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In July 2010, the world was introduced to a new social media photo-sharing app that revolutionised the trend of the square-shaped photographs and selfies. Although the founders of the said mobile application did not anticipate the popularity that it has today, Instagram has over one billion active users as of 2018.

Just like any other social media platforms, Instagram is an excellent place to showcase products and brand names not only because it is, but also, Instagram-adapted to twitter’s hashtag element that can be added (optional) in the caption box provided on every post which enables photos and videos to be categorised.

SEO Gold Coast relates both Hashtag and Keyword Optimisation on the webpage to be similar. Both are using linking word/s that convey users to the site. But the difference between hashtag and keyword is that hashtag has broader means of internet application than keywords, contents are delivered simultaneously, and directly to users without having to search for them.

Hashtags are interactive. They encourage users to join in conversations and topics, thus bringing more people into your circle--unlike keyword optimisation where it takes time for search engines to crawl the contents of your webpage. In hashtag optimisation, information or content is disseminated on the internet immediately since it is designed for real-time uploads.

Tips on Hashtag Optimisation for Instagram:

- Investigate organic hashtag words

- Explore related topics

- Target viewers

- Avoid overused hashtags

- Limit number of hashtags

- Establish a creative brand name hashtags

- Provide an external website link on Instagram bio, also add a hashtag on the description for your account to appear on search engines.

Overall, social media supports the improvement of the status of businesses, but also be reminded that social media networks have negative effects. Make sure that SEO experts are using the right methods and strategies in promoting your website.

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