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Choosing the right software vendor for your organisation might be the hardest step to make, especially when there are a lot of custom software development companies out there. Here are some few tips to consider when choosing potential vendors before you make your final selection.


Since building a custom software application might be a crucial investment, you will want to interview several prospective partners so that you will know that you are making the right decision. Be strategic of what software development companies you want to interview. Assess some options by merely looking up websites, case studies, and reviews about their company, then narrow down the list to five or six firms.

Once you have received and reviewed their request for proposal (RFP), narrow it again to at least two or three solid options. By carefully selecting candidates will help you make the best decision, keeping your list manageable, and you can focus on each vendor. Make your best decision by considering them carefully.

Cost Estimation

“You get what you pay for” might be too cliché to hear, but it exists for a reason. Choosing the offered lowest price might mean that you got a good bargain, but there’s a likelihood that you might not get the standard or best quality for a custom software development. Inexpensive is not always that bad, but you need to consider a lot of factors to be sure. Also, pay careful attention to what else is in the estimate.

Ensure That They Understand Your Goals

A vendor should ask up front what your business is about so that they will fully understand your business side. Other than that, a good software development company should make an effort in understanding your industry and business’ unique goals, challenges, and risks. Once the vendor fully follows the goals of your business, technology-related questions then are useful.

Examine Their Expertise

Agreeing with everything you say is a red flag for a vendor. You, as a client, may not be an expert when it comes to software development, in which they should be willing to talk through some options and potential difficulties they see in your project based on their work proficiency.

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