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Cross-platform apps have been impressing businesses by how amazing and incredible they are with their differentiating feature in the field of technology. Such apps have been altering day to day life and creating a significant impact on the efficiencies of business processes.

What is the term “cross-platform apps” means?

The term refers to the development of mobile applications that can be used on more than one platform. These cross-platform apps operate on different networks. At the same time, they use different operating systems. They enable hassle-free working.

What are some of the popular cross-platform app development tools in the market?

Each app type features different attributes associated with their primary purpose. Here are some tools that are commonly used.

5App. Suitable for companies that develop apps for their employees’ use. The data security is its focus area. It offers hassle-free use and enables immense productivity.

Alpha Anywhere. This tool offers developers with a lot of options associated with utilising programming languages, enabling developers to use C# and any other .NET-supported language like C++ and Cobra.

Appcelerator Titanium. An open source tool that is used in fabricating native Android and iOS apps.

Cocos2d. Utilised in two-dimensional game developments, Cocos2d ensures that the developers are in the position to develop five different platforms.

Corona. This innovative tool enables developers to initiate coding a new app within 5 minutes of downloading. Such a tool is perfect for 2D gaming graphics.

PhoneGap. A tool owned by Adobe, PhoneGap is a free resource which can be used by first-time app developers. It is being used in translating codes from CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. It helps in developing apps for Windows and BlackBerry.

Qt. A subscription-based service, Qt does not require developers devices for testing.

Sencha. This tool enables app development in HTML, helping developers save time and offering an easy translation of codes.

With the use of the tools mentioned above, developing a cross-platform app becomes easier and more effective.

How are such apps more affordable and effective?

Cross-platform apps are cost-effective. With the help of some tools, there is the possibility that developers will be able to work on a single codebase given that the standard language is unitary--C# in most instances. This code will then be executed through compliers that emit native  Android or iOS apps.

But know that with native apps require different APIs and languages and separate tools. And having different code bases translates to higher costs for maintenance.

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