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Software is a set of instructions for a computer to read and understand to execute a specific task. The process in which computer programming is used to develop software is called software development. While these terms are not new for many, tackling the software development life cycle might be unfamiliar to them.

Here are the processes involved in software development that an effective custom software development company will always follow.

Gather and analyse requirements needed in developing a software

In software development, the initial phase involves the gathering and analysing of the requirements in developing software. Just like in starting a business, a plan is needed before starting work on a new project. The planning involves the roles of project managers, stakeholders, and senior software developers. No matter how experienced or professional a custom software development company is, creating a plan is never easy and needs to be thought out and threaded on carefully.

When working with experts, it would take less time to plan a new project and then work on it right away. However, there will still be questions that must be answered before taking on the project, such as:

Who will be using the custom software?

For what purpose is the software?

What data is needed for the software?

What are the skills required for the project?

After answering these answers, a thorough analysis is needed to find out if the project is worth it. There will be more questions during the duration of the creation of the project. It is best to document all of the work for future references.

Software designing

In the second phase, the software’s design is the focus. Using the documentation and the results gained from the first phase, the software and the system are given designs. The developers are then able to identify the requirements for the completion of the project. This specific phase also defines the architecture of the system, setting the requirements for the following phase.

Execution of the roles of software developers

The third phase requires help from experts in software development. With the system design documents divided into modules, developers can now start their job. This is the longest phase to complete as programming is not easy. It demands expertise, patience, and time. Once programming is done, the work will have to go through some testing.

Deployment and maintenance

After the successful completion and testing of the software, it can then be sent to the client for some final beta testing or slowly releasing it to the public for further testing. Since software needs updating from time to time, maintenance is highly required, especially if there are system errors that call for fixing.

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