes duplicated content, irrelevant link building, three-way linking, and unnaturally high keyword density. These techniques don’t violate the rules of search engines but are still risky.

When attempting to make use of Gray Hat, it may venture into Black Hat territory and will get penalties.

White Hat

Among the methods that were mentioned, White Hat is the most accepted and reputable route to proper and successful SEO. It focuses on building quality content for the people and not for search engines. Instead of automated programs, it relies on content and marketing.

This method may take some time compared to Black Hat and Gray Hat, but it ensures long-lasting marketing results. Tactics included in White Hat are the following:

  • keyword research
  • putting keywords in alt tags, anchor texts, content, headings, and page titles naturally
  • adapting and monitoring analytics
  • creating content regularly
  • optimised coding structures
  • sitemaps

Using White Hat SEO Gold Coast don’t put websites at risk of getting banned; it’s likely going to convert visitors into customers.

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