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We all know that technology right now is rapidly growing. Because of the advancements in technology, the trends last year might not be talked about or remembered right now. We have all witnessed the trends for custom software development company ranging from mobile computing to artificial intelligence, blockchain, and cryptocurrency.

Here are the top software development trends for 2018.

Artificial Intelligence

Most businesses now have used and adopted artificial intelligence to automate their processes. Integration of AI-driven solutions has been effective for businesses which provides a better customer experience. Companies are developing frameworks that will help in performing more tasks and getting ahead of the competition.


Blockchain was already popular in 2017 because of the bitcoin hype. This technology is a network of interconnected devices that provide the absence of central computers along with the lack of defined locations where data are stored.

Progressive Web Apps

This technology is regular web applications to websites that can provide users with native mobile applications or traditional applications. The main purpose of this technology is to combine features that are offered by browsers as well as providing a mobile experience.

Internet of Things

This system includes wearables like Fitbit, Android Wear or Apple Watch that hyped the among the trends. Everybody is expecting that the Internet of Things will connect all our processes from driverless cars to communication devices, home appliances, and business processes.

Mixed Reality

This is sometimes referred to as the hybrid reality in combining the virtual and real worlds. The concept is to produce new visualisations and environments where digital and physical objects exist in real time. We have already seen a small portion of this and expect more in 2018.

These are just a few of the things to expect in custom software development company trends. There are more that need to be understood in different ways. Expect new technology trends in the coming times and be sure to make use of it.

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