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Social media plays a significant impact on our daily lives. It is where we acquire information and facts, it is where we get our source of entertainment, and it is a tool that helps decrease the communication gap. But aside all that, social media is also a place for marketing trade. Online marketing services are standard nowadays, and on every social media platform, there’s an advertising option available for traders in the community.


Aside from uploading photos of the merchandises, photo ads allow you to write 125 characters of text as the description. These are written captions that encourage readers to view more about the product. Introduction and strategic information are the keys to inviting customers.

Facebook photo ads also include a call-to-action button to let users have an option as to what action to take regarding the ad. You can also advertise without paying for a promotional fee in Facebook Business Manager by posting items on your personal Facebook page.


Online videos have come a long way, from the YouTube website that was the only source of online videos in the early 2000s to the social media platform videos with autoplay prevalent today. From educational content to personal vlogs, watching online videos has become part of our daily routine, and ads have become a permanent attachment to online videos.

Video ads are often seen while streaming online videos. It sometimes appears in the middle of a playing video or in between two videos, and the number of ads played depend on the length or popularity of the video’s content. Examples of a popular social media site that allows video advertisements are Facebook and Instagram, including Stories, and in-stream videos.

There are many ways to promote products through the internet, and one of the best ways to get a promotion is through social media. Almost every person with a mobile phone has a social media account. Although the ad does not target a specific range of clients, imagine the vastness of the scope your ad may reach.

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