It depends. We usually evaluate a project first before giving out the cost of a particular project because we need to determine whether we are providing a quote that matches your company’s target market segments. We need to set guidelines and identify what your primary goals and the features you want to be included in the project then highlight critical points to create a professional and accurate quote are. Let us discuss the things you need for your website, and we’ll give you a quote accordingly. 

Software Development associates with desktop applications while Web Development associates with website creation. However, some websites nowadays are more like software, rather than a site in a traditional sense. Modern websites store data/interact with a database on the back end, execute some business logic, and process information in a more intricate way.

Hiring a custom software development company enables you and your business to tailor a solution according to your specific needs. Fligno has a suitable communication channel from the client to our highly-skilled developers both parties to have full knowledge of the custom project status. We also develop high-quality, cost-effective services concerning the system, software and licenses along with the system maintenance and software updates.

We have a dedicated team for Quality Assurance who conducts regular software testing and bug removal. Our Software Quality Assurance Team faces a great deal of pressure to get their product during the released under budget and time. So our software developers and testers need to take every opportunity to manage the quality of their products or risks effectively. 

We have two offices currently. one is in Gold Coast, Australia and the other one is in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines. With our company slowly growing, we are going to have a branch in Manila soon.

It depends. Let us discuss the primary needs for your software, and we’ll give you a quote automatically.

It depends on the size and the difficulty of the project.

Not necessarily. Aside from our energetic staff who are always willing to visit you and your company physically, we are also available via call or online meeting. Just drop us a message, and we will contact you to discuss your requirements immediately. 

Before we can make software or website for you, we need to ask a few questions to find out exactly what’s needed. Aside from taking personal details like name, email, address, etc. We might need to gather information to learn about you and your business, which will help us craft a custom software or website that is aiming towards bringing benefits to you and your customers.

Absolutely. Aside from our expert website and software developers, we also have our dedicated New Media Marketing Team who can perform all types of digital marketing for your business according to your needs, and that includes content marketing. High-quality content writing leads to better lead generation, more efficient sales copy, and improved online visibility.

Definitely. Search Engine Optimisation is our New Media Marketing Team expertise, making sure your website and software ranks on the first page of the primary search engine results. SEO-friendly content doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming, provided that our team profoundly understands how on-page SEO can work alongside your content.

A successful Search Engine Marketing will surely drive business to your software or website. It can increase and enhance your business’ brand awareness; sell products, services and contents online; generate online leads and increase sales; provide informational and educational content to the readers. Our team have been helping businesses increase brand awareness, generate leads and increase sales. We’d love to help your business as well. Contact us now!

It depends. Let us discuss your primary business needs, and we’ll give you a quote automatically.

Our team have been using reliable SEO Tools that could help us in giving accurate data and information for us to analyse each data and traffic appropriately providing correct insights and suggestions. 


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