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How to optimise your Facebook page search engine optimisation with SEO Gold Coast

The Internet has become a platform for people who wish to reach and target a wider audience. Without having an actual or physical location to display or place their products, business owners create a page on Facebook to serve as their online store. While many have become successful, some struggle as the competition continues to rise. Is there any way to beat competitors on Facebook?

Though there can be random ways to optimise a Facebook page, the best way is still through SEO Gold Coast search engine optimisation methods. Here are things you need to consider.

Facebook page name

The most basic step to optimising your brand on Facebook is deciding on the best name.

Don’t be tempted to stuff your page with lots of keywords as this will definitely hurt your viral growth rate within Facebook. Your page will look spammy, and with this, your visitors will be less likely to engage with your page. Even those that have followed you are likely to unfollow or hide your updates from their news feed.

However, don’t end up with a name that is too generic. The risk to this is that Facebook will shut down your ability to publish new posts and reach new fans.

Just remember, Google heavily considers the first word of your fan page.

Facebook page vanity URL

Once your page has successfully reached 25 likes, you are given the ability to settle on a unique URL for your page. Given that URLs are ranking factors in search engines, it is important that your page URL delivers an aspect of your business. Make sure to include in the URL what your business is all about, especially if another page has already claimed your business’ name.

Keywords in the page

Like in websites, keyword optimisation plays a significant role in optimising Facebook pages. Focus on adding keywords to the About section, Mission, and Company Description. To make your page locally optimised, add your complete address. If your page supplies products, adding information to your Company Overview, Mission, and Products field helps.

Detailed phone number and address

Surprisingly, many businesses fail to include phone number and address to their pages. What’s unknown to them is that Google considers pages that have specific information placed on higher ranks. So if you want to grow your Facebook page, include your phone number and address to index your brand for local searches and increase the overall SEO Gold Coast of your brand.

Facebook page status

When writing a caption to a status you’ll be posting on your Facebook page, consider adding your keyword in the first 18 characters as this will serve as the meta description of your post. You can also include direct links to your official website.

Let us know if you have applied these tips. If you have, were they beneficial on your end? Comment down below!

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