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It’s a fact that most digital marketing strategies have been evolving over the years. With technology advancements, marketers should take advantage of these improvements as they will help in achieving business goals.

SEO Gold Coast is one of the digital marketing strategies that has been effective throughout the years. However, SEO has also evolved over time. Check this out.

Link Schemes. Death of link schemes has been observed over the past years. Google has found ways to remove spammy links and any black-hat strategies. Search engines, especially Google, penalises websites involved in the schemes. And now, white hat strategies are effective in getting higher website rankings.

Content. With all the spammy content strategies for SEO, Google has improved its policy regarding this. Google has released the Panda update in 2011, which served as a slap for spammy content and stuffing of keywords. The update was so effective as many websites produced quality and valuable content for search engines.

Search Engine Results Page. Over the years, there are many SERP changes that only a few people could notice. Along with these changes are the length of meta title, description, and many small changes. There are also significant changes in the appearance of SERP to make it user-friendly and attractive.

Mobile Optimisation. Together with the improvements in smartphones, mobile prioritisation has also been steadily advancing. People are spending more time on mobile phones, and SEO experts have found out that mobile optimisation is also important. And now, mobile queries have been increasing compared to desktop queries for Google.

It’s essential to take a look back on the past of SEO Gold Coast as it will help you understand more how SEO works and make you a better digital marketer.

Digital marketing is still improving, and you should consider being ahead of it to beat the competition.

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