As the saying goes, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Cliché? Right? But that’s exactly where Fligno started; a single step, a single idea, and a single goal pursued together by the innovative minds that started Fligno Software Philippines, Inc.


Everything didn’t start and grow overnight, this company required an enormous amount of time to build, an amazing quality of effort to start, and an incalculable amount of energy to maintain. Fligno Software Philippines, Inc. did its best with what it little it had in the start, and built trust among clients and compassion towards its employees in order to continually grow to the company it is now.


And, it has been a YEAR! Yes, a year. Time flew so fast and Fligno has just finished the first chapter of its journey. It is now celebrating its first twelvemonth together with the people who started it, and with those who fueled its growth.


In honor of this, the 1st  Fligno Anniversary Celebration was recently held at the Apple Tree Resort of Cagayan de Oro City.


The event started at around 2:30 pm and was led by emcees; Percy and Jossel. An opening prayer was conducted by Joan and a welcome address was given by our Project Manager, Jan Martinez.





To spice things up and express the event’s “Hawaiian Theme”, a Tiny Bubbles dance was then presented by the NMG Girls: Joy, Jossel, Dorren, Jennelyn, and Mia, with the “special” participation of Percy.




After the dance number above, hilarious games that boosted the energy of Fligno employees, and brought smiles to the higher-ups, were then held. See pictures below:





After the fun, an appreciation for the Employees of the Month for April and May were then given to:

Curt Lowell (April)

employee of the month april


Joy (April)

employee of the month april


Jundyl Tanawan (May)

employee of the month may


And, since this program will not be complete without a message from the one and only Fligno Chairman, Felix Chua (although he was not able to attend physically), he gave a warming message through a video call and congratulated everyone for a job well done.

After the message from Felix, Fligno’s Research and Development Department presented an amazing band performance that wowed their co-employees.

research and development performance


A heartfelt message of appreciation and assurance was then given by our emotional Chief Executive Officer, Rafael Bergola. He highlighted how they started Fligno, and how much gratitude he feels for the employees and staff that their best to help the company move forward.




The Employees of the Month for June were also awarded:

Mitchel Mea Arjona (June)

Employee of the Month - June


Mertony Sarceda (June)

Employee of the Month - June


A second set of games was also conducted:




After the various activities of this anniversary program, the most awaited part (for some), the DINNER, was finally announced and everyone from Fligno Software Philippines, Inc. ate their hearts out with the delicious foods.


Following the feast was the awarding ceremony for the games and activities prepared by the beloved Human Resources Department. The winners were given various prizes and had their pictures taken.


With the talents of our very own camera virtuoso, Coy, a group pictorial was coordinated for each of Fligno’s departments. See them below:



An inspiring closing remarks expressing happiness in how much the company has improved and how happy he is for the 1st Fligno Anniversary Celebration was then given by President Bryan Joseph King.


Overall, this commemoration exuded the feeling of accomplishment and gave everyone a chance to celebrate all the big and little things that made Fligno Software Philippines, the innovative and competitive company it is now.

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