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Facebook’s take on Snapchat’s Stories was found being used by 150 million users daily making it the world’s fourth most popular next to Snapchat, Instagram Stories, and WhatsApp Status. This drove Facebook to monetise the Stories with ads.

In a statement by product manager Zoheb Hajiyani, Facebook Stories are being used by people to connect with friends and businesses as well. With this, they are testing to add ads to the Stories to help people find services and products they might be interested in.

Video ads in Facebook Stories have rolled out in Brazil, Mexico, and the US. Advertisers from the said countries were able to buy 5 to 15-second video clips.

Among the apps that include the Stories feature, Whatsapp Status is the most successful, garnering 450 million users that look at Whatsapp’s “Status” stories every day. Also, Stories have been very successful for Instagram, attracting 300 million users every day.

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