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Looking at what has changed in the length of meta description last November of last year, 2017, from a 155 character limit, snippets allowed up to 320 characters. The increased length of the snippet was to provide more useful and descriptive snippets for people to understand better how page results are relevant to what they searched about.

Until May of this year, 2018, the length of search snippets went back to the previous character limit. Google confirmed this update but explained that it might have been shortened but with the more extended character limit, compared to what it has been at the end of 2017. No fixed length was mentioned, but according to them, length varies based on what their systems consider most useful.

What now?

If you adapted the 320 snippet length on your site pages’ meta descriptions but ensured that the content in the first 130-150 characters is compelling, especially for mobile users, then there’s nothing for you to worry about. Snippet length may increase again in the future, so there’s no need for you to change everything. Just consider the first 110-130 characters of your description to make sense as this works well on mobile and desktop search results.

What are your thoughts on the changes made in the snippet length of page description results? Comment down below!

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