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It was in 2015 when Google partnered with Twitter. The partnership allowed Google to get full access to the information stream of Twitter called the Firehouse. Now, Twitter has quickly become a top information source where everyone can find information fast, similar to Google.

With over 350,000 tweets per minute, people frequently hear about almost everything first from Twitter.

Surely, you have seen tweets or Twitter profiles featured in search engine result pages (SERPs) when making a query. To take advantage of this, here are some tips to help optimise your Twitter account.


Keywords play a significant role in SEO Gold Coast. This is why it is best that you use the whole 280 characters and try integrating the keywords you have designated for your website as long as they are relevant to what you will be tweeting. With this, your tweet will likely show up in search results for topics that other people are searching for. So, before you compose a tweet, think like the customer when you use keywords. Know that you can also have your keywords as hashtags or add trending hashtags to your tweet message.

Account information

Have you tried finding your account on Twitter by typing in the name of your business but end up getting unrelated results? There must be something wrong in your handle or username. This is one of the most common problems Twitter users face. For this reason, make your handle your business name or variations of it. Avoid using too many numbers as this looks spammy to the eyes of Google and other users.

It is advised in SEO Gold Coast that you use the official name of your business and have the logo as the photo. Update your bio and include relevant business information and your website’s keywords. You can use a link from your blog or website as your profile link to bring in more visitors. Your account will be verified once you fill out the verification request form and provide complete and correct your information about your business profile.

Retweetable tweets

Keep your tweets around 280 characters and check its composition, spelling, and readability. Use URL shorteners to maximise to allow space for more characters. Avoid tweeting a link without saying nothing as this looks spammy to Google. To make your tweets retweetable, write a short message or add some play on words. Learn that Twitter is a platform where you can bring out the essence of your brand and engage with your customers.

Add account to the website

Most brands nowadays have their social media handles on websites, so there is no reason for you not to do the same thing. Add a Twitter button along with your other social media buttons on your official website, giving your customers easy access.

To monitor how well your Twitter account is performing, check its analytics frequently. Review the insights regarding your most liked and retweeted tweets. Through this data, you will be able to determine what needs to be improved or the topics or the format to focus on. With an SEO Gold Coast optimised Twitter account, expect an increase in your followers and boosted traffic to your website.

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