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Mobile app development is the key to creating fundamental mobile features, as well as for entertainment purposes, to further enhance the efficiency of mobile tools on handheld devices. And the importance of a mobile application upgrade is to improve the effectiveness of the app to satisfy the needs of the users.

App developers make updates which are mostly based on user's reviews, bug reports, and feedback complaints. Another reason for the upgrade is to introduce new app features. Just recently, Facebook released a new update, which was dubbed Facebook Messenger 4. The latest update on this messenger app highlights both the functionality and the design of each option seen on the dashboard.

The Major Changes

The “Chat” icon is for chat inbox and “My Day” features from friends, which is located at the top part of the interface. The “People” icon shows a list of Facebook friends who are online, while the “Discover” icon refers to the business and other market services near your location. Although the concept of this feature is to simplify the functions by setting fewer categories, it also has a colour scheme option to personalise each chatbox according to your liking.

Facebook Messenger 4 also features a “Dark Mode” interface that brings both positive and negative reactions from avid users. Although it has its aesthetic purposes to make the app look stylish, sophisticated, or mysterious, the messenger “dark mode” is mainly created to help alleviate eye strain.

When you spend too much time on your phone, for business or entertainment purposes, the mobile phone’s brightness may cause eye stress, especially on a low-lit background. This recent mobile messenger app development upgrade has proven to be of benefit for other users with eye issues.

Want to try the latest Facebook Messenger app upgrade? Check out your app store and update now.

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