instagram mute feature

How does Instagram mute feature works?

Can’t afford to awkwardly unfollow a friend (or acquaintance) on Instagram? Introducing: the mute feature of Instagram, which lets you mute certain accounts to hide posts in their feed.

Once accounts are muted, you can still see posts on their profile pages and get notifications from posts or comments they are tagged in. The catch is that the users won’t be aware that they’ve been muted. You can still unmute accounts to get their post updates back on your feed.

Users who run their Instagram accounts like a business will reap the benefits of this new feature, as this will help them target their audience strategically. While to some other users, muting will help them gain some sanity once they’re sick of seeing the same thing consecutively in their feed.

For you to mute an account, you tap the menu at the top right of your screen. A panel will appear where you can see options such as “Mute”, “Hide Your Story”, and so on. Tap “Mute” and another panel shows up with options like “Mute Posts”, “Mute Story”, and “Mute Posts and Story”.

We know sometimes we can’t stand other people’s posts and stories. So what are you waiting for? Mute them away!

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