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At this very moment, a prospect B2B customer may be looking for your products or services. However, the chances that they’ll be able to find you is very slim on the internet. Worse, they may end up finding your competitors. After losing a few more of these potential customers, you'll also realise that you need to do something to be seen among the millions of websites on the internet.

With search engine marketing, you can just be a couple of clicks away from your customers. However, only a few know how to make the most out of it. One solution to this is to have an effective SEM strategy, especially among businesses that are involved in industrial and B2B companies. Here are things you can do to ensure success for your business.

Determine your strategy

Sometimes, industrial and B2B companies fail to see the importance of having a cogent strategy when involving themselves with SEM for the first time. They didn’t know that it is very important to specifically define a target audience and then identify their needs. Evaluate the position of your company in the marketplace and how well your competitors are doing. More important, determine your goals that include site traffic, rankings on search results, and other measures. Through this, you will be able to assess whether your campaign is doing well or not.

Settle on the best keywords

If you want to achieve a successful search engine marketing campaign, select keywords that are highly relevant and significant to your company. Also, include keywords that are mostly searched by your potential customers as well as other terms you think they’ll use. After gathering all of the keywords, submit them to keyword research tools and analyse those you think can drive traffic to your website.

Optimise content

After finally determining your keywords, integrate them into your website copy. Write it in a way that your content is believable in the eyes of your customer, visitors, and as well as with Google. Might as well include adding your keywords to page title tags, file names, alt tags, heading tags, and meta tags, especially the meta description.

Get indexed by ALL search engines

To gain visibility online, you have to make sure that all of your site pages are indexed by all major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It will be best for you to make use of their free console to monitor the presence of your site in search results. With this, you are given the opportunity to make better ways of optimising your website.

Link building

Google and other search engines see that you are popular by the number of quality inbound links that you have on your website, and since this is a ranking factor, a great opportunity for traffic to go to your site. The very first step would be making your content worthy to be linked with. Simply, provide good content and then list them in portals and directories online. You can also get links from your business partners, vendors, trade associations, and customers, and always be involved in press releases and article submission online. The more consistent you are at performing this, the better the result.

Utilise paid search

Compared to traditional advertising which is very costly, consider Pay-Per-Click advertising or PPC, which lists you on search results without paying first-hand. Once you gain clicks on your ads, the total amount of those is what you will need to pay for. So, when you use PPC, bid on keywords that are very relevant to you, not just because they are the most popular. Aside from cost-per-click, consider the cost-per-sale and the cost-per-lead as well. You might need to include in your ad a sound “call-to-action” and then set it on a relevant page.

Evaluate success

In order to identify the accomplishments as well as the factors that need improvement in the applied search engine marketing strategy, measures are taken into consideration. In the cases of industrial and B2B companies where traffic is the most important factor, looking through web analytics will be of great help. It is where you’ll get to monitor search traffic, the average time visitors stay on your page, and the percentage of new and returning visitors as well, and many more. You might also need to monitor how well your rankings in search results are doing, especially in Google and Bing.

Once you’ve applied these things, your SEM strategy surely will bring your site towards your business goals. If you think there are other things that need to be addressed on this very topic, you can comment below. Or you can visit us at Fligno on our website,

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