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In recent years, statistics have suggested that a number of IT projects of about 70% lead to failure. But a more detailed survey has been revealed which said that 24% of projects were not completed for they have gone off track, while 44% of the projects have already passed the deadline, went over budget, or have failed at delivering the required features. Such survey concluded that the larger and more complex the project is, the possibility of it failing is high.

This may be alarming to companies that embark on custom software development, however, with the increasing number of businesses needing such services, expertise in this field has never been this significant. Now, the question is what should be looked upon when to choose a custom software development company?

The conventional way is writing up an RFP and have it broadcasted to multiple firms. An RFP contains all of the requirements that should be met in a software, by a list. Development companies then try to figure out the system fit for building the app and how much it will cost and finally bid on the project basing on the list as shown in the RFP. However, with RFPs, especially those that are more complex projects, budgets may go beyond the actual costs with deadlines being missed, resulting to incompletion. This is why it is very important to do consider companies that even if they submitted higher bids compared to other development companies, most likely they have included the factors that were overlooked and unanticipated.

But know that there is a new process for choosing a software partner. Unlike sending RFPs which seemed to initiate a bidding war, what is being considered now is selecting custom software development companies just like that of hiring a new employee. Not only their role that they’ll be occupying in the company is being regarded, but also what the business will be getting in the long run especially in its return on investment and not just what will be met in the short term. Just like in a job interview, questions like asking the qualifications and experience the company have gained are also necessary to be able to decide if they’ll be good fit to work with the rest of the team or the involved individuals in the business.

It all boils down to the abilities of a development company if they can execute excellence in determining final costs, and how well they perform at discovery process, their approach to project management, how they deal with quality assurance, and as well as familiarising their partner resources. Most importantly, identify if they are of value to the company as a way of warranting the investment.

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