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Website Maintenance and Support

"Fligno have helped us establish a professional looking online store and has been assisting us reach our targets. We highly recommend Fligno for any website development be it complicated or simple site they can do it."


Fligno built Northern Immigration using the Fligno Builder which the client found to be easier to use compared to conventional wordpress editor. With the Builder, the client have full control of the content of the site and they can change it any time. " One of our client's comment is that - Its like editing a word document!"

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OCD's website was previously out dated. Fligno helped OCD clinic Brisbane to come up with a new website and be able to manage all their content through wordpress CMS. Fligno have also been helping on the maintenance of all their websites and seo.

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Website Maintenance and Support

Fligno recognizes that not all business owners are technical experts. Business owners would rather focus on running the business and making it more profitable than spending half of your day researching and figuring out why the website is down. Additionally, Hiring a dedicated website administrator would be costly as well.

Being an online marketing company, Fligno can offer you various digital marketing services such as web design, website development gold coast and internet marketing solutions that include seo services and social media marketing strategy.

Fligno would like to offload the unnecessary worries of maintaining the websites.  We offer proactive services of managing websites which include regular backup of the site, recovery of the website in the event of crash, downtime or breakdown, definition security controls on the site to prevent hacking and adding minor functionalities to improve the web design experience. This package is available on a monthly subscription bases at affordable price.

With our 24/7 maintenance team and high security protocol, you can be assured of the optimum satisfaction and support you deserve.

Digital Marketing Strategies

We complement our website offerings by providing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to optimize the websites for a more effective performance on Google and other search engines.

Mobile Application Development

Fligno helps you grow your business through mobile. Reliable and secure mobile development services  just for you.

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