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Google trends is a search tool used on the website that helps users determine which topics, keywords, or terms are mostly searched or queried online in a certain period. Google trends is a principal instrument used in search engine optimisation by expert SEO Gold Coast companies, especially in Australia. It works by calculating data and facts and analysing demographic records shown on every search phrase or keyword query.

Although google trends have daily updates on the ranking of topics, there is a disclaimer stating that issues may occur in the data sampling and imprecisions in different calculations that display the results. The statistics found on Google trends play an essential role in all types of digital marketing strategies. The keywords and terms that appear on the top ranks of queries are used in optimising your business website to create traffic, which in turn, brings the right amount of exposure to the site.

Mobile Indexing

Google started the migration of site into mobile-first indexing last March of 2018, making the search engine optimisation analysis available to hand-held devices. This update allows researchers to check the trends at any time and place, as long as internet service is available.

Ranking Signal for Brand Names

Google measures all search results through a technical process that uses an algorithm to determine the precise ranking position displayed in the search engine results page. Although the chances of your website to appear on the results page have to do with the influence of your branding, the ranking could also ascend if proper SEO optimisation methods used are organic, viable, and legal.

Page Speed

In the early days of search engine optimisation, page loading speed was never included in the requirements for page ranking. More recently, however, Google decided to put the issue to rest. Google Page Speed is a collection of tools that optimises the loading period of a specific website. It helps determine faulty factors present in your website to make your webpage load faster.

General Data Protection Regulation

GDPR is a law formulated by European legislation to help business owners protect personal data information and prevent others from using the provided information for personal gains and other marketing purposes. Thus, the more protected a website is of its sensitive business and personal information, Google gives high points for that website. Also, Google has tools to determine if websites are stealing sensitive information from potential customers or subscribers. If this is the case, Google penalises or even bans the website for stealing information to be used for commercial purposes.

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