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Before any SEO companies even existed, such as SEO Gold Coast, who would have thought that the birth of the internet would usher in the Age of Information, let alone anyone predicting the birth of search engine optimisation. Today, after more than 25 years since the internet started, SEO is a normal part of everything from search engines to digital marketing.

Let us take a short trip through history and trace the path of the internet and the eventual birth of Search Engine Optimisation.

seo gold coast

It was on August 6, 1991, when the first website was launched by Tim Berners-Lee, an English engineer and computer scientist. Then more and more websites emerged, now offering information that is easily accessible with just a few clicks, but hard to search because of the lack of optimisation. Now that the internet was becoming crowded with websites, there was a need to organise how to search for information. Soon came the first search engines such as Excite that catalogued all information, making the search for information effortless by sorting of keywords that can be found in the backend optimisation and content. Yahoo and Google then arrived in 1994 and 1997 respectively. Both were able to polish how the data is delivered and indexed in simpler ways.

Anything was acceptable at this early stage of SEO. As more and more people learned about the basics of SEO, a lot of black-hat (illegal) SEO tactics such as keyword stuffing and excessive tagging was being done by marketers, including providing spammy backlinks just to be able to rank high in search ranking, not realizing the bad effects of such practices on search engine algorithms. However, Google saw this as an opportunity to connect users to more information and valuable content, and so it created the internet’s rules, regulations, and frequent algorithm updates we are all used to up to now.

seo gold coast

During this period, when improper optimisation tactics were beginning to be left behind, Google developed its structure at a higher level for content builders and brands to earn their deserved rankings. The updates in its algorithm gave search engines the power to penalise keyword stuffing and poor linking practices for the purpose of improving the indexing. Then search engines were able to offer personalised search through user history in their continued efforts at improving the relevancy and value of results. Local SEO was then born that connected users to some of the most valuable information near them, such as locations, maps, store hours, etc.

What became a focus in this very period is the generation of inbound links so marketers can increase their exposure on searches. In summary, the web became more user-focused and personalised.

seo gold coast

There was a need for more susceptible search experience in this period as influenced by the behaviour of the users as well as the trends in search. This led Google to build its Universal Search for them to be able to provide more engaging news, images, and video. Such need for optimisation was fueled by the actual updates coming from Twitter, Google News, and contents that were newly indexed.

Google Suggest was then launched in 2008, which aimed at improving usability and offering users content that is more relevant through providing search options that were based on historical data. This was joined by the new user insights integrated from keyword research tools like Google Analytics, and Google Trends, which made optimisation more targeted and focused.

Throughout this period, SEO Gold Coast was more user-focused that made the web more personalised and at the same time, more captivating. And in order for marketers to increase the exposure of their businesses, they began to optimise new content media to be indexed for search.

seo gold coast

Google rolled out major updates which imposed control on the quality of content, keywords, as well as over-optimisation resulting in an indicative impact on how results are being indexed. Along with this are the new search features aimed at developing the users’ accessibility, curiosity, and social network. To name one. Google’s Knowledge Graph provides panels in SERPs or search engine results pages displaying instant answers that users can make use of without digging through the content.

As users type their query, results were displayed faster through the expansion of Google Instant on Google Suggest. And Google+, along with its +1 button, was born which was a significant factor to boost the visibility of content.

In summary of this period, SEO had a massive change that forced brands to earn their rankings through contents with much higher quality and user-focused, or else, face the consequences of acquiring penalties.

seo gold coast

In this era, still, SEO Gold Coast and other brands were now churning out relevant content for its website visitors. Also, accessibility with mobile search and in local search also became necessary. For today, websites that don’t have a responsive design or lack mobile optimisation lost their rankings on Google, and even their search visibility.

Learn that in order to be able to increase search authority, one must build relationships as well as build links and leverage long-tail keywords. The internet of today demands competitive quality content and personalisation.

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