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What are the challenges that business owners and developers face in Gold Coast web development and that they should not be ignored?

Technology continues to evolve as time passes by and this relates to more opportunities to consider but at the same time, new challenges to deal with, especially in web development. Since the web plays a big role in our daily life as it provides most of our regular curiosities, it is best for us to be always up-to-date. So, for businesses to end up being successful, they must identify the challenges and strategically deal with them.

So, what are the Gold Coast web development challenges that should be attended?

Platform and Framework

Business owners and the partnered developers must have a clear agreement to what specific needs should be met regarding the application and Gold Coast website development. Upon platform selection, pricing, analytics, technical skills, customisation options and more should be considered.

With regards to kick-starting development languages, frameworks play a significant role for they serve as performance boosters. Frameworks provide features such as APIs and more in developing web applications.


When working with a software, make sure that it can work on multiple servers instead of throwing the load entirely to a single server. Simply, loads must be balanced between servers. A solution to this would be the use of service-oriented architecture or SOA which improves the scalability, allowing flexibility when there’s a need for changing.


We tend to focus more on the design and the UX that we neglect the importance of security. Know that security is considered the second major aspect of the life cycle of software development. Most especially when an application deals with contact details, payment information, and other confidential data. With regards to the coding, they must be done cautiously to avoid mishaps, prioritising safety concerns.

UI and UX

UI or user interface is defined as the means in which an individual controls a hardware device or an application software. When the UI is good, the users are enabled to interact with the hardware or software in an intuitive and natural way, a user-friendly experience. On the other hand, UX or user experience is the process in which the user satisfaction is enhanced through accessibility, improved usability, and contentment gained upon interacting with the product.

Simply, UI serves as the skin while the US is the organ. The former allows response on every probe while UX supports the function, keeping the body functioning. In order to achieve providing flawless experience to users, UI and UX should be in harmony.


You might have already planned everything, starting with the design and what have you, yet the success of it will come down to how the needs of users are met. It is best to deeply understand what will satisfy them and thus, must be a priority.

These mentioned factors are all essential for web development, so they must be managed accordingly and be attended well. Would you agree?

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