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How to do search engine marketing in a few simple steps?

In order for websites to gain an immense amount of web traffic from internet web searches, business owners must already have known that this can be achieved through SEM or search engine marketing. And in developing search engine advertising plan, marketers are guided by the standards that major search engines have created.

SEM can be done in two ways, through paid search advertising and SEO or search engine optimisation. Learning about how to use both ways will help in increasing traffic to your site.

Through Paid Search Advertising

For you to be able to successfully establish an advertising campaign, you must first have a system where you can set up Internet advertising campaigns. Consider the following before finally paying for ads:

  • Decide a goal for your search engine ads. Choose keywords that specifically describe your products or specific content and not your business in general. A single campaign will do since you are just starting with paid searches.
  • Confirm budget considering the pay-per-click bids, labour, and the budget duration.
  • Create reports and compare traffic. Spend at least 3 months in tracking your traffic from search engines organically and then another 3 months of monitoring traffic from search engines with paid ads.
  • Invest in integrating your website with tracking software to help you determine where the traffic is coming from and to identify whether your campaigns are working.
  • Indicate KPIs or key performance indicators to deduce the effectiveness of the ad campaign.

Try experimenting with the different types of paid search ads such as placement listings, banner ads, content promotion, and paid submission with Yahoo, and then monitor which is applicable to your website.

Check your campaign at least twice per week by assigning someone to track how it is going and then gather data.

Fine-tune your paid search engine marketing ads by removing any campaigns that didn’t work well and analyse them for future reference. With regards to the types of advertisements which displayed gainful results, stick with them.

Through SEO

If you already know how to make changes on your website, you don’t need to hire an SEO firm or a professional marketer. But if not, have a budget for hiring one.

Perform a keyword research to find the keywords which are popular and are potentially most profitable for your website’s use. Consider the following:

  • Run searches using the keywords you think are popular and then deduce the relevance basing on their competition. Collect the search terms that bring up similar products or services and then change those that are very broad to find more specific words.
  • Review your paid ads and then determine the number of sales you accomplished using your ads. Then analyse how much clicks your ads received.

Establish at least 1 static text link on your website in order to achieve high rankings.

Build your website with a straightforward web design and refrain from hiding your keywords inside rich media.

Put at least one of your profitable keywords to each content post and then simplify the URLs.

Have someone to create content such as videos, articles, tutorials, etc for you. They must contain your designated profitable keywords in the headline, first sentence, and in the URL. This will help you to rank higher in search engines. More when your content is of high-quality.

Create attractive landing pages and use them to address the needs of your customers resulting in higher conversion rate.

Manipulate title and ALT attributes on content, making them easier to crawl by search engines.

It would be best for you to make the most out of both ways of doing search engine marketing. Comment down your thoughts below!

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