In the world of online marketing services, it is important to know where to analyse and see your results. How would you improve your strategies and campaigns if you don’t know where to get your data? Fortunately, Google has made a tool to help you answer this question. It's called Google Analytics.

google analytics, website traffic analysis, website traffic

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a helpful tool for business owners to keep track and monitor their competition, visitors to their website, and the overall status of their business when it comes to digital marketing. It provides the digital analytics tools needed to analyse data from all touchpoints in one place, for a deeper understanding of the customer experience. With your analysed data, you could improve and let your marketing team know the status of your business, where to focus your next campaign, or where other points are needed to improve and gain more customers.

Getting Started with Google Analytics

Before you get your hands on Google Analytics, you must first sign up for a Google account. If you already have a Google account, then you can just sign in to Google analytics and get started.


google analytics, website traffic analysis, website traffic

When you log in to google analytics, you will then be redirected to its home. This is where you could see charts and graphs of all the data acquired from different sources, medium and channels. It shows you a summary of what is happening on your website. From the number of users and sessions to users by time of day and location.


google analytics, website traffic analysis, website traffic

This is where you could see how many users are visiting your website in real-time. You could immediately notice the number shown on the page. Since it is real-time, you could observe on what the user is currently doing on your websites such as the device the user is using - whether desktop or mobile, his location and the duration he is on your website.


google analytics, website traffic analysis, website traffic

This is where you get to know who your customers are, what devices they were using, how long did they stay on the website, age, location, gender, and location. You could also observe if your users are returning visitors or new visitors to your website. A graph will also be shown to see when was the day you have acquired more visitors and a pie chart for new visitors and returning visitors to visibly see the percentage.


google analytics, website traffic analysis, website traffic

To analyse your traffic, this is the right page to gather data. A pie chart is showing the percentage of sessions acquired from that channel. A graph for session and conversion is also shown to see which date has more visitors and conversions.

This is also where you could analyse your online marketing campaigns, such as direct, social, organic search, paid and referrals. Sessions, new sessions, new users, bounce rate, pages/session, average session duration and goal conversions are shown and recorded for each traffic channel.

Integrating your Google AdWords account to google analytics will also help you analyse your paid campaigns and you could see how your campaigns are doing here and if they are effective.


google analytics, website traffic analysis, website traffic

Observing your visitors on what they are doing on your website could help you analyse which of your methods in your marketing campaign has led them to visit your website. They could be attracted to your landing page or to your interesting blog. You could see how long they stayed on the website, which pages they were browsing on and from what landing page they have first entered your website.

And aside from observing your visitors, you could also see here on how well your site is doing. It shows you its average page load time, average redirection time, average domain lookup time, average server connection time, average server response time and average page download time. With this data, you could analyse why you have a high bounce rate and a low number of sessions.


google analytics, website traffic analysis, website traffic

From analysing, observing your users on your website, you can also know how many of them have converted to being a customer. This is where you will know if you are doing your campaigns right and if you have an effective website. All users who have converted to be possible customers are all recorded here.

Google Analytics Could Help you with:

  • Knowing who your customers are

With Google Analytics, you can find out which of your online marketing campaigns brings the most traffic and conversions. You could analyse your campaigns with these data as you could monitor its results. You can also observe your customers behaviour upon visiting your website. Given that Google Analytics could track the number of users that to your website, it could also give you their location, preferred internet browser, gender, and age. You could also see if your website is doing fine when it is being visited through a mobile phone.

google analytics, website traffic analysis, website traffic

  • Know-how and where your visitors found you

Aside from knowing who your customers are, Google Analytics can also tell you where they come from. There are various traffic channels such as the organic search, direct, referral, paid search, social and email. These traffic channels help you analyse your digital marketing strategy when it comes to acquiring and reaching out to possible customers online.

google analytics, website traffic analysis, website traffic

Organic-search traffic is acquired from visitors who clicks on the links when they would search for content on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This is when someone would search for a particular type of content on these search engines, and your website comes up in the results and that when they have clicked the link to your website, it will all be listed on the organic search traffic. When you have a high number of organic search engine traffic, it usually indicates that your website has good content.

On the other hand, direct traffic refers to users who directly typed or input the address of your website manually, or when they clicked a link in their browser favourites or bookmark. Direct traffic also acquires data from links that were clicked through a link in the email, SMS or chat message. This traffic channel indicates that you have strong branding and that email or text message marketing is a successful strategy.

The referral traffic. If another website links to a page on your website and someone clicks the link, that website will be listed as a referring website. If you have acquired a high number of referral traffic, this means that your social media marketing is a success.

You can check how your Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns are doing in Google Analytics by checking the paid search traffic. Any number of traffic sources from Cost Per Click (CPC), PPC and Ad Distribution Network will be summed up to the paid search channel.

If you have also implemented social media marketing, then you can see your data at social traffic. In this traffic, all visits from all your social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are summed up.

Lastly, the email traffic. Data from this traffic is acquired from all links that were clicked through email whether email marketing or individual messages.

  • Are you paying more than what your website can give?

Aside from those aforementioned organic traffic channel, there’s this one traffic source that differs from the three and that gives you the idea on how your website can give you or answers the question, are you paying more than what your website can give? This is the paid search traffic channel. This marketing channel is the traffic that comes from the traffic sources such as Cost Per Click (CPC), Pay Per Click (PPC) or paid search and Ad Distribution Network that does not match the ‘content.’

google analytics, website traffic analysis, website traffic

Another Google product called Google Adwords that could help you boost your digital marketing campaigns which require you a quite amount of money. This is where you can create campaigns for your business which requires a payment for you to be able to run it. But given that you have to spend some money to implement this type of campaign, Google Analytics helps you analyse and compute your ROI given the data acquired from Google Adwords. You can do a thorough analysis of your ads’ performance when you link your Google Adwords and Google Analytics account as you can see the cost of your Adwords by the campaign, ad group, keyword, etc., the clicks you are getting on your ads, keywords, etc., your keyword performance and site link performance.

  • Are you in the right direction?

google analytics, website traffic analysis, website traffic

Google Analytics could help you set up your goals so you could see how many users have converted to possible customers and to see if you are still earning money from your website. The goals are important to be set up because they help you track the engagement/number of pages visited, destination/thank you page, duration/time-on-site and specific events/actions. Now you can see which of your marketing campaign methods will trigger to make your business successful, and you will be able to tell which marketing strategy has led you in the right direction.

Using the right tools will help you improve and maximize your capacity to boost any online marketing services that can lead to a successful business. With the data acquired you could easily analyse and pinpoint the weakness and strengths of your overall digital marketing campaign. It is better to utilize tools where you could acquire solid data to know where your website is currently standing on the internet, business-wise. After all, marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed.

If you are new to google analytics, Google AdWords and to the whole digital marketing world, then it would be troublesome for you to analyse and process all the data yourself. Instead, why not hire a professional digital marketing SEO Gold Coast company to help you analyse and create a marketing campaign for your company? This is where we come in because we at Fligno can help you. Fligno is a digital marketing company with a team of experienced and professional marketers who can analyse your data and grow your business using Google Analytics. Should you be interested, you can visit our website at and enquire about our online marketing services. You can also call us direct at 0416 455 388 or email us at

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