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Why should businesses see the importance of having good Gold Coast web development and design?

In this era of advanced technology, we are given plenty of ways that enable us to create and execute an effective digital strategy. The web has its own huge sphere, and when you’ve decided to involve your business online, it all comes down to your website. However, creating one is not that easy for it will always depend on the web development and design, which are considered difficult for businesses to deal with.

Today, businesses get to acquire customers not only by having their physical location but through online as well. More and more businesses are even getting established just by only having their presence online, which means that now’s the perfect time to establish your presence on the web. Whatever your services or products may be, or the industry you are in, there’s a big possibility that you’ve gained customers because they saw you online.

But the question is, how can you achieve this? Know that through having a good web design and Gold Coast web development, you’ll probably stand out from the millions of businesses that have already established their presence on the web.

Consistent Branding

Businesses with consistent visual branding and language make a longer lasting impression compared to those that don’t. Creating a sole website for your business allows you to display your logo, as well as your products and services. But don’t easily take it just like that, you must have a complete control on how you want to be recognised.

One of the goals of having a website is to connect with your potential customers. Your website is your tool for communication which tells your users what your brand is about. In relaying your brand’s message, visuals play an important role, meaning it will either make or break your marketing. For according to some studies, our brains take in visual information 60,000 times faster than how we process texts.

And when to consider the behaviour of the new generation of consumers, the need for an effective visual design has never more important. Tagged as the Generation Z, they are more into visual learning and possess brief attention duration, and businesses should think of strategies on how their brand can steal their attention and be able to effectively communicate with them.


Still considering the Generation Z as your target, it is necessary to create content that are elegantly designed and then integrate it into your website. With this, the strategy you have applied in social media will be supported. Engagement is very important, especially when you need to keep your site alive. Through the interactions you acquired, your business will be able to recognise who your audience is, as well as their behaviour, then you are enabled to make better business decisions.

Social media marketing has been continually playing an important role in digital marketing with your website as its central source of your message to your audience. This is why it is best to become consistent with your brand on your website, and then be able to share your consistent message to various channels. And then this social traffic will drive back to your website.

The goal of gaining engagement is to turn them into conversions. In order to achieve this, first, you have to monitor and understand the behaviour of the users. Through analytics, you are provided with data enabling you to get better insights, allowing you to create strategies on how can you deliver more to your audience effectively.


The number of conversions you acquire depends on how effective the design of your website is. Websites are built to receive subscriptions or signups, or to make a sale, ideally through a customer’s single click. However, one click is way more difficult to achieve. This is where the need for easy navigation comes in. You must be able to create a product page which guides users to your desired end goal and make the process easy by having fewer distractions as possible. With this, you can keep them engaged.

Conversion rates on a website are influenced by a lot of factors, and two of them are considered critical namely the call-to-action or CTA, and the colour scheme.

In deciding where you are going to place your call-to-action buttons, make sure that it can contribute to your overall contributions. Supporting this are your headers and content which guide viewers to your goal. Once they click on your CTAs, make it clear to them what they should do next after being directed to the landing page, or else they’ll get confused and then bounce out of the page.

When it comes to colour schemes, there are thought processes that need to be considered, for it is not just about what will go well with your current brand or combinations that can be brought up together. It is important to determine which would be best that will resonate with users. Such include the colour that represents the personality of your brand, your target customers, and even their geographical regions for people coming from different parts of the world react differently from each other. In a study conducted by a psychologist and professor of Stanford University, Jennifer L. Aaker, she was able to determine the five dimensions of brand personality, and each of them attributes to specific colours.

  • Blue attributes to Sincerity (honest, down to earth)
  • Brown attributes to Ruggedness (tough, outdoors, masculine)
  • Green attributes to Competent (successful, reliable, intelligent)
  • Red attributes to Excitement (unique, daring, up-to-date)
  • Purple attributes to Sophistication (feminine, upper class)

There are also other aspects that are being considered in selecting the right colours. Such include emotions that are stimulated by specific colours to different types of consumers, as well as their behavioural patterns. To give you an example, navy and green are relaxing colours, reason enough why they are being used in banks and department stores. On the other hand, black, red, and orange are used to initiate urgency because they are associated with power and aggressiveness.

These may be guidelines for approaching design wisely, however, a clear understanding is still needed for them to really work effectively for your website.


Your website is built for you to be able to connect with your customers. What happens these days is that people search for you online before they finally reach out to you, and with this, the first impression matters. Have your website designed in such a way that it exudes not only credibility but also, trustworthiness. Once they see that you’ve achieved these through your web design, the chances that they’ll become your customers is high. For once they feel more confident and comfortable on navigating your site, they won’t hesitate to share their personal information when transactions happen.

If you are an owner of a business that has just started or has been in any industry for years, there’s no better time to grab the opportunity of establishing your brand online, but NOW! Regarding this, you may reach out to Fligno for their Gold Coast web development and design services!

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