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Most businesses spend a huge amount of money on online marketing, software development, and SEO Gold Coast just to acquire potential customers. After acquiring, the next struggle is engaging and retaining them. People today spend most of their time using their smartphones, browsing on websites and collecting online information. A business should consider taking advantage of this to improve their mobile app efforts.

Here are the top methods for improving app engagement and user retention:

Convenient onboarding. Providing an easy onboarding experience to users will help reduce the number of users who leave your website or app immediately. The more difficult it is to use a mobile app, the harder it is for the user to make it to the next steps. Having a positive user experience is essential to provide easy app access and retain them.

Push Notifications. Another important way to improve user engagement and retention is to provide push notifications. Users who receive push notifications show a higher app engagement compared to those who haven’t. It helps remind users of any critical information regarding the mobile app. This is important when you are competing for valuable products and services on a user’s device.

Mobile personalisation. This is one of the essential aspects of a compelling application. It helps provide relevant and unique experience to a user, who will more likely to continue using an application if their experience is aligned with their needs and preferences. An easy way to personalise is to include the user’s name on messaging and screens. That way, it meets user demands and in return possibly increase the conversion rate.

Offer incentives or rewards program. Giving incentives to users can significantly increase your app engagement and retention. Mobile rewards, coupons, specialised content access, and special promotions are sample app programs to encourage users to use your app. However, the way you offer incentives to your users will depend on the nature of your app.

Two-way communication. Asking for feedback from users is essential to show them that their input is appreciated for the app to support their needs. Another benefit of having this type of communication is to prevent users from posting negative feedback on app stores and tell it to you first. Immediate address of concerns, issues, or questions will encourage users to post positive reviews.

The goal of having an app is not only to make users download it but also to retain them to build brand loyalty. Just like SEO Gold Coast, you need to make users visit your website or app and cater to their needs. Satisfying them is the key to improve user experience and generate more revenue from the app.


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