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Sometimes, SEO on LinkedIn gets overlooked by marketers and other users online. What they don’t know is that they are missing a lot of opportunities from not viewing it as a search engine like Google. LinkedIn boasts a whole network of professionals, an opportunity for those who want to acquire new clients as it is considered the most popular platform for B2B companies. So, when you are able to have your LinkedIn presence optimised, you will gain a lot of potential benefits, both for your business and personal profile.

With LinkedIn’s high domain authority, Google and other search engines do deliver results coming from LinkedIn to address certain search terms, specifically those that tackle job roles.

Here are ways to optimise your LinkedIn using SEO Gold Coast.

Put details as much as possible

Once you’ve created a LinkedIn account, enter as much information to your profile as you can. Avoid cutting corners and try not to be lazy in providing details, as these will help promote your profile. Be descriptive and use words that are engaging. Include only the important information and have them on bullet points or lists. This way, what you have added is more digestible and promising to read.

When uploading a picture for your profile, don’t use a graduation picture as this suggests that you are a university grad and not a respected professional with years of experience. Although not really necessary, people will definitely base their first impressions on your profile picture. Don’t just publish any pixelated picture from the recent events you’ve been to--give it a little thought. Name it appropriately to increase chances of it appearing in image searches on search engines.

Target keywords

Just like when you optimise a website using targeted keywords, it can be applied to LinkedIn. Just make sure not to overdo in stuffing keywords as this will give a bad impact on your profile. Keep in mind that the key to impressing viewers is to remain engaging and interesting. Later on, you will likely gain followers, connections, or clients because of it.

Also, people will likely read the summary section of your profile. So, use it to boost your keywords.

Customise your profile URL

Take a quick glance at the URL of your LinkedIn profile. Are you happy seeing it as it is? If not, then take a second to update your custom URL to something that contains your full name. If your name is very common, you may need to be a bit creative. But keep your URL clear and professional as possible. Know that a vague reference to your name won’t help anyone, especially you.

Publish posts

Build your profile and enhance your personal brand by publishing posts; it’s an effective SEO Gold Coast trick. Just click the ‘Write an article’ located underneath the status update and write down your thoughts. Posting content helps in boosting your authority. Sooner, you will become the go-to industry expert if you consistently put out brilliant and relevant articles. It does take time, but it will be worth it in the long run.

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