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From its original name, Fligno Philippines, when it was established in August of 2017, Fligno Software Philippines, Inc., held its first Christmas Party and year-ender Night of Recognition at the Elarvee Events Place in Taguanao. The theme for the event was Paskong Pinoy 2017: Gabi ng Parangal at Pagbibigay Pugay, Ipagmalaki ang Galing ng Pinoy.

Among the attendees was the top management of Fligno App Development from the Gold Coast, together with a client from IOSystems who was able to witness how Filipinos typically have a Christmas party. All employees were dressed in their best modern Filipino-inspired garbs.

The host and master of ceremony, Ms Angel Carbajal, start off things by welcoming everyone and providing hints about the highlights of the night’s event. An opening prayer was then offered for the success of the party.   

After the prayer, a video presentation entitled, “What is Fligno,” was shown, especially for the benefit of the guests, and featured all Fligno employees at the end with the caption, “Fligno is Family.”

For an intermission number, the Vocal 3plets composed of Gab, Jeff, and Felicisimo sang their own rendition of the Tagalog Christmas song, “Sana Ngayong Pasko.” The first set of games were then played that required one female and one male representative for each team.

Mr. Felix Chua II, the chairman of Fligno, gave his warm inspirational message by narrating the story of Fligno and how it started. He also shared a motivational interview video of Jack Ma, the founder and executive chairman of Alibaba Group.

The first set of grocery packages as raffle prizes were then handed to 5 lucky winners, followed by the presentation of the first 2 contenders - The Crownlands and The Riverlands - of the Daygon (Christmas Caroling) sa Fligno 2017 Contest. Filipino dishes were then served for dinner, the night's favourite being the Lechon and Avocado-flavored Sorbetes (ice cream).

After dinner, everyone was serenaded by the duo of Beau (on vocals) and Mr. Richard Badlisan (on piano) singing the hits of Khalid, Ed Sheeran and Boyz II Men, with everyone eventually joining in the singing. The second set of raffle prizes as gift certificates were then given to 2 lucky winners, followed by the second game called Pinoy Henyo. 2 representatives were asked to participate for each team, requiring them to guess the exact "Paskong Pinoy" word they had randomly picked.

Employees who excelled in their field of work for the past 6 months were then given recognition and rewarded for their efforts and contribution to the company.

Employee of the Month Awardees:

  • Lovely Joy Deloso (June)
  • April Mae Ablon (July)
  • John Emmanuel Balili (August)
  • Aldrin Katipunan (September)
  • Ralph Julian Siasat (October)
  • Michael Bryan Reyes (October)
  • Joan Gambuta (November)
  • Norman Amaro (November)

Special Awards:

  • Richard Badlisan (Coffee Maker Award)
  • Richard Badlisan (One Call Away)
  • Mertony Sarceda (Congeniality)
  • Richard Badlisan (Hinapay Award)
  • Judilee May Briones (Bring a Buddy)
  • Oskie Villarin (Corporate Attire)
  • Ethel Ceniza (Snackabogable)
  • Lovely Joy Deloso (Most Frugal)
  • Aldrin Katipunan (Walking Encyclopedia)
  • Ethel Ceniza and Richard Badlisan (Smiling Award)
  • Jeffrey Badal (Trillian Award)
  • Norman Amaro (Perfect Bio-Logins)
  • Jeffrey Badal (Loyalty Award)

Representatives of the SEO team, Joy and Jeff, then gave a dance number, to the music of Bruno Mars’ 24K Magic.

Mr. Rafael Bergola, the director of Fligno, then graced the stage with a speech and presentation of the growth of Fligno on its first few months and the goals it had set beforehand during the Fligno Philippines kick-off party last August. New targets for 2018 and 2019 were then disclosed for everyone to look forward to.

The third and fourth contenders for the carolling contest were then called to present their entries, these being the joint forces of the Iron Lands and Vale, and the Stormlands. Then, the third parlour game required all male members of each team to participate. Mr. and Ms Filipino Costume were also awarded to the two best-dressed employees, namely Ralph Julian Siasat and Glaiza Obido.

Finally, the last contender for the Daygon sa Fligno 2017 was the team from the North. With all of the 5 teams already presenting their own mix of Tagalog and Visayan Christmas song entries, unfortunately, only 3 teams could be declared the winners. The winners were:

1st Prize: The Stormlands

2nd Prize: The Iron Lands and The Vale

3rd Prize: The Crownlands

Another set of raffle prizes were given to 2 lucky winners, a JBL speaker and Sony digicam. This was followed by the exchanging of gifts. To exchange the gifts, the host had to read a funny story, and when designated words were mentioned, everyone had to pass the gifts either to the right, left or across. When the story was finished, the gift they were holding would be theirs.

The night ended with the presentation of 2 grand raffle prizes for 2 lucky winners, each receiving a 32-inch flat-screen TV. Congratulations to all winners are in order here. 

The event concluded with some closing remarks from Mr. Bergola, followed by team pictorials.

This year’s Paskong Pinoy Christmas Party was not only about giving of gifts, but also to recognise the people behind the company’s achievements for 2017, and building camaraderie between all of the growing number of employees. With this year-ending Christmas event proving to be a successful one, there’s more to look forward to in the coming year, and beyond.

fligno software philippines

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