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Technology has made its interesting leap over the years. Last year, there was a high demand for custom software development, as each business has its unique needs and requirements and many more. For 2020, these demands and developments will continue to expand. Curious now? Here are some of the possible technology developments for 2020 and beyond. 


The demand for AI tech will continue to rise this year. Automated business and payment transactions will continue to soar for businesses. Industries like healthcare, education, self-driving cars, commerce businesses, travel and hospitality industry, and the social media industry.

Chatbots, customer behaviour analysis, and less human resource appointments are expected to rise within 2020. 


Store Data Faster and Connect even in the most remote village

According to sources, the global market for edge computing will rise by approximately 28 times between 2018 to 2025. It is expected that edge computing will be replacing cloud computing starting in 2020. Why so? Edge computing can be used to process data that is time-sensitive and where the centralised location is poor. Whereas, cloud computing can't be used for this purpose.  


Small yet efficient apps

It is expected that there will be a rise in small-sized mobile apps. Users get to have the same performance of a regular app for a smaller size (this will make your mobile memory happier).


Progressive Web Apps will be a contender, too. PWA's provide enhanced functionalities and capabilities to mobile and web applications. Increasing user engagements through background updating, push notifications, and smart caching. It is expected that sectors like travel and hospitality, media, banking, and healthcare will be the primary users for PWA's.


Although, outsourcing is a common occurrence for companies. For 2020, outsourcing will still be relevant. As the demand for software development rises, the need to find economical yet effective solutions also rises. 

Those were some of the possible custom software development trends for 2020. So, buckle up and let's enjoy the developments 2020 may bring. And be sure to keep updated on the latest trends in Information Tech at

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