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Some digital marketing companies offer search engine optimisation services after designing and developing a client's website, or they offer this as an inclusive package. However, once a website has gone live, there is nothing to monitor if they are using ethical SEO techniques.

Many would think that SEO Gold Coast companies have control over what appears in search engine results. While it is true that some tactics may have direct effects on search results, there are some aspects and factors that cannot always be fully monitored, especially when it already involves your competitors. Particular on this is the monitoring of website competitors and reporting them to major search engines if they are found utilising poor SEO techniques. These bad tactics not only harm websites but also put them at risk of serious consequences such as getting banned.

Determining site competitors

In every business, there will always be competition. If you own a brand or provide services, know that you have competitors that sell the same products and services. In order to keep up with your primary competitors, their SEO efforts must be monitored. This way, your business will be able to identify if your competitors are implementing legal SEO tactics or not. If yes, it is best to review what your competitors have been doing so that you can learn from their marketing and sales tactics. One of these tactics includes evaluating keyphrases that they target.

You need to keep an eye on your online competitors because they might be ranking higher than your existing positions in search engine results. Whenever there is a specific search term, other companies will definitely appear in the search engine results. While it is not necessary that they offer similar products or services, they may be using keywords similar to yours. To outrank them, hire an experienced, professional, and honest SEO expert (such as Fligno SEO Gold Coast) to help you in monitoring and maintaining your search engine rankings while analysing competitors that are above you in the search results.

Search engine violations

Even in today's modern world of the internet, many business owners are still unfamiliar with SEO. As a result, some businesses unwarily hire the wrong SEO provider or hire an SEO freelancer, both in the practice of doing only illegal or black hat SEO. Know that if search engines find out that your site is using doorway pages and other unethical SEO practices, there’s a high possibility that your site will be removed from the search engine index.

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