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Available this March and onwards is Google’s Learn with Google AI, how can one get involved?

Last March 1, Google introduced its “Learn with Google AI” which was developed by the company’s Machine Learning experts. It is a set of educational resources for people to develop skills, digest concepts, and put Artificial Intelligence in an application to real-world problems.

The aim of the website is to serve as a place where machine learning and AI are deposited. Simply, a hub accessible for everyone who is seeking to learn about machine learning concepts, honing machine learning skills, and apply machine learning to real-world problems. Apparently, the site will accommodate all levels of AI buffs, may they be beginners or researchers.

Google AI was developed in accordance with how diverse the human’s range of perspectives and demands as possible, making it simple for everyone to learn machine learning through the provision of free and in-depth education content. Such free course is called the Machine Learning Crash Course which is based off an internal course in Google which was designed to help employees of Google to be familiar with machine learning fundamentals and AI. It features videos from Google’s machine learning experts, visualisations made interactive to illustrate machine learning concepts and centres on teaching how people implement machine learning in the real world.

Learning with Google AI is specially designed for newcomers who have no machine learning experience. However, Google does prefer those who have the proficiency in algebra, basics of programming, and Python.

This is an exciting step for Google to make machine learning resources free for everyone. Just to let you know, there are about 18,000 Googlers who have already enrolled in the MLCC course.

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