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Search Engine Optimisation is a continually changing field. However, when we try to explain to others how SEO works and how it can help web pages to rank, we tend to exert more effort and it overwhelms us. For SEO Gold Coast to actually work and for any website to gain better rankings in search engines or get on top of the search results, apply these major SEO techniques.

Make your web pages accessible by Googlebot

In order for Google to put you on their web index, you must allow your web pages to be crawlable by Google's bot spiders that visit your page and then read the texts, images or videos, embeds, and others that you’ve placed in it.

Search for keywords

To be able to create effective content, we need to look for keywords searchers frequently use. And since these searchers are actual people, our task is to create content that will show the results of their query. When your content is of high quality and very relevant, the searcher will find your information very helpful, and Google will reward you with high rankings on search results.

Serve search queries with no solutions

Enter a search query in Google and analyse how Google decides its ranking results. Try to figure out why a web page can outrank others, including the quality and intent of the content. From there, look for a missing piece that no one is serving yet. There might be some people who are searching for it, and it’s an opportunity for you to grab.

Have a team of content creators

Hire good content writers who can provide quality content based on what searchers look for. Make sure that they are credible enough that the searchers, as well as the visitors and Google itself, can identify your content as believable and relevant. The better the content, the better ranking you’ll get.

Create an interesting title and meta description

Google frequently looks at and makes use of meta descriptions. Yet, the title gets the higher possibility of getting used. Snippets of your pages which you see being displayed in search results are very important. The more optimised your title and meta description, the bigger chance of getting clicked by searchers.

Utilise related keywords

Applying related keywords to your page’s content will let Google know that you are relevant to a searcher’s query. But make sure that the keywords fit well into the content and won't make the content awkward to read. You can also have them added on your visual and video captions so Google will be able to read it.

Optimise load speed

Some searchers and visitors are impatient that when pages take too long to load, they immediately bounce out. This is why it is very important to optimise your page to make the page load faster. Make sure that your page has great visuals, navigable UI perspective, and impressive user experience, and at the same time, fast and secured.

If you are able to apply them all, then your page or website is more likely to rank well this year. But, if you are unsure of how to integrate SEO Gold Coast into your website, you might as well seek for the professionals that can do the job for you. If you are interested in integrating SEO and other online marketing services into your business website, contact Fligno today!

And if you think we missed to point out some important matters in doing SEO, comment down below to start a conversation with us!

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