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In the past few years, the number of mobile users has grown exponentially. This led to the rise of mobile app development. The population of mobile developers also continued to increase to keep up with the demand in the said industry.

In fact, in March 2017, it was found that there were 2.2 million available apps in Apple’s App Store and 2.8 million apps available for download in the Google Play Store. 

Now, imagine how it will grow for 2020. With these figures, mobile app development is a great key factor for businesses to succeed.

According to statistics, more and more people are accessing the internet using their smartphones and tablets. Along with this, the number of mobile apps installed has also increased exponentially. These numbers are an opportunity to target a new type of customer who is consistently connected to the Internet.

Advantages of owning a mobile app

Businesses can benefit from having a mobile app. Have a look at their pros below.

Accessibility. Mobile sites are readable and navigable but are not for process management. Since smartphone and tablet users are found to be on the go, with mobile apps, they are able to experience easy access to information, processes, products, and services that a business offers. Thus, mobile apps provide real-time and optimised hands-on interaction favourable for mobile users.

Branding. Businesses are given the unique, promising opportunity to reinforce branding over a new platform. With mobile apps, potential customers are encouraged to download the branded version for free where they can customise it based on their own preferences or specific needs.

Conversion. Recent research showed that mobile users spend more time on the mobile app than a business’ mobile website version. By boosting user engagement in the app, the business will likely gain customer conversion.

Loyalty. In terms of the retail sector, mobile apps help the business by increasing customer loyalty.

Visibility. Thousands of mobile apps are being downloaded daily. Having your own mobile app increases your chances of getting seen by prospective clients.

These days, we can say that we have leaned towards a mobile-centric society. And with this, it should no longer be a surprise that mobile app development becomes a huge contributor to making a lucrative company. If you wish to further propel your business to success, start by developing your app with our help at Fligno Software Philippines, Inc. Visit us today at to get a free quote.

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