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What are the myths about search engine marketing that you don’t want to hear that need to be busted?

Years before, marketers can manipulate rankings through working with offshore agencies, exchanging of links, and composing irrelevant content but placed keywords strategically, and other unfair tricks. Execution of blackhat strategies became a usual practice but are no longer applicable today. This was due to the algorithm updates carried out by Google which punished a lot of websites that continue to spam by ranking them down on search results and others happened as Search Engine Optimisation grew through the years.

A positive trick to this is to focus on how to rank the right way instead of chasing the algorithm. This can be done by having a firm marketing strategy of which includes content marketing. Actually, you can do all of the strategies that will offer large help, you just have to identify which are appropriate and true.

We bet that you’ve heard from others that there are other search engine marketing strategies that are effective but actually not and that some are no longer effective but they still are. Here are some of the myths - things you won’t want to hear about SEM that need to be busted.

One-time SEO is enough

If you think doing SEO efforts to your site once will be enough, most probably, you were misinformed by your specialist. Know that this strategy can’t just be done simply and that results may take more time than what you think. You are not the only one utilising SEO so you can’t expect instant increase in ranking, etc, more when you’ve just done it once. Over time, you’ll be seeing your search traffic going down. Remember that SEO must be continually applied to avoid link rotting, be ahead of the competition, up-to-date content to trigger Google to always crawl your site, and more.

This may not be the case for everyone but for most of us, SEO will fall short when done only once.

Link-building automation is good

Link wheeling, link farming, and building spammy directories may be strategies to easily lift your rankings on search results, reasons why business owners put more to their budget for SEO, but little they know that Google sees these as unnatural. Websites that abuse this kind of SEO strategy will be punished with drastic drop in rankings. Stick to link building strategies that are natural of which include high-authority backlinks that hint Google that your website is a valuable source. Guest blogging, social media, press release, and submission to relevant directories are some of the ways you can build links appropriately. Gaining links from these strategies will increase your site’s authority and reputation, and the higher the figures, the better.

Content is king

Yes, quality content has always been an important puzzle piece of SEO, but content alone can’t make it to SERP without supporting it with other efforts. Such include on-page optimisation and effective site structure. Having a platform where your content can be seen, heard, and appreciated will offer a great help for your content to be king.

SEO is all about backlinks and content

If you think SEO involves building links and content marketing only, then definitely you are wrong. This field is actually technically driven requiring measuring of loading times of pages, monitoring code compliance, and identifying errors. With this, marketers are advised to work with web developers to make the website friendly to the eyes of the users as well as to search engines. Maintaining SEO efforts and regular audits on top priority pages must be done for a more favourable result.

If you think we missed mentioning some of the search engine marketing myths that must be busted, comment them down below!

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