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Through the years, there have been technological advancements, specifically in web development, that has made big changes in the betterment of functionality and user experience. For in web development, it is all about improving UI and UX. In 2017, there were ideas that became very beneficial to web experts and that they were utilised to become ahead of competitors. Now, with the year 2018 that is fast approaching, what should we expect?

Let’s see what’s going to be hot in Gold Coast web development next year!

Chatbots as Online Customer Support

It was in 2016 when chatbots were introduced in the market, which then became popular among e-commerce companies. Based on the artificial intelligence, they are used to converse with customers, may it be through text or audio method. With chatbots, businesses are able to handle queries faster and become less human dependent, thus cost-efficient. With them being able to handle basic functions, training time is reduced.


It is expected that businesses will be incorporating PWAs or Progressive Web Applications into their working process next year. Why? For PWA is a mobile website but provides users the experience of an “app”. How? It features custom loading screen with no presence of navigation bar and also has good animation. Simply, PWAs are reliable, fast and engaging. PWAs make users spend more time on sites, increase re-engagement rate, boost conversion rate, and lastly, reduce data usage. Definitely a new way of delivering amazing user experience on the web.

Static Websites

With the help of CMS, static websites will be of great demand in 2018. But why are they becoming a trend again? The simplest answer to this is that they are effortless to create since they are built by using HTML code where code remains fix for every page. With static websites, businesses’ sites are fast and user-friendly with no dependency on systems or database and are also cheap and more secure compared to dynamic websites.


Released on October 28, 2014, HTML5 which is a markup language became a trend as it is more efficient than Flash websites. This is for the reason that Flash was incompatible with mobile devices. So, in 2018, HTML5 will be of major use as images and videos based on this can cover a greater audience reach, thus, becoming a standard for digital content.

Push Notifications

Businesses are able to re-engage with customers through push notifications which is very beneficial especially for e-commerce businesses. The major advantage of this new Gold Coast web development trend is that customers are being updated with the latest information and then are redirected to the website of the company. Not only push notifications are simple and fast to implement, but also reduce users’ scrolling time.

Single-Page Websites

Nowadays, more users prefer simple yet effective websites rather than complicated ones. Single-page websites satisfy this preference for they are clutter-free websites that generate a long scrollable single page that has the important information. With single-page websites, quality of user experience is enhanced, navigation is easier, and the design, as well as the development and hosting, is cost effective.

Motion UI

For web developers, the top priority will always be providing the best user interface. And today, animation has become a trend in the market with its uniqueness and attractive designs. With Motion User Interface (UI), developers are able to lead websites to its full functionality even with the less knowledge in JavaScript or jQuery.

Why at least implement the above-mentioned trends for 2018? Know that customers appreciate trendy and attractive websites that are easy to access and justify the information provided, hinting that your business is providing a good customer service. With this, web development companies today make sure that they are able to create unique websites so their clients can lure customers. Talking about competition, it’s very necessary for developers and UI/UX designers to be updated with the current trends in Gold Coast web development so as to cope up with the changes. One thing’s for sure, 2018 will be an exciting and innovative year!

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